16 Ağustos 2015 Pazar

What if Levitate got removed?

Inspired by Zarel's Gen-Next proposal, I decided to do my take on the idea of intrinsic Ground immunity replacing Levitate. Unlike Zarel's more modest proposal, I'm actually going full way with this, with giving all Levitate users full three abilities, and Legendaries one ability and one HA.


New Main Abilities: Cursed Body, Insomnia

New Hidden Ability: Shadow Tag


New Main Abilities: Aftermath, Stench

New Hidden Ability: Flare Boost


New Main Abilities: Cursed Body, Insomnia

New Hidden Ability: Magic Bounce


New Main Abilities: Telepathy, Synchronize

New Hidden Ability: Protean


Based on Trapinch's Hyper Cutter, Arena Trap, Sheer Force

New Main Abilities: Tinted Lens, Arena Trap

New Hidden Ability: Sheer Force


New Main Abilities: Synchronize, Magic Guard,

New Hidden Ability(Solrock): Drought

New Hidden Ability(Lunatone): Snow Warning


New Main Ability: Magic Guard, Synchronize

New Hidden Ability: Magic Bounce


New Main Ability:  Pressure

Chimecho- Chingling:

New Main Abilities: Synchronize, Magic Guard

New Hidden Ability: Healer


New Main Ability: Synchronize

New Hidden Ability: Telepathy

New Mega Ability: Magic Bounce


New Main Ability: Clear Body


New Main Abilities: Leaf Guard, Chlorophyll

New Hidden Ability: Gluttony


New Main Abilities: Motor Drive, Static

New Hidden Ability: Lightningrod


New Main Ability: Synchronize

New Hidden Ability(Uxie): Forewarn(JP. Name Prophetic Dream)

New Hidden Ability(Mesprit): Telepathy

New Hidden Ability(Azelf): Inner Focus (JP. Name: Force of Will)

Giratina Origin Forme:

Based off regular Giratina;

New Main Ability: Pressure

New Hidden Ability: Telepathy


New Main Ability: Synchronize

New Hidden Ability: Magic Bounce


New Main Abilities: Static, Volt Absorb

New Hidden Ability: Swift Swim


New Main Abilities: Ice Body, Clear Body

New Hidden Ability: Snow Warning


New Main Ability: Moxie

Though I must say that I'm surprised with the fact that they didn't announce any new Pokémon with Levitate, besides the Lati duo. I wouldn't be surprised if the Flygon Mega ends up phasing out Levitate for something else like Gengar did.

10 Ağustos 2015 Pazartesi

How to Improve: 069-071, Bellsprout-Weepinbell-Victreebel

This time around I will be talking something different. It is no secret that my views regarding Pokémon have always been in a maximal idealist perspective, that is, all individual species should be capable of doing everything they are logically capable of, and the franchise in general should have the maximum variety and options.

I'll be going through a few core concepts, which are;


1.Stats: Should Victreebel get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

As Victreebel was recently granted a +10 boost to its Sp. Def, one might not reconsider stat boosts, but I advise against such argument. Victreebel is a three stage Pokémon with 490 BST, which can be easily improved to at most 540 BST under current situation. This might not be sufficient enough to make it to OU, but as an early Grass-type, this would be a Arceussend nonetheless.

These stat boosts can be given to any of its current stats, but I would advise for increasing it Defense(so it can stand a hit), or its Speed, so it can outspeed most Pokémon under Sun with Chlorophyll.

2.Abilities: Should Victreebel get more abilities?

 Answer would be relative yes, as Victreebel has only two abilities. Here are some potential answers:

1.Solar Power: Victreebel is one of the Pokémon to get Weather Ball, and have a relatively decent Sp. Atk to use it. Solar Power, while not necessarily reliable, can provide Victreebel necessary boost to be relevant in doubles, particularly in VGCs.

2.Leaf Guard: Another relatively weak ability, Leaf Guard nonetheless protects Victreebel from paralysis and burn. As Victreebel is heavily reliant on Speed and Attack, this makes Leaf Guard relatively powerful.

3.Effect Spore: Incredibly useless, but as Victreebel has access to Stun Spore, Poison Powder and Sleep Powder, Effect Spore has some trolling potential.

3.Moves: Should Victreebel get more moves?

The answer would be an inevitable yes, as Victreebel has limited STAB moves, let alone moves of different types.

Some basic ideas that can work are;

1.Give more Dark-type moves:

As Victreebel has access to three significant Dark-type moves, Knock Off, Thief and formerly Sucker Punch, and its behavior corresponds that of a Dark-type, it can get several Dark-type moves.

Most obvious one would be Dark Pulse, but moves such as Crunch, Bite, Night Slash and others would find places as well.

2.Give more Bug-type moves:

As Victreebel has access to three significant Bug-type moves, Leech Life, Infestation and formerly Bug Bite, it can get more Bug moves.

Most obvious one would be Fury Cutter, but others such as Signal Beam, X-Scissor and others would be useful and logical as well.

3.Give more slashing moves:

Victreebel is capable of learning Cut and Leaf Blade, as such there is not much reason for it to not have other slashing moves such as Night Slash, Slash, Aerial Ace and others.

4. Give more STAB moves:

Victreebel currently lacks moves of its types. Most such as Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Sludge and others can be given.

5. Give more biting moves:

Outside of its visible fangs, Victreebel was formerly capable of learning Bug Bite. Moves such as Thunder Fang, Poison Fang and Crunch can be given.

6. Give more light based attacks:

As Victreebel can get Solar Beam, Reflect and Flash, it can get more light based moves such as Dazzling Gleam, Flash Cannon and Power Gem.

4.Typing: What additional types Victreebel can have?

Most obvious ones would be Dark and Bug-types, as Victreebel has connection to both types, Dark-types by nature, and Bug-types by being their predator.Dark-type would probably better for a hypothetical Mega Evolution, but Bug-type can be interesting if it revolves around Bugs inside it, which can give it access to Vespiquen's Order moves.

2 Ağustos 2015 Pazar

Mega Evolution Expectations for Z

For the possible Mega Evolutions for Z, we need to look at specific patterns for Mega Evolutions, going from the likeliest to least likely: