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Type combinations according to amount of weaknesses:

One weakness:
  1. Electric
  2. Poison/Dark
  3. Dark/Ghost
  4. Normal
  5. Water/Ground
  6. Bug/Steel
  7. Ghost/Dark
  8. Normal/Ghost
Two weakness:
  1. Ghost
  2. Fairy
  3. Electric/Flying
  4. Steel/Flying
  5. Water
  6. Poison
  7. Normal/Psychic
  8. Normal/Fairy
  9. Normal/Poison
  10. Ground/Flying
  11. Ground/Fire
  12. Bug/Electric
  13. Ghost/Fairy
  14. Steel/Flying
  15. Steel/Dragon
  16. Steel/Fairy
  17. Fire/Ground
  18. Water/Flying
  19. Water/Electric
  20. Water/Dragon
  21. Grass/Steel
  22. Electric/Normal
  23. Electric/Water
  24. Electric/Fairy
  25. Psychic/Ghost
  26. Dark/Psychic
  27. Electric/Poison
  28. Poison/Steel
Three weakness:
  1. Dragon
  2. Steel
  3. Psychic
  4. Fire
  5. Fighting
  6. Ground
  7. Flying
  8. Bug
  9. Dark
  10. Normal/Flying
  11. Normal/Water
  12. Fighting/Psychic
  13. Fighting/Dark
  14. Fighting/Steel
  15. Poison/Fighting
  16. Poison/Water
  17. Ground/Dragon
  18. Rock/Bug
  19. Bug/Rock
  20. Bug/Fire
  21. Bug/Water
  22. Steel/Fighting
  23. Steel/Rock
  24. Fire/Flying
  25. Fire/Steel
  26. Fire/Water
  27. Fire/Dragon
  28. Water/Poison
  29. Water/Steel
  30. Water/Grass
  31. Water/Fairy
  32. Electric/Ghost
  33. Electric/Steel
  34. Electric/Fire
  35. Psychic/Fighting
  36. Psychic/Fairy
  37. Ice/Steel
  38. Dragon/Ground
  39. Dragon/Fire
  40. Dark/Normal
  41. Dark/Fighting
  42. Dark/Steel
  43. Bug/Normal
  44. Dark/Fairy
  45. Electric/Fighting
  46. Fire/Grass
  47. Normal/Steel
  48. Poison/Psychic
Four weakness:
  1. Ice
  2. Normal/Fighting
  3. Normal/Ground
  4. Normal/Dragon
  5. Fighting/Flying
  6. Fighting/Ghost
  7. Flying/Dragon
  8. Poison/Flying
  9. Poison/Ground
  10. Poison/Bug
  11. Poison/Fire
  12. Poison/Dragon
  13. Ground/Steel
  14. Rock/Poison
  15. Rock/Water
  16. Rock/Grass
  17. Rock/Electric
  18. Rock/Fairy
  19. Bug/Fighting
  20. Bug/Poison
  21. Bug/Ground
  22. Ghost/Poison
  23. Steel/Ground
  24. Steel/Ghost
  25. Steel/Psychic
  26. Fire/Normal
  27. Fire/Fighting
  28. Fire/Rock
  29. Water/Rock
  30. Water/Ghost
  31. Water/Ice
  32. Grass/Poison
  33. Grass/Ground
  34. Electric/Ground
  35. Electric/Grass
  36. Electric/Psychic
  37. Electric/Ice
  38. Electric/Dragon
  39. Ice/Flying
  40. Ice/Water
  41. Ice/Fairy
  42. Dragon/Flying
  43. Dragon/Electric
  44. Dragon/Fairy
  45. Dark/Flying
  46. Dark/Fire
  47. Bug/Ice
  48. Dark/Electric
  49. Fire/Fairy
  50. Fairy/Ground
  51. Fairy/Poison
  52. Fire/Ice
  53. Ice/Normal
Five weakness:
  1. Grass
  2. Rock
  3. Ground/Ghost
  4. Rock/Flying
  5. Bug/Flying
  6. Bug/Ghost
  7. Bug/Fairy
  8. Ghost/Flying
  9. Ghost/Fire
  10. Ghost/Grass
  11. Ghost/Dragon
  12. Fire/Ghost
  13. Water/Fighting
  14. Water/Psychic
  15. Water/Dark
  16. Grass/Flying
  17. Grass/Ghost
  18. Grass/Fairy
  19. Psychic/Flying
  20. Psychic/Fire
  21. Fire/Psychic
  22. Ice/Ground
  23. Ice/Ghost
  24. Dragon/Fighting
  25. Dragon/Ice
  26. Dark/Dragon
  27. Fairy/Flying
  28. Bug/Dark
  29. Bug/Dragon
  30. Fairy/Fighting
  31. Ice/Poison
  32. Normal/Rock
Six weakness:
  1. Normal/Grass
  2. Fighting/Ice
  3. Ground/Rock
  4. Ground/Psychic
  5. Ground/Dark
  6. Rock/Ground
  7. Rock/Ice
  8. Rock/Dragon
  9. Bug/Grass
  10. Grass/Fighting
  11. Grass/Dragon
  12. Ice/Psychic
  13. Dragon/Psychic
  14. Dark/Ice
  15. Bug/Psychic
  16. Ground/Fighting
  17. Ghost/Rock
Seven weakness:
  1. Rock/Fighting
  2. Rock/Psychic
  3. Rock/Dark
  4. Grass/Psychic
  5. Grass/Dark
  6. Psychic/Grass
Eight weakness:
  1. Ice/Grass

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How to improve: 237: Hitmontop

1.Stats: Should Hitmontop get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Hitmontop suffers the same issues as Hitmonchan, while it is fitting for all three options competitively, it is only fitting for an evolution thematically and for in-game.

+80 BST is the highest it can get without a Mega, however.

2.Should Hitmontop get more abilities?

