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Let's discuss fan types. Part 6, Crystal-type

1. So, what is this type all about?

This type largely originates from two elements, the Crystal Onix from the Orange Islands arc of the Original Pokémon animé series:

The second origin is the Crystal-type in TCG. In TCG, this type is a Poké-Body, which allows Colorless Pokémon to temporarily get another TCG type if they have that type's Energy card.

The primary inspiration behind this type is the general failure of Rock-type, particularly when it comes to showcase different rock types besides volcanic rocks, such as granite or magnetic rocks. As such, the only Rock-types that have crystals on them are Carbink and Diancie, whereas there are several Pokémon from other types with crystals on them, particularly in Psychic.

2.Where does this name come from?

See above.

3. Does this type have an in-game source?

Sort of. Both Power Gem and Diamond Storm are based off crystals, and are learned by Pokémon who have or composed of crystals.

The Crystal-type in TCG is also an inspiration.

4. What would be the ideas behind such a type?

There are three concepts this type can use;

1. Crystals as a general notion for all jewels. So, in this case, ambers and pearls can also be considered "crystals", so could gold and silver.

2. Scientific depictions of crystals, which is immensely rich.

3. Crystals as mystical power sources, which would be primarily inspired by the concept of crystal healing and depictions of crystals in JRPGs such as Final Fantasy.

5. What would be the type interactions of such a type?

Crystal as a type on its own is speculated here and here.

Crystal as a pseudo-type is characterized in Pokémon Azurite, where Crystal is a form-exclusive type that has no type interaction besides having STAB.

6. What would be the distribution of such a type?

Probably very rare, if it is created to be a powerful mystical type, or uncommon, if it is closer to Steel-type.

7. Future comments:

Because Rock-type does not have any major subsection of Crystal-based Pokémon, and all crystal based Pokémon are better off with other types besides maybe some Ice-types, this type has low chance to be conceptualized in near future, unless a radical amount of Crystal Pokémon is announced, a la Dark-type.

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Let's discuss fan types. Part 5, Wind/Air-type

1. So, what is this type all about?

This type is born out of the vacuum of a proper wind and air based type, and air's presence in most classical elemental hierarchies. 

This idea generally exists because the default air based type, Flying, is primarily based on species that can fly, rather than manipulation of air. This is because Flying-type's original version was Bird-type, which was untenable due to presence of Flying non-bird Pokémon such as Butterfree and Zubat-line.

2. Where does this name come from?

The name primarily comes from Final Fantasy elemental type, Wind.

The name Air comes from the four classical elements, fire, air, water and earth.

3.Does this type have an in-game source?

Yes, as a subsection of Flying.

Flying encompasses four major elements:

Acrobatics related moves such as Acrobatics.

Air manipulation based moves such as Gust, Hurricane, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Tailwind.

Bird based moves such as Sky Attack(Jp. name: God Bird), Aerial Ace(Jp. name: Swallow Cut) etc.

Flying based moves such as Fly, Bounce etc.

The second major element is what Wind-type is expecting to expand.

Other wind based moves such as Fairy Wind, Whirlwind(Japanese name: Blow Away) and Ominous Wind exist in other types. 

4. What would be the ideas behind such a type?

Final Fantasy's Wind element is a good reference. Air's status as one of the classical elements and its associations can also be used.

Wind's current scientific understanding can be used as well.

5. What would be the type interactions of such a type?

Primarily similar to Flying, but association with biological elements might not be present. For example, Ice and Electric weakness are meaningless for Wind, since Wind Pokémon will not be Flying animals, but probably wind spirits and such. Conversely, super-effectiveness against Bug would be meaningless because unlike bats and birds Wind-based Pokémon would likely not eat Bugs.

6. What would be the distribution of such a type?

Most likely, it would be similar to Fire and Electric, present in all regions in earlier routes, but relatively rare in both the amount of species and amount of locales they are available.

7. Future comments:

If such a type is created, Flying-type must have a new paradigm for Special moves. Chatter and Ominous Wind are both wind independent special Flying moves, but both are signature moves based on abilities of bird Pokémon.

Something more commonly presentable must exist to fill the void that will be created by the introduction of a wind-type.

Editor's note: I don't personally like this idea, but this is a very popular one, and I can't really think of a means of introducing weather based and wind based phenomena, or classical interpretations of air with mysticism with Flying.
I can, however, definitely imagine such concepts being introduced within the limits of a Flying-type, something like say, a wind demon with regular wings. But I can't think of a wind demon that only manipulates air in Flying-type.

