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Checklist for all typings

As always, typings =/= type combinations, numbers and unique typings are not mentioned, there is no special distinction for forms, evolutions or pre-evolutions etc. This is just a checklist for stuff that exists and doesn't exist yet.

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Biennial video game franchises:

Biennial video game franchises:

  1. Watch Dogs
  1. The Elder Scrolls (each major release has annual updates)
  1. Cooking Mama (spin-offs can be annual)
  1. Gears of War
Square Enix:
  1. Hitman
  1. Yakuza

Annual video game franchises

Franchises with annual releases:

  1. Call of Duty
  2. Skylanders
Electronic Arts:
  1. Battlefield

  1. Assassin's Creed
  2. Just Dance
  3. Imagine (Nintendo handhelds)

  1. Monster Hunter
  2. Resident Evil

  1. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA

  1. Atelier
Bandai Namco:
  1. Tales of(Main series is biennial, though)
Team 17:
  1. Worms

Franchises with annual add-on packs

  1. :Destiny
  1. Civilization
Electronic Arts:
  1. The Sims
  1. Street Fighter
Arc System Works:
  1. BlazBlue
  2. Guilty Gear
Bandai Namco:
  1. Tekken
  1. Shining
  2. Total War
Tecmo Koei:
  1. Dynasty Warriors

  1. Age of Empires

Franchises with formerly annual releases:

  1. Guitar Hero (formerly on hiatus, seemingly changed release pattern)
  2. Crash Bandicoot (formerly on hiatus)
  3. Tony Hawk's (license expired, seeking new company)
  1. Far Cry (now has hiatuses every once in a while)
  2. Rayman (now has hiatuses every once in a while)
  3. Rabbids (now has hiatuses every once in a while)
Electronic Arts:
  1. Need for Speed(now has hiatuses every once in a while)
  2. GPA Tour (contract with Tiger Woods ended, seemingly ending the franchise)
Square Enix:
  1. Tomb Raider (now has hiatuses every once in a while)
  1. Professor Layton (now has hiatuses every once in a while)

  1. Super Monkey Ball (on hiatus)
  1. God of War(formerly annual, entered new era. Currently waiting for release)
Warner Bros.:

  1. Mortal Kombat (now has hiatuses every once in a while, alongside annual updates)

Licensed annual games:
  1. Lego
  2. WWE (2K)
  3. Madden NFL (EA)
  4. FIFA (EA)
  5. PES (Konami)
  6. NBA Live (EA)
  7. NBA 2K(2K)

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Notes on Kirby games' releases


  1. Kirby's Dream Land (1992, GB)
  2. Kirby's Dream Land 2(1995, GB)
  3. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (2004, GBA)
  4. Kirby & Squeak Squad (2006, NDS)
  5. Triple Deluxe (2014, N3DS)
  6. Planet Robobot (2016, N3DS)
  1. Kirby's Adventure (1993, NES)
  2. Kirby Super Star (1996, SNES)
  3. Kirby's Dream Land 3(1997, SNES)
  4. Kirby 64: Crystal Shards (2000, 64)
  5. Return to Dream Land (2011, Wii)
  1. Nightmare in Dream Land (2002, GBA, 10 years after DL)
  2. Super Star Ultra(2008, NDS, 12 years after SS)
  3. Dream Collection(2012, Wii, contains all main games up to K64, 20th anniversary)
Curse subseries:
  1. Canvas Curse(2005, NDS)
  2. Rainbow Curse(2015, Wii U)

  1. Epic Yarn (2010, Wii)
  2. Mass Attack (2011, NDS)
  1. Pinball (1993, GB)
  2. Dream Course (1994, SNES)
  3. Avalanche (1995, SNES)
  4. Block Ball (1995, GB)
  5. Toy Box (1996, Satellaview)
  6. Star Tracker (1997, GB)
  7. Tilt 'n' Tumble (2000, GBC)
  8. Air Ride (2003, GC)
Notes: Roughly speaking, there is a console game of sorts in every three or four years, but a main series game hasn't appeared for Wii U or GC, despite the plans for one in GC.

For handhelds, there has always been a game of sorts for every two to three years, with each handheld having two or three games.