Yes, but since it already has three, the following would be purely theoretical:
  1. Adaptability
  2. Hustle
  3. Iron Fist
  4. Sheer Force
  5. Speed Boost
3. Should Hitmontop get more moves?

Most obvious move would be Sucker Punch. Outside of this, some sort of a recovery move and Swords Dance, and access to other weak moves like Shadow Punch or Force Palm would be nice as well.

4.What additional typing Hitmontop can have?

Normal and Dark are the most obvious ones, followed by Rock and Ground.

How to improve: 580-581: Ducklett-Swanna

1.Stats: Should Swanna get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

As a mid-game Pokémon that reduced to early-game role, Swanna is rather close to another species, Swablu, in both at the level of evolution and in terms of base stats. For a fuller match it would make sense for Swanna to get +20 BST, which will also help it getting either better offenses or a Speed stat higher than 100, and +30 would allow it to get both.

Nonetheless, since Swanna cannot co beyond 503 BST, it would still require an evolution for +37 more base stats, or a Mega Evolution to make it truly useful. But a simpler stat raise will help it being relevant in-game.

2.Should Swanna get more abilities?

Yes. Though Swanna gets three abilities, all of them are terrible without much of a question. Here's some:

  1. Adaptability
  2. Gale Wings
  3. No Guard
  4. Sniper
  5. Super Luck
  6. Water Veil

3. Should Swanna get more moves?

Yes, as Swanna's Water-type stats are terribly bad. It desperately needs more variety and Hydro Pump. In addition, it can gain Blizzard as well. Other moves like Acrobatics and Drill Peck would be interesting as well.

Literally any move from any other type would be nice as well, like dancing moves, Grass Knot, Signal Beam, U-turn etc.

4.What additional typing Swanna can have?

Swanna is hilariously limited so the only options would be Ice and Normal.

How to improve: 674-675: Pancham-Pangoro

1.Stats: Should Pangoro get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Pangoro has 147 BST gap from its pre-evolution, but since the highest BST a bear Pokémon has is 505, Pangoro probably can only achieve +10.

An evolution would have to be analogous to Magmortar, if it were to happen, but Pangoro already has a unique method of evolving, which makes this unlikely.

A Mega would be only as powerful as Altaria or Pinsir, and while it would be appreciated, it wouldn't work for much.

2.Should Pangoro get more abilities?

Pangoro has three abilities, two of which are okay, and one of which is good. Outside of these, it can get following Abilities:

3. Should Pangoro get more moves?

Not much, to be honest. Pangoro only needs a priority, which can be either Mach Punch or Sucker Punch, and a recovery move like Slack Off. Play Rouch would also be a nice option.

Everything else would be largely for fitting the species, like Dynamic Punch or Supersonic.

4.What additional typing Pangoro can have?

Normal and Ground would be the most obvious, Rock and Poison would be lesser.

How to improve: 449-450: Hippopotas-Hippowdon

1.Stats: Should Hippowdon get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Hippowdon already has 195 BST gap, which is more than enough, but it can get one more 10 stat buff to maximize its potential stat. Because it evolves very late, an evolution can only be achieved if it were a stat distribution change evolution, like Scizor or Porygon-Z.

However, the only likely solution(if there is any needed) to Hippowdon is a Mega, which will be largely useful all around.

2.Should Hippowdon get more abilities?

Yes. Hippowdon has room for one more Ability, which will likely be used for a new Ability.

For existing ones however, the following might be fitting,

  1. Arena Trap
  2. Contrary
  3. Sand Rush
  4. Sand Veil
  5. Strong Jaw

3. Should Hippowdon get more moves?

Yes, as Hippowdon's moveset is largely limited to Ground-type moves. Some obvious moves would be Payback, Zen Headbutt, Counter and Spikes.

4.What additional typing Hippowdon can have?

Dark and normal are the most obvious ones, Rock, Steel and Fighting are the lesser obvious ones.

How to improve: 296-297: Makuhita-Hariyama

1.Stats: Should Hariyama get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

The primary early Fighting type in Hoenn, Makuhita has a massive 200+ gap to Hariyama and relatively low level of evolution at 24, where the strongest evolution is Houndoom at 500 BST. This means though Hariyama should gain a stat boost, it would be thematically inappropiate to do so. This evolution level is also too short for a middle stage, despite the size difference between two stages.

This leaves Evolution and Mega Evolution as the most important ideas. An evolution can only be about +60 BST, and a Mega Evolution would be fairly weak to work without a stat boost.

So yes, evolution first, Mega later. That's the ideal route.

2.Should Hariyama  get more abilities?

Hariyama already has three good abilities, but it can get more. So potential abilities would be:
  1. Contrary
  2. Frisk
  3. Iron Fist
  4. Keen Eye
  5. No Guard
  6. Sniper
  7. Steadfast
  8. Super Luck
3. Should Hariyama get more moves?

What Hariyama needs most is a recovery move like Slack Off and Drain Punch, other options like  Mach Punch are also good ideas. Full list of potential moves for Hariyama are too large to list however.

4.What additional typing Hariyama can have?

Normal, Rock, Ground and Steel are the most obvious ones. Dark is also a decent option.

How to improve: 056-057:Mankey-Primeape

1.Stats: Should Primeape get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Primeape has stats of a middle stage, that is very much known.However, Primeape is also a rare Pokémon, having appeared only in Kanto, Johto and Alola. Rest of its appearances have been post-game appearances.

This is partially due to its early evolution level, 28. It is also partially due to its status a former version counterpart to Meowth-line, an eternally crap species.

Nonetheless, there isn't much for Primeape to go about.Mankey is at 305 BST, so Primeape can get at most +40 more BST with stat boost, and +80 BST with evolution. This means that regardless of what happens it would need some sort of permanent stat boost and a Mega on top of that, because for all intents and purposes Primeape is incomplete.

2.Should Primeape get more abilities?

Primeape's Abilities are incredibly situational, so it would enjoy more abilities, even though it already has three.

Some potential ones are:
  1. Contrary
  2. Frisk
  3. Keen Eye
  4. Hustle
  5. Inner Focus
  6. Infiltrator
  7. Iron Fist
  8. Moody
  9. Moxie
  10. Rivalry
  11. Sniper
  12. Super Luck
  13. Unburden
3.Should Primeape get more moves?

Not really, as Primeape has a decent enough movepool, but if it were to gain more,

  1. Echoed Voice
  2. Embargo
  3. Shadow Claw
  4. Wild Charge
  5. Hyper Voice
  6. Iron Head
  7. Uproar
  8. Zen Headbutt
  9. Pursuit
  10. Sky Uppercut
  11. Supersonic

4.What additional typing Primeape can have?

Normal, Dark, and Ground are the most obvious ones, Electric and Rock are the latter ones.

Analysis of Types: Chapter 9: Psychic-type: Part 3: In-Universe Symbolism and Mythology

So, what is Psychic-type's role, really?

The Legendaries and Their Role:

Because Psychic-types are generally in groups, individual groups will be used for explanation.Lugia will not be listed here, as it is not a true Psychic-type Legendary.


Mew and Mewtwo:

Mew serves as the genetic ancestor of all Pokémon, serving as Pokémon's eqıivalent to Adam. Its Psychic-type might be partially inspired by Adam Kadmon, the original soul-based form of Adam in Gnosticism. Mewtwo is a genetic clone of Mew, and has a secondary spine.



Despite being a personification of DNA, Deoxys is much more inspired by Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion, with its crystal core alluding to Angels' cores, and its impact in Antarctica parallels First Impact, when the second Angel Lilith impacted on the first Angel Adam in Antarctica.


Jirachi is the personification of Tanabata festival, and it is inspired by a shooting star. It has a third eye in its stomach.


Hoopa is based on a djinn, with Hoopa Confined based off a Disney and pre-Islamic depiction of djinns as nature spirits, and Hoopa Unbound representing djinns in their post-Islamic form as servants of Iblis, the Islamic Satan. Their ability to move in space-time represents djinns ability to travel between realms.

Nebula trio:

Cosmog-line and Necrozma:

(too many images to list)

Nebula trio is based on different stages of a star, with Lunala being based off a reflection of the final phase of a star, and Necrozma being a black dwarf, a later stage of a star where it no longer emits light, but still smooth enough to theoretically reflect and refract light.


Small, pixie-like Mythicals, they are generally Psychic-typed because of absence of another Magical type.



Despite being called Eon Pokémon, or Infinity Pokémon in Japanese, Latias and Latios are actually "Dream Pokémon", as their actual Japanese names, Mugen Pokémon, can be translated into both Infinity Pokémon and Dream Pokémon, but everything we know about them seem to imply latter.


Tapu Lele:

Tapu Lele is based off Kane, Hawaiian god of life. Its association with Psychic-type might be a reference to Heal Pulse, a move Tapu Lele doesn't get.

The Trainers and Their Roles:


"The Mistress of Psychic Pokémon!" Sabrina is one of the most popular Gym Leaders due to her enigmatic design. Having defeated former Gym Leader Kiyo, her Psychic Gym is filled with teleport puzzles. She is capable of all psychic abilities from telekinesis to precognition, but most importantly she confirms that in Pokémon universe all humans are capable of limited psychic abilities, which serves as a backbone to another theory. In B2W2 she returns as an actor who plays as a witch.


A character who has trained all over the world, Will seems to be a travelling magician who uses his Psychic abilities to help with his illusions. He is notable for having a Female only team in HGSS.

Tate & Liza:

"The mystic combination!" Tate and Liza are a duo of telepaths who can read their minds and their opponents' minds. In the animé, their parents are space researchers, with their father being an astronaut.


A major bookworm who reads a lot of philosophy and parapsychology, Lucian reads books to calm himself and train his intellect. Unlike most Psychic-type trainers he doesn't have psychic abilities.


The former Lady of Battle Castle, she has immense Psychic power she can barely control due to her emotional imbalance, so she sleeps most of the day. She is a friend of Cynthia and is owner of the villa she resides in in the games.


"The person who makes paths with starlight." Olympia is a precog who uses a zero gravity suit to increase her Psychic abilities. Her gym and herself are based off space aesthetic, though she herself speaks in haiku.

Note. Faba and Sina belong here, but they will not be mentioned.

The Overview:

The vast majority of Psychic-type legendaries are space based in way or other. The non-space based species would have fit for Fairy if it existed in their release time.

Psychic-type trainers generally have psychic abilities and thus must train themselves emotionally and mentally to use them. Lucian, as an exception, instead trains himself about psychic powers. Most psychic trainers have a sense of mystery and often rely on a persona to hide their true personalities, causing the trainer to seek for what is beneath the mask. In addition, since most Psychic-type trainers have already completed their character development they often teach the player character more than vice versa.

Because Psychic is represented with a trainer in most generations and traditionally has Elite Fours, this caused Psychic-type to remain as a favourite of late-game trainers, despite having so few species that appear that late. This was largely due to Psychic-type's baggage as an ultimate type, which caused Psychic-type to not appear for early game.

Overall, Psychic-type seems to represent foresight and growing up, and flamboyance.

Analysis of Types: Chapter 9: Psychic-type: Part 2: The Design Philosophies and Archetypes

So, what are Psychic-types, really?

The Purpose of the Psychic Type:

Psychic-type originally was conceived as an ultimate type of sorts, specifically the ultimate Special type. This allowed Psychic-type to become one of the better offensive types in the game, if an individual species was oriented towards that. However, because it was overpowered, it was overnerfed back, and modern Psychic-type suffered a brief period of "gimmicky-ness", when Psychic-type's versatility was used as an excuse for creating a bunch bad Pokémon with large movepools, unique abilities but lack of power.

