5 Eylül 2017 Salı

Notes on generational amount of introduction of fully evolved species.

Note 1: Cross-generational evolutions will be considered as fully evolved species in their own generation, not the generation they originated in. Due to this reason, most of the numbers would be more similar to each other. This was a deliberate choice in my part, as the other way around would imbalance the first four generations.

Note 2: Side evolutions will be considered as different species due to similar reasons. Alternate forms, even those which are practically different species like Alolan Forms and Lycanroc Forms will not be counted.

Total list is:
Gen I: 151
Gen II: 100
Gen III: 135
Gen IV: 107
Gen V: 156
Gen VI: 72
Gen VII: 81

For odd generations we have:

  1. 68: Gen I
  2. 72: Gen III
  3. 80: Gen V
  4. 51: Gen VII
For even generations we have:
  1. 53: Gen II
  2. 68: Gen IV
  3. 37: Gen VI
Using this framework, one expectation would be something like this:

Up until Gen 10 we will continue around 70-80 species in total, and around 60 fully evolved species at maximum.

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