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Long term tentative projection of Mario games

New Super Mario Bros.:
  1. NSMB Switch (2018)
  2. Super Mario Maker Switch (2021)/NSMB 3DS successor (2021)
  3.  NSMB Switch 2 (2024)
  4.  Super Mario Maker Switch 2 (2027)/NSMB 3DS successor  2(2027)
  5.  NSMB Switch 3 (2030)
  6.  Super Mario Maker Switch 3 (2027)/NSMB 3DS successor  2(2033)
  7. NSMB Switch 4 (2036)
  8.  Super Mario Maker Switch 4 (2027)/NSMB 3DS successor  2(2039)
  9.  NSMB Switch 5 (2042)
  10.  Super Mario Maker Switch 5 (2027)/NSMB 3DS successor  2(2045)
3D Mario:
  1. SM Switch 2(2023)
  2. SM Switch 3(2029)
  3. SM Switch 4(2035)
  4. SM Switch 5(2041)
 *Handheld 3D games, remakes and sequels are expected in dead years.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong:
  1. M v. DK (2019)
  2. M v. DK (2022)
  3. M v. DK (2025)
  4.  M v. DK (2028)
  5.  M v. DK (2031)
  6.  M v. DK (2034)
  7.  M v. DK (2037)
  8.  M v. DK (2040)
  9.  M v. DK (2043)
Mario Party:
  1. MP 11(2018)
  2. MP 12(2020)
  3. MP 13(2022)
  4. MP 14(2024)
  5. MP 15(2026)
  6. MP 16(2028)
  7. MP 17(2030)
  8. MP 18(2032)
  9. MP 19(2034)
  10. MP 20(2036)
  11. MP 21(2038)
  12. MP 22(2040)
Mario Kart:
  1. MK9 (2020)
  2. MK 10(2023)
  3. MK 11(2026)
  4. MK 12(2029)
  5. MK 13(2032)
  6. MK 14(2035)
  7. MK 15(2038)
  8. MK 16(2041)

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Final Fantasy Games without remasters

Main series:
  1. FF13 subseries(already HD)
  1. Dissidia Arcade
  2. Crystal Chronicles
  3. Bravely Default
  1. World of FF
  2. FF XV
 Not remade:
  1. FF6
  2. FF5
  3. FF8
  4. FF9
  5. ...

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The Next Best Thing: Part II.Half: The Reconsideration

So, this is a review of the people's suggestions for future gimmicks. Most of these have been from /vp/.

These suggestions have largely come from people's observations of the evolution of Pokémon's mechanics. These are:

Gen I: Start.
Gen II: Held Items, new types
Gen III: Abilities.
Gen IV: (Cross-gen evos), Physical/special split
Gen V: (Elemental gems), Abilities->Hidden abilities.
Gen VI: Cross-gen evos->Mega Evolution, new type.
Gen VII: Elemental gems->Z-Crystals

This gives us some roadmap as to what might be next:
  1. Abilities: Currently biggest advancements to abilities have been HAs and Mega Evolutions, as well as form based ability differences within a species(Basculin, Meowstic). However, as of now, HAs are on the road to becoming obsolete, which means the road to "Ultimate Abilities" is now open.
  2. Types: Biggest advancements to types have been physical-special split and recent type-based immunities, such as Prankster immunity or Spore moves immunity. While regional variants have created the idea of alternate types alongside Megas, a full on change in mechanics have not come. Most certainly there is no "Ultimate" form of types.
  3. Held items: Held items have gained and continue to gain subgroups, but no major change for items have happened, besides form changer items and Z-crystals, which are key items that can work as held items.
 Looking at these, we can talk about these:

Abilities: An Ultimate variation of Abilities can work with a single item, an Ability Booster or a similar mechanic to Z-Crystals. Abilities themselves do not have their canonical subgroups, similar to how Moves and species have, so there is not much means of making this incredibly marketable. This will likely happen in the future, but it will likely take some time.

Types: An "Ultimate" variation of types can occur in several different methods, and individual species and subgroups can have their own subgroups. Such a mechanic will likely be introduced in order to replace type enhancing items, which are now obsolete.

Other mechanics such as type changers and type adders can also work with or without fleshing out.

Held items: An "Ultimate" version of items can only occur through an item upgrader of sorts, which cannot be held by individual Pokémon, but used as a mechanic or key item. This will be largely relevant to signature items, however.

Other proposed items include a full on body armor, similar to those in Insurgence.