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Let's discuss fan types. Part 4, Cosmic/Alien-type

1. So, what is this type all about?

Cosmic-type is a fairly recently thought of type that emerged out of the vacuum for a dedicated type for extraterrestrial Pokémon, and their default setting as Psychic-type.

The earliest this idea can be traced is this deviantart blog, though idea likely predates that.
This is also called the "Alien-type".

2. Where does this name come from?

The name "Cosmic" comes from Cosmic Power, a Psychic-type move that is available for almost all extraterrestrial Pokémon.

Much like Magic, this idea is largely popularized due to Gymjack's image, but it is also often discussed on 4chan.

3.Does this type have an in-game source?

Yes, again, largely as a subsection of Psychic.

Gravity and Cosmic Power are space related Psychic-type moves, and several Psychic Pokémon and Cleffa line are extraterrestrial  Pokémon.

This is largely due to influence of Mother series, where alien species are known to use PSI moves(psychic attacks).

4. What would be the ideas behind such a type?

The general assumption is that a Cosmic-type would include moves related to extraterrestrial objects and creatures, primarily relying on modern day cosmology and science-fiction tropes for aliens.

It is possible that such a type might also include previous mythological approaches to extraterrestrial elements, but it is likely that such elements will fit better with paranormal types (Fairy, Psychic, Dragon etc.)

Another aspect of such a type would be the use of modern day large object physics, such as gravity, time travel through black holes, general theory of relativity etc.

5. What would be the type interactions of such a type?

It is hard to say, it can be immensely defensive or immensely offensive. Whatever it is, it will likely be based off difficulties of living in space.

6. What would be the distribution of such a type?

While Pokémon that mess with basic physics can be common, primary extraterrestrial Pokémon, just like current alien Pokémon, would be relatively rare.

This makes sense, considering how hard it is to survive in outer space for earth-evolved species like us, and space related mass extinction events and general rarity of UFO rumors.

7. Future comments:

The primary purpose of such a type would be to help relatively weak extraterrestrial Pokémon to have their niche, and introduce a lot of fringe theories about aliens to Pokémon franchise.

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Let's discuss the issues in moves and why things are getting better.

Also known as "Here I justify my big rebuff debuff list" and "Here I vent off some more steam about balance".

Let's discuss fan-types. Part 3, Magic type

1. So, what is this type all about?

Magic type is a speculated type that has been initially proposed as a means of introducing magic and occult elements to Pokémon, particularly the spell casting kind seen in most JRPGs.

The primary difference between other fan types and Magic-type is that it has been reproposed after the introduction of the Fairy-type, which covers most of the expected elements of a hypothetical Magic-type, but is actually based on Japanese conception of Yosei primarily with some elements from European pagan deities and familiars. So, a Magic-type would create a supernatural, magical type that is not dependent on a childish or pagan elements.

2. Where does this name come from?

Earliest instance of Magic-type I can find is from Pokémon Factory, which is the only fan dex that has well conceptualized Magic as a type.

This idea has been largely popularized by Gymjack's image.

3.Does this type have an in-game source?

Shockingly enough, yes, largely as a subsection of Psychic.

Magic Coat, Magic Room, Magic Bounce, Magic Guard etc. are all magic related moves and abilities.

Dazzling Gleam and Mystical Fire both have Magic in their Japanese names.

4. What would be the ideas behind such a type?

My comments can be found here.

5. What would be the type interactions of such a type?

While I can't say much, this type has been conceptualized several times enough to be used by some fan game.

One thing that is necessary to mention is that such a type will likely give Ghost, Psychic and Fairy additional coverage, as they will likely be the parent types of such a type(Psychic in particular will be separated with the introduction of a Magic type).

6.What would be distribution of such a type?

Most likely it will be similar to Fairy than Psychic. That is, species themselves will be common, but the amount of possible species will be limited.

7.Future comments:

Because of ever expanding nature of Psychic-type, we can expect to see a demarcation of Psychic-type, one of which will likely be Magic-type. If this happens, one should not be surprised.

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Let's discuss fan-types. Part 2, Nuclear type

1. So, what is this type all about?

Nuclear type is a fan proposed type that has been largely debated amongst fandom as a means of introducing nuclear physics in Pokémon world.

Unlike other fan-proposed types, Nuclear-type expects to create a powerful, but rare type that will fill a similar niche to Dragon types.

