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How to improve: 118-119: Goldeen-Seaking

1.Stats: Should Seaking get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Seaking is a particularly notorious Pokémon due to being the worst of all Fishing Rod species. Its statistically the worst, typing-wise it is the worst and movepool-wise it is the worst. The only saving grace it has is its memetic Lightningrod ability. Really, it is so terrible that if we are being honest with ourselves, the maximum it can get as a stat boost is around 25, to match Bruxish.

However, what Seaking really needs is a good evolution. Something like a giant koi from the Japanese paintings would be a nice match against Kingdra.

A Mega would be a nice joke, but it wouldn't really save it. Sharpedo's Mega didn't help it at all, compared to its HA.

2.Should Seaking get more abilities?

Oddly enough, Seaking's abilities are alright. But if it were to get more, here's some options:
  1. No Guard
  2. Speed Boost
  3. Storm Drain
  4. Water Absorb
3.Should Seaking get more moves?
Seaking should definitely get more moves, as the moves it has are because of its ridiculous horn, which while inspiring many jokes, is just a stupid Gen I design choice. Here are some options:
  1. Dazzling Gleam
  2. Psychic
  3. Retaliate
  4. Swords Dance
  5. Wild Charge
  6. Earth Power
  7. Iron Head
  8. Iron Tail
  9. Zen Headbutt
  10. Assurance
  11. Beat Up
  12. Brine
  13. Drill Peck
  14. Focus Energy
  15. Head Smash
  16. Horn Leech
  17. Leaf Blade
  18. Moonblast
  19. Mud Bomb
  20. Muddy Water(TCG-only move)
  21. Night Slash
  22. Play Rough
  23. Poison Tail
  24. Power Gem
  25. Psycho Cut
  26. Punishment
  27. Quiver Dance
  28. Revenge
  29. Tail Slap
  30. Water Spout
  31. Whirlpool
More Psychic association in general would work as it gets Psybeam.

4.What additional typing Seaking can have?
Normal, Ice and Ground are the way to go, honestly. Seaking learns an odd number of Ground moves in particular for a pure Water-type.

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