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How to improve: 077-078: Ponyta-Rapidash

1.Stats: Should Rapidash get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Rapidash can have a 40 BST, as Ponyta has the highest BST of a conventional pre-evolution. Nonetheless it might not be too likely as Rapidash was reused in DPPt as an early route Fire-type.

An Evolution would have to scramble its stats in a completely different manner, like an orientation towards Special Attack or lower defenses. However, Ponyta's high stats would make a pre-evolution to it more attractive.

A Mega would be the same as an Evolution. Without min-maxing its stats, Rapidash doesn't have much luck with a potential Mega.

2.Should Rapidash get more abilities?

Yes, Rapidash's abilities are terrible and generic. Some options would include:

  1. Cute Charm
  2. No Guard
  3. Quick Feet
  4. Reckless
  5. Speed Boost

3. Should Rapidash get more moves?

Yes. Rapidash's moveset is terrible. Most obvious missing move would be Jump Kick, but as a whole, the following moves would be good selection:

  1. Rock Slide
  2. Rock Smash
  3. Rock Tomb
  4. Bulldoze
  5. Hyper Voice
  6. Uproar
  7. Jump Kick
  8. Play Rough
  9. Screech
  10. Supersonic
  11. Dazzling Gleam
  12. Earthquake
  13. Stone Edge
  14. Swords Dance
  15. Iron Head
  16. Superpower
  17. Zen Headbutt
  18. Drill Peck
  19. Extreme Speed
  20. Horn Leech

4.What additional typing Rapidash can have?

Normal is the most obvious one. Steel, Psychic, Fighting, and Flying are lesser options. Bug, Electric and Poison are the least likely options.

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