The basis of this type is the narrative of nuclear energy in West, particularly American West, as a force of nature with brutal power but can be tamed for good, as opposed to the narrative in East, particularly Japan, where nuclear power is presented as a bestial force(ie. Godzilla) due to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings and Chernobyl incident.

2. Where does the name come from?

The name comes from nuclear physics, where nuclear refers to the nucleus of the atom.

However, as mentioned above, the idea "nuclear" connotates is obviously refers to the kitschy romanticism of nuclear forces in science-fiction and comic books.

3. Does this type have an in-game source?

Because of the dynamics of Japanese nuclear energy industry, and Pokémon's obvious preference to romantic environmentalism, there is no basis for nuclear energy.

However, in the Pokémon fan-game Pokémon Uranium, this type is fully conceptualized as a semi-pseudo type alongside the likes of Shadow-type.

4. What would be ideas behind such a type?

Generally, the conventional applications of nuclear physics, such as nuclear fusion, nuclear waste, nuclear bombs, nuclear power plants etc. will be the basis of such a type.

Other basis of this type would be the basic nuclear configuration of elements, protons, neutrons, quarks, electrons etc.

Much more conceptional uses would be uses of nuclear energy in other areas, such as X-rays and matter transmutation.

The overall ideas behind all of these would be the poisonous nature that is present in different isotopes, nuclear energy as a metaphor for capitalism poisoning the environment(alongside creatures such as Grimer, Trubbish and Koffing), or the decaying nature of nuclear matter.

5.What would be the type interactions of such a type?

It is hard to say. Because nuclear energy, by its nature is hard to control, it is unlikely that any conceptualization would be satisfactory without being broken.

However, Nuclear moves can be used as high power moves by Poison-type Pokémon, just like Water-type with Ice-type.

6.What would be distribution of such a type?

Very rare, generally limited to broken-down or active nuclear reactors, mines containing nuclear material, or parts of regular gas stars that use nuclear energy to create massive heat.

7.Future comments:

Because the idea is very popular, there are different conceptualizations of this type that can be found on web besides Uranium's variation, which can be used for fan-games.

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Mirror Something

Mirror Coat Learners:
  1. Voltorb
  2. Electrode
  3. Wobbuffet
  4. Corsola
  5. Suicune
  6. Wynaut
  7. Deoxys
  8. Lopunny
  9. Magnezone
  10. Glaceon
  11. Vanillite
  12. Vanillish
  13. Vanilluxe
  14. Squirtle
  15. Wartortle
  16. Blastoise
  17. Tentacool  
  18. Tentacruel
  19. Girafarig
  20. Mantine
  21. Mudkip
  22. Marshtomp
  23. Swampert
  24. Spoink
  25. Grumpig
  26. Lileep
  27. Cradily
  28. Feebas
  29. Milotic
  30. Shellos
  31. Gastrodon
  32. Mantyke
  33. Snivy
  34. Servine
  35. Serperior
  36. Gothita
  37. Gothorita
  38. Gothitelle
  39. Alomomola
  40. Amaura
  41. Aurorus
  42. Bergmite
  43. Avalugg
Magic Bounce(Japanese name: Magic Mirror) Obtainers:
  1. Mega Sableye
  2. Mega Absol
  3. Mega Diancie
  4. Natu  
  5. Xatu  
  6. Espeon
Light Screen, Barrier, Reflect, and Bronzor are not listed.

                                                                                            Let's discuss fan types. Part 1, Sound/Echo type.

                                                                                            1. So, what is this type all about?

                                                                                            Sound/Echo-type is largely proposed as a type for buffing up sound-based Pokémon, many of which have incredibly low BSTs and sound-type moves which have incredibly low base powers.

                                                                                            The primary driving force behind this proposal is the fact that almost all sound-based Pokémon are either Normal-type or single-typed. Introduction of a Sound/Echo-type is supposed to help reduction of the base of Normal-type as a hodge-podge of all elements that don't fit into an established type, and grant a new STAB for powerless Pokémon, similar to how Fairy type born out of Normal-type.

                                                                                            2. Where does the name come from?

                                                                                            The name Sound-type comes from the "sound-based moves", which comes from the ability Soundproof's description.

                                                                                            The name Echo-type instead comes from Echo TCG deck, a TCG deck that focused on Normal-type Pokémon. Word Echo is also used in a later English TCG deck, Enchanted Echo.

                                                                                            3.Does this type have a in-game source?