As time passed on though, Psychic's old legacy came back to a degree, and allowed Psychic to become one of the most common and versatile types in the game, and one of the primary types that is associated with Legendaries, alongside Dragon, Fairy and Steel. Psychic still lacks the power to become a true stallbreaker type, but as far as things go it is a decent stat buffing sweeper and utility type.

The Aesthetic Archetypes of Psychic Types:
Psychic-type is generally associated with Purple and Pink, but many of the early species were actually Yellow and Green colored, and some of the newer species are Blue colored. There are Grey and White colored species as well. Aesthetically Psychic-type can be grouped into following groups:


The most common group of Psychics, these are psychic species that organic animals with psychic powers. They can be psionics, empaths, foretellers or telepaths, but they are generally regular animals, plants, birds and humanoids. Some are yokai based.

Enchanted Item:

These are species that based on inorganic items that are either alive, or species that are shaped like inorganic items. They are generally in Mineral group, though some are Amorphous.


Fetus-like species, these represent the depictions of psychics as underdeveloped humans and animals with great mental power. They generally belong to Field egg group.


Species that are extraterrestrial in origin or design belong to this group. They are often in Mineral group.


Species that based off stage magicians, performers of sorts or stage espers, they are often in Human-Like group.

The In-game Archetypes of Psychic Types:

In-game archetypes of Psychic-types can be grouped into following groups:

Early-game Psychic-type, three staged: The archetypical Psychic-type, these are generally humanoid species that have base forms that are hard to catch and raise, but have decent power in their middle stages, or vice verse. They generally occur in odd generations and have 490-500 BST.

Early-game Psychic-type, two staged: The second most common Psychic-type, they often accompany the three-stage Psychic-type, and in even generations where there is no new three staged species, they are the early Psychic-type. They tend to be in 465-485 range.

Gimmick: Generally single species, they tend to be in 405-460 range. They tend to have unique types and abilities, but they are generally not too powerful.

Mid-game Psychic-type: Generally two staged, they are upgrades on early-game Psychic-types. They tend to be in 480-500 range, but some are in 520-530 range.

End-game Psychic-types exist, but are generally rare.

The Stat Archetypes for Psychic Types:

Bulky Offense: Conventional bulky offense species, in Psychic's case are more focused on offense.

Balanced: Species with little to no orientation towards one end or another, these species are focused on stat buffing to attempt  sweep or defense.

Dual Screens: A variation of a dual wall, these species are defensive species that excel in both defenses but are lacking in HP, and are focused on using Reflect and Light Screen.

Barrier Mage: A variation of a wall, these defensive species have some Speed and offense to balance their defense. They are more focused on a death of thousand cuts approach than true defense.

Trickster: Psychic's variation of an annoyer, these speedy species have decent enough offense and defense to keep themselves covered.

Black Mage: Species with high offenses, good speed, these have mediocre defenses and are more focused on OHKOs.

Red Mage: A variation of bulky offense, these are species that excel in Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed, but are lacking in other areas.

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Analysis of Types: Chapter 9: Psychic-type: Part 1: The Retrospective

So, what is the Psychic-type?

Psychic-type is a representation of the psychokinesis, the alleged ability of the mind to interact with objects in the real world. This idea was initially started in early 20th century and the earlier look in human mind with earlier forms of psychology. It was popularized in 50s to 70s in popular culture through science fiction novels and alleged psychics and espers who were largely showmen mimicking stage wizards. These ideas have entered role playing games through science fiction rpgs, but also through Dungeons and Dragons, which had psionics since its first release.

This idea was not popularized in JRPGs until psychics became famous again through TV, which lead to the PSI mythos of Mother series, which became the backbone of other JRPG series that wanted to include psychic abilities, with Pokémon, a direct descendant of the Mother series, basically copying the entire concept. Later franchises have also followed suit, as they became more entrenched in less high fantasy and more urban myths.

Within Pokémon's urban fantasy setting, Psychic was used for three primary reasons. First was as the strongest type in the game, as a homage to Mother. The second was as a representation of stage magic, as a homage to association of stage magicians and alleged psychics. The third was as a representation of extraterrestrial life, as many science fiction series gave aliens and other technologically improved species like futuristic humans psychic abilities, which is what Mother series was all about. As time passed, Psychic became less of a dedicated magic type for the series, and more of a collection of ideas, generally working in tricks and traps.

The History of the Psychic-type:

In the original games, Psychic-type was an absolute monster. Immune to Ghost, weak to only pathetic Bug, resistant to some powerful types like Fighting, there wasn't anything to stop Psychics from reigning. Not only they had some of the best Special stat, they also had great coverage, good stat buffs, and relative accessibility. Though Dragon was originally created for the end-game role, much like other end-game elements in other JRPGs it was intentionally made weak. Psychic, however, got scot free. This caused all fully evolved Psychic-types besides Mr. Mime and Hypno to join in OU of Red and Blue.

The moves granted for Psychic-types became staples of the type. Psychic remains the strongest common Psychic-types move, Dual Screens retain their utility purpose, so does Hypnosis, Agility, Barrier and Amnesia. Rest has a variety of strategies to abuse and Dream Eater is relatively useful in-game. The only not-so good moves are Teleport and Meditate and the early game stuff.

Next generation however single-handedly ended Psychic's reign of terror. Two types were introduced for the explicit purpose of nerfing Psychic-type, Steel and Dark, and a powerful Bug-type in the form of Heracross was created. Nonetheless, some of the old Psychic-types retained their usefulness in other areas, with new Eeveelution Espeon being fairly decent. But the biggest harm done to Psychic-types was the Special split. Not only this drastically nerfed Amnesia, one of the most notorious moves from previous generation, it also significantly weakened Psychic-type, turning it from an elite type to a common type. This was largely due to the fact that Psychic-types did not retain their gigantic Special stat, but it was either given to Special Attack or Special Defense, with the substitute stat being significantly weaker, save for Mr. Mime , Jynx and Slowbro. The newly introduced Psychic-types were also notoriously weak, giving Psychic-type the stigma of a gimmick type for several generations to come.

Only two major moves were granted for Psychic-type. One was Mirror Coat, a relatively decent Counter counterpart, and Future Sight, a type indifferent multi-turn move that was buffed several times over in the recent generations to make it at least somewhat usable.

The third generation was a mixed bad for Psychic-types. Though Psychic-type gained one pseudo-legendary, several real legendaries, and two 500+ BST species it did not avoid being largely gimmicky. This was extremely blatant in the only Psychic-type Gym Leader in the game, Tate and Liza, who were also the seventh Gym Leaders. They used the second weakest Psychic-types in the game, Lunatone and Solrock. Several of the Gen II Psychic-types also reappeared in Hoenn, with Wobbuffet getting a pre-evolution due to its initial rarity.

New moves were largely gimmicky, but this generation introduced Calm Mind, one of the better stat raising moves for Psychic-types, and Cosmic Power, a lesser distributed defensive stat raiser. Trick was also introduced in this generation. Biggest improvement to Psychic-type however was its association with Space related phenomena in this generation, with species like Lunatone, Solrock, Jirachi, and to lesser extent Baltoy-line. In terms of Abilities, Psychic-types were primarily given Synchronize, with some getting Levitate and others getting Inner Focus.

Special-physical split was largely a loss for Psychic-type. Not only Ghost, Dark and Bug-types became stronger, Psychic also lost its association with Elemental Punches, which were now all Physical. To compensate for that Psychic-type was given association with Energy Ball, a Grass-type Flash Cannon clone that was upgraded into a Psychic clone. New Physical Psychic-type moves were also notably weak, Psycho Cut and Zen Headbutt were relatively unreliable moves. However, this generation introduced some notorious moves like Gravity, Psycho Shift and the ever-popular Trick Room, a move that single-handedly defined a generation.

In terms of new abilities, Psychic gained Forewarn, but that was largely useless.

Gen 5 was the start of a slow rebuild for Psychic-type. The vast majority of Psychic-types introduced this generation had 480+ BST, evolved, and had decently good stats and abilities. While there wasn't anything as powerful as a Metagross or Gardevoir, new Psychic-types did their job admirably. New moves introduced were largely hit and miss, but some notable ones like Stored Power and Psyshock were introduced, with Trick Room getting two other lesser powerful counterparts.

In terms of new abilities Psychic-type gained Magic Bounce, Telepathy and Magic Guard was introduced to Psychic-types.

Gen 6 continued on the slow rebuild. While only Alakazam was buffed, rest of the Psychic-types gained decently powerful Mega Evolutions. Fairy's introduction was also hit and miss. While Fairies competed with Psychics against Fighting-types, many Psychic-types gained Fairy-type moves as coverage and vice versa, and several Psychic-types were buffed with the addition of Fairy-type to their typing. There was only one new move, Hyperspace Hole, a move exclusive to Hoopa Confined. However, Psychic gained a new ability, Competitive, which served as Special version of Defiant.

Gen 7 was another hit and miss generation for Psychic-types. The majority of non-legendary Psychics were only slightly more powerful than their previous counterparts, and many of them did not have new Abilities. Though Psychic-type finally gained its own area effect move, Psychic Terrain, it remained poorly distributed. Other moves like Psychic Fangs, Instruct, Speed Swap, while decent, also suffered poor distribution. Nonetheless, Lunala and Solrock turned out to be more powerful than expected, and Tapu Lele remains one of the most annoying Pokémon to face against.

The Overview of Psychic-types:

Before creation of Fairy-types, Psychic type was the dedicated "magic and myth" type, which meant that bulk of the Legendaries in Pokémon would either get Psychic-type, or some association with the type. This caused Psychic-type to gain a massive momentum that allowed it to increase its BST averages. In addition, the early Psychic-types were often three staged, in allusion to Abra, which allowed Psychic to contain its large BST and stats.

Not everything is sunshine and roses though. Most generations introduce secondary or primary early Psychic-types that are two staged and around 460-480 range, which is pretty bad. Also, all generations tend to have one or two gimmicky Psychic-types, which often reappear in other generations to fill in their regional dexes. This causes Psychic-type to often struggle between two extremes.

Psychic-type also lacks powerful moves other elemental types have, despite being often treated as a primary elemental type, in terms of moves and abilities it is really closer to other paranormal types. However, Psychic's early association with magic and trickery has allowed it to become the second largest type move-wise, as it has one of the largest repertoire of status moves, some of which like Rest being universal moves.

While Psychic remains a shadow of what it once was, it is still a decent type with good Pokémon, but it is not an easy to use type and will likely continue to be irrelevant in the larger scheme of things.

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How to improve: 328-329-330: Trapinch-Vibrava-Flygon

1.Stats: Should Flygon get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

As a three stage species, Flygon cannot get an evolution, and as a mid-game species with relatively weak middle stage that has been relatively available throughout generations, one should not expect much from Flygon. What Flygon really needs is that its stages match that of its level, with Trapinch gaining +10 BST, Vibrava gaining +50 BST, and Flygon gaining +20 BST.

But overall, a stat boost for 10 to 20 BST, likely focused on Flygon's Special Attack, seems the best bet.

A Mega Evolution would still be necessary, as Flygon is an overtly balanced species. A Mega would be able to better min-max its stats so it can see other uses besides utility and scouting.

2.Should Flygon get more abilities?

Yes, though Trapinch has three powerful abilities, its evolutions are stuck with Levitate. Bringing Arena Trap and Sheer Force to Vibrava and Flygon would help them immensely.

Other sand based abilities like Sand Stream, Sand Veil, Sand Force, and other abilities like Contrary and Tinted Lens would also be fitting.

3. Should Flygon get more moves?

Yes, though Flygon got the move it was missing most, Dragon Dance, other moves like Swords Dance and Quiver Dance can also be granted. Moves like Air Slash and Hurricane, and Acrobatics can also be granted.

4.What additional typing Flygon can have?

Bug and Flying are the most obvious choices, followed by Rock, Dark, Normal and Fire. Fighting and Grass are also lesser options.

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How to improve: 622-623: Golett-Golurk

1.Stats: Should Golurk get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Golurk is a weird species, which started off as a late-game species in Unova and reduced to a mid-game species in Kalos. This was largely due to its base stage, Golett, being 303 BST and evolving very late, around Level 43. While this might mean Golurk should have a large BST, the reality is that Golurk already has a 180 BST gap, which is one of the largest gaps in the game.

This means a stat boost it can theoretically get can only be around 10 to 20 BST, which is insufficient.

An evolution is also infeasible, as Golurk is gigantic.

This leaves Mega Evolution, which will not be usable without a stat boost first.

What Golurk really needs is buffing its base form, or gaining a middle stage and then a 50 BST upgrade. Anything else seems insufficient.

2.Should Golurk get more abilities?

Golurk has decent abilities, though only No Guard is any sort of relevant. Outside of that Clear Body, Contrary, Illuminate and Wonder Skin sound fitting.

3.Should Golurk get more moves?

Yes. Golurk's movepool is okay but it can be improved significantly. Most obvious update would be Shadow Sneak, Trick Room and Bulk Up, but other moves like Meteor Mash, Mach Punch, Focus Energy, Wide Guard and Iron Head/Head Smash can be granted.

4.What additional typing Golurk can have?

Fighting is the most obvious one, and Steel and Psychic are lesser options. Rock and Normal would be the least options.

How to improve: 177-178: Natu-Xatu

1.Stats: Should Xatu get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Xatu is an interesting Pokémon. Initially appearing as a mid-game Flying-type for Johto, it returned again in Hoenn as a Safari Zone species, this time with its evolution being catchable as well. However, unlike fellow Psychic Girafarig, it dd not return for Sinnoh, and since Hoenn it did not came back. While Xatu has some baggage as Will's signature species and as a Magic Bounce owner since Gen V, it is not particularly powerful, due to being inspired by Dodrio who it shares its BST with since Gen VII, and due to evolving early like Johto species, as Johto region was a purposely gimped region.

With its 470 BST it can theoretically fit for all three groups and can get +70 BST at maximum for a conventional stat boost or evolution. However, its pre-evolution Natu has 320 BST, which means the highest gap it can have is 190 BST, which corresponds to 510(+40 BST). With its early accessible nature one can shrink this further, as the highest BST species that evolves at Level 25 and is a two stage species is Phanpy-line, which goes from 330 to 500, which would correspond to around 490 BST for Xatu(+20 BST).

Nonetheless, Xatu will appreciate anything it will get, as it lacks any stat that is +100.

2.Should Xatu get more abilities?

Xatu's main abilities are pretty worthless, but its HA is great. Thematically, Forewarn, Gale Wings, Illuminate, Magician, and Wonder Skin can work, so can Magic Guard, Trace, Insomnia and Keen Eye.

3. Should Xatu get more moves?

Though Xatu has a large movepool, it is largely lacking in power, due to Xatu's status orientation. Moves like Hyper Voice, Uproar, Energy Ball, Flash Cannon, Safeguard, Mind Reader, Meditate, Mirror Coat, Nasty Plot, Reflect Type for expanding its moveset and Acrobatics and Drill Run for sake of flavour can work. Dark Pulse would also be nice.

Xatu can also get some older moves like Air Cutter and Swift to buff its Level-Up moveset.

4.What additional typing Xatu can have?

Normal and Ghost are the most obvious ones.Grass and Dark would be lesser options.

How to improve: 234: Stantler

1.Stats: Should Stantler get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Stantler is an enigma to be sure. It has only been available in-gae for its original game, GSC and its remake, as an early mid-game species. The rest of the games it appeared in it only existed as a post-game Pokémon, and even then it only appeared once a generation. It did have a brief stint as a version counterpart to Kecleon in Diamond and Pearl, which is nice. It is also slightly stronger than Girafarig which is also nice.

The highest stat boost Stantler can get is +70, as it has the same BST as Magneton, 465. This means it can theoretically get all three options, with a stat boost being at least +20, an evolution being at least +70, and a Mega being +100.

But it should get something, because Stantler is so terrible, it doesn't even have a stat beyond its 95 Attack.

2.Should Stantler get more abilities?

Stantler already has three abilities, though only two of them are good, with Frisk being mediocre.

Other possible abilities would be Anger Point, Illuminate, No Guard, Reckless and Trace.

3. Should Stantler get more moves?

The most obvious move for Stantler would be Swords Dance. Outside of that, it can get Elemental Fangs at it has Bite, Horn Drill, Horn Leech for its horns, Screech, Supersonic, and Hyper Voice as it gets Uproar, Assurance, Double Hit, Fury Attack as earlier moves, Slack Off for recovery, Aqua Tail and Strength for coverage, and Echoed Voice, Dazzling Gleam and Flash Cannon for its 85 Sp. Attack.

4.What additional typing Stantler can have?

Psychic is the most obvious one, followed by Ghost and Fighting, and eventually by Electric and Ground.

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How to improve: 241: Miltank

1.Stats: Should Miltank get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Miltank is basically inverse Tauros, but same things that have applied to Tauros apply to Miltank as well. It should get +50 BST regardless of how it gets it.

2.Should Miltank get more abilities?

In terms of abilities Miltank has, it is the same as Tauros, again. Its abilities are decent but not good by modern standards.

Contrary, Gluttony, Iron Fist and Cute Charm are all decent potential abilities for Miltank. Vital Spirit would also be cool.

3. Should Miltank get more moves?

Payback, Wild Charge, Hyper Voice, Uproar, Head Smash, Heavy Slam, Jump Kick, Megahorn, Screech and Supersonic would be all fitting moves for Miltank. Miltank would also enjoy some old moves for Level-Up like Power-Up Punch

4.What additional typing Miltank can have?

Fighting, Ground, Rock would be primarily fitting. Electric, Psychic, Steel and Ice would be lesser fitting types.

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How to improve: 621-Druddigon

1.Stats: Should Druddigon get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

In both of its appearances Druddigon appeared in late-game areas, Dragonspiral Tower and B2W2 and XY Victory Roads. This means though Druddigon is a common Dragon, it is a late-game Dragon. But it only has a measly 485 BST. This means that Druddigon is actually one of the weakest Dragon-types, and has the lowest BST for a fully evolved Dragon-type.

This simply cannot do. So, what can we do? Well, an evolution can work, but Druddigon is already slow, so +50 more boost would not fix Speed, but it might make its defenses good or its Special Attack usable. A Porygon-Z style reorganization can also work, but it would mean that Druddigon would have to lose some of its trademark bulk for Speed.

A conventional stat boost suffers the same fate as an evolution. +10 is good but not enough. +50 is necessary for Druddigon to have some relevance, which is simply too high.

A Mega Evolution is rather infeasible without some stat buff first. It would require a type change and/or strong Ability to work.

2.Should Druddigon get more abilities?

Druddigon's abilities are fine, but lacking. Rough Skin is relatively meaningless for Druddigon since most people will not hit it through physical contact moves. Sheer Force is irrelevant because it doesn't buff a STAB move. Mold Breaker is only useful against Levitate and Flash Fire.

With this in mind, some other alternatives would include 
  1. Contrary
  2. Intimidate
  3. Iron Fist
  4. Poison Heal
  5. Poison Touch
  6. Solar Power
  7. Sniper
  8. Super Luck
  9. Strong Jaw
  10. Tough Claws
  11. Unnerve

3.Should Druddigon get more moves?

Yes, here is some:
    TMs and HMs:
    1. Brick Break
    2. Bulk Up
    3. Calm Mind
    4. Dazzling Gleam
    5. Energy Ball
    6. Fire Blast
    7. Flash
    8. Low Sweep
    9. Nature Power
    10. Psych Up
    11. Poison Jab
    12. Rock Polish
    13. Sandstorm
    14. Shadow Ball
    15. Solar Beam
    16. Steel Wing
    17. Stone Edge
    18. Thief
    19. Thunder
    20. Thunderbolt
    21. Thunder Wave
    22. Waterfall
    23. Wild Charge
    24. X-Scissor
                                                Move Tutor:
                                                1. Drill Run
                                                2. Dual Chop
                                                3. Earth Power
                                                4. Ice Punch
                                                5. Iron Defense
                                                6. Knock Off
                                                7. Low Kick
                                                8. Super Fang
                                                9. Zen Headbutt
                                                              1. Agility
                                                              2. Air Slash
                                                              3. Circle Throw
                                                              4. Camouflage
                                                              5. Curse
                                                              6. Dragon Breath
                                                              7. Focus Energy
                                                              8. Focus Punch
                                                              9. Hammer Arm
                                                              10. Head Smash
                                                              11. Hurricane
                                                              12. Ice Fang
                                                              13. Nasty Plot
                                                              14. Night Slash
                                                              15. Play Nice
                                                              16. Play Rough
                                                              17. Power Gem
                                                              18. Psycho Cut
                                                              19. Razor Wind
                                                              20. Slack Off
                                                              21. Storm Throw
                                                              22. Wing Attack

                                                                                                      4.What additional typing Druddigon can have?

                                                                                                      Normal, Dark and Fighting are the most obvious ones. Poison, Ground and Rock would be lesser obvious ones.

                                                                                                      How to improve: 128, Tauros

                                                                                                      1.Stats: Should Tauros get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

                                                                                                      Tauros is probably the poster child of power creep. Originally one of he strongest Pokémon in the game, it became significantly less useful in later games, and became an earlier mid-game Pokémon, and eventually a late-early game Pokémon in Sun and Moon.

                                                                                                      With this in mind, Tauros is theoretically capable of all three options:

                                                                                                      A Mega Evolution would require a good Ability and possibly a type change to work, but it can work.

                                                                                                      An Evolution would have to be in the league of Electivire and Rhyperior, slower but more offensive.

                                                                                                      A stat boost can easily work, as Tauros' stats are fairly mediocre by today's standards, though still decent. It can only have +50 more stats for both an evolution and a stat boost however, and a Mega would probably work best after a stat boost to future proof the bull.

                                                                                                      2.Should Tauros get more abilities?

                                                                                                      Tauros has a full three Ability set, and they are all pretty decent. But since we are talking about other possibilities, Reckless, Rock Head and Rivalry sound all good.

                                                                                                      3. Should Tauros get more moves?

                                                                                                      Yes, though largely for its in-game movepool which is pretty dry outside of Payback and Zen Headbutt.

                                                                                                      Ignoring that, Poison Jab, Swords Dance from TM, Aqua Tail from Move Tutors, and a wide variety of Normal and Dark moves such as Headbutt, Double-Edge, Body Slam, Beat Up, Assurance, Trump Card, Tri Attack and other moves like Fissure, Magnitude, Head Smash, Megahorn, Revenge, Rock Blast, Drill Peck and Jump Kick can be granted.

                                                                                                      Other moves like Flame Charge, Avalanche, Bulk Up and Superpower would be good as well.

                                                                                                      4.What additional typing Tauros can have?

                                                                                                      Ground and Rock are the most obvious ones, but Steel and Electric can also work. Dark, Fighting and Psychic would be lesser options as well.

                                                                                                      How to improve: 208, Girafarig

                                                                                                      1.Stats: Should Girafarig get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

                                                                                                      Girafarig is a pretty terrible Pokémon. As one of the rejected designs for Gen I that made into Gen II, it didn't have much chance to be great, but in the first generation it was introduced, it was a mid-game Normal-type that served as a gimmick mon. In the third generation, it was a Safari Zone species, and in DPPt, it returned as a mid-game Pokémon that was more early mid-game. That was sadly its height, as it returned as a post-game species in B2W2, and as a late mid-game species in ORAS.

                                                                                                      Girafarig stats are comparable to a powerful middle evolution, and it is weaker than its de-facto counterpart, Stantler, which has 10 more BST. 10 more BST is good enough for it to be not cripplingly terrible, but it is obviously not enough.

                                                                                                      What Girafarig truly needs is either a +50 BST upgrade, or an evolution with +80 BST. A Mega cannot work without an exclusive broken ability, and a small update cannot work, though it is still necessary to match to Stantler.

                                                                                                      2.Should Girafarig get more abilities?

                                                                                                      Girafarig has a full set of abilities, but its first two abilities are terrible, and its HA is focused on its weaker Attack.

                                                                                                      Thematically, better abilities it can get would be Shadow Tag, Strong Jaw, Trace, Magic Bounce, Magic Guard Psychic Surge and Speed Boost, but other abilities like Keen Eye, Illuminate, Frisk, Forewarn, Magician, Synchronize, and Intimidate.

                                                                                                      3. Should Girafarig get more moves?

                                                                                                      Yes. Most obviously Girafarig needs something to use for its large Physical movepool like Swords Dance. Outside of that, Elemental Fangs, Poison Fang, Tri Attack, Aqua Tail, Elemental Beams and their upgrades, Wild Charge, Dark Pulse, Flash Cannon, Power Gem, Jump Kick and Hex would be all fitting moves.

                                                                                                      Slack Off and Megahorn would be fun as well, so would Iron Head and Head Smash. And of course Boomburst for the lulz.

                                                                                                      4.What additional typing Girafarig can have?
                                                                                                      Dark is the most obvious one, but outside of that Electric also fitting. Grass and Ghost can also work as well.

                                                                                                      Analysis of Types: Chapter 8: Bug-type: Part 3: In-Universe Symbolism and Mythology

                                                                                                      So, what is Bug-type's role, really?

                                                                                                      The Legendaries and Their Role:

                                                                                                      Carboniferous Period:


                                                                                                      Genesect is a cybernetic insect that serves as Team Plasma's Mewtwo. Its cybernetic design seems to inspired by the cybernetic enemies of Mother 3. It can turn itself into a disc, and was contemporary with Kabutops, which it shares design characteristics with.

                                                                                                      However, Genesect's period of life more accurately refers to carboniferous period(358.9–298.9 million years ago), a period of the earth were arthropods reigned supreme as megafauna. Insects themselves have evolved 400 million years ago from crustaceans. 

                                                                                                      Sci-Fi Tropes:

                                                                                                      Buzzwole & Pheromosa:

                                                                                                      Buzzwole & Pheromosa seem to be references to The Fly and Metamorphosis respectively, and their designs are supposed to be inverse of their animal designs(strong fly, clean cockroach).

                                                                                                      The Trainers and Their Roles:


                                                                                                      "The Walking Bug Pokémon Encyclopedia", he is a Bug-type expert who in original GSC found Fury Cutter move. He is based on a bug catcher kid with camper aesthetic, and he represents boys declining interest in weird animals as they grow up.


                                                                                                      Aaron is basically anti-Bugsy. He looks like some weird Japanese pop artist and constantly talks about beauty of Bug-types. Much like Bugsy, he started as a Bug Catcher who became a Gym Leader, but got bored and became an Elite Four member.


                                                                                                      "Premier Insect Artist" he is fascinated by the efficient anatomy of Bug-types. He was originally from Nacrene City and a pal of Lenora before he made it big in Castelia.


                                                                                                      "The camerawoman who never lets a single smile escape her focus." she is the earliest of Bug-type trainers. She represents the theme of "different perspectives" of XY.


                                                                                                      It's ya boy.

                                                                                                      Guzma's association with Bug-type is more symbolic than anything else, especially since he doesn't use Bug-types in Battle Tree exclusively or even primarily(he has more Dark-types than Bug-types in Battle Tree). Apparently, Guzma was a promising, but rather weak trainer who couldn't reach to his goal of becoming a Trial Captain, implied to be under Hala's leadership. Because of this, and due to his abusive father, he escaped his home to find a similarly abandoned kahuna, whose identity is unknown. When that ex-kahuna was punished by guardian deities, he had to reform Skull in his own image. Because Lusamine was the only adult who recognized his talents, he became loyal to her.

                                                                                                      His association with Bug-types represents his desire to be intimidating and strong, while being unable to do so. His association with his signature Pokémon, Golisopod, refers to how he always runs away from trainer after being defeated, but tries to keep face by simply walking away, as a tactical "emergency exit".

                                                                                                      The Overview:

                                                                                                      The few Bug-type legendaries are not really deities, just overpowered members of the type, enhanced due to sci-fi nonsense.

                                                                                                      For Bug-type trainers, we have some variance. There are artists, generic trainers, regular Bug Catchers etc. However the overall encompassing thing about Bug-type trainers seem to be the same as Ice and Normal-type trainers, they have a desire to train further. But unlike other types, Bug-type trainers seem to be locked in whatever they are doing now and cannot really go further even if they want to. Bugsy cannot comprehend other types, and doesn't want to because it would mean he would grow out of them. Aaron cannot become the Champion or a higher leveled Elite Four because he sucks. Burgh doesn't really get the anatomy of other types. Viola is stuck with her role as the first Gym Leader and cannot really defeat her opponents because it would mean she wouldn't capture their smiles. Guzma tries his hardest but cannot grow with his type, so he changes up in Battle Tree.

                                                                                                      All of these showcase Bug-type's inherent lack of power to accomplish its goals. Nonetheless, its abundance means it can see variety of forms.