                                                                                            The difference between Sound-type with other proposed types is that there is a specific category of sound-based moves, as mentioned above. The abilities of these moves are;

                                                                                            1. They bypass Substitute(as of Generation VI)
                                                                                            2. Many of them hit multiple opponents(as of Generation III)
                                                                                            3. They are avoided by Soundproof(as of Generation III).
                                                                                            In addition, since Generation I, there has been several sound-based moves(such as Sing) and Pokémon(such as Jigglypuff).

                                                                                            Sound-type also has a legendary dedicated to sound-based moves in the form of Meloetta.

                                                                                            4.What would be ideas behind such type?

                                                                                            One of the primary issue behind Sound-type becoming canonical is the issue of physical moves. Sound-based moves by nature are status based and special moves. Any physical move in relation to these must have physical contents, which might be based on the concept of Rhythm.

                                                                                            Other concepts here to be used are the concepts used in Sound based moves:
                                                                                            1. Singing
                                                                                            2. Roaring
                                                                                            3. Screams
                                                                                            4. Buzzing
                                                                                            5. Supersonic
                                                                                            6. Whistling
                                                                                            5.What would be the type interactions of such a type?

                                                                                            The highest connections of such a type would be based on the nature of sound, specifically its speed in different environments. Due to sound's association with normal, it is reasonable to expect that it will be blocked by Rock and Steel. Because sound moves faster in areas where there is more matter for sound to move from, it is reasonable that it will be resisted by Air, hit neutral to Water and hit super effectively to Ground.

                                                                                            But because sound is not a physical matter, its resistances and weaknesses are harder to imagine. Something based on the health of the vocal cords would most certainly work, however, whatever that may be.

                                                                                            6.What would be distrubition of such a type?

                                                                                            Most of the existing sound-based Pokémon are early to mid-route Pokémon, so it is reasonable to expect that such a type would work as an early route elemental type, in the vein of Water, Grass, Electric and Dark.

                                                                                            It is likely that most powerful Pokémon in this type would be based on Pokémon with high type variety and interesting abilities, not that the type itself is a high level type.

                                                                                            7.Future comments:

                                                                                            Because many sound based Pokémon such as Bug-types and Noibat-line cannot have a new type, it is possible that sound based moves will have more special properties with special items and abilities.

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                                                                                            How to Improve: 298-183-184, Azurill-Marill-Azumarill

                                                                                            1.Stats: Should Azumarill get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

                                                                                            As Azumarill is a three stage species, it is impossible for it to evolve further. Azumarill gets 420 BST without the influence of Huge Power, and has recently gained an +10 BST for its Special Attack stat. Huge Power gives it roundly +99 BST, increasing the BST of Azumarill to around 520 BST. This is fairly sufficient for a three stage species, however Azumarill can only have this BST with the influence of an ability. This makes it a tricky species to work without the influence of Huge Power.

                                                                                            Without the influence of Huge Power, however, Azumarill is a effectively a big, sad joke. Because of this, if the species gets a Mega Evolution, much like Mega Medicham, it must keep its Huge Power ability to be pose even the slightest of threat. Under this logic. Azumarill-line would most  certainly benefit a massive BST boost to give it purpose beyond Huge Power, which in turn would make it a better Mega Evolution. Preferably, these boosts, unless it is due to a Mega Evolution, will focus on its sad Sp. Attack and large Special movepool.

                                                                                            2.Should Azumarill get more abilities?

                                                                                            Most logical answer would be to have a Special variant of Huge Power, but since no such thing exists, we have to look for possible logical abilities Azumarill can have.

                                                                                            1.Pixilate: As a Fairy-type with several Normal-type moves due its pre-evolution, Azurill, Pixilate would be a good fit for Azumarill. However, Azurill cannot get it, as it would lose one of its STABs.

                                                                                            2.Water Veil: As Water Veil is the ability inspired by Aqua Ring, and Azurill-line can get Aqua Ring, it makes sense that Azumarill should also get Water Veil.

                                                                                            3. Swift Swim: Similar to above, it makes sense that Azumarill should get Swift Swim, as it learns Aqua Jet.

                                                                                            4. Guts: Because of Azumarill's connections to Fighting-type moves, and its relative body fat, Guts makes a reasonable choice for it.

                                                                                            Other logical alternatives would include Forewarn, as it learns Future Sight, and Iron Fist, as it learns Punching moves.

                                                                                            3. Should Azumarill get more moves?

                                                                                            Absolutely. Some basic moves it can get are;

                                                                                            1. More STAB (Normal/Fairy/Water) moves: Primarily status moves, but more special Fairy and Water moves and more Physical Normal moves would be good.

                                                                                            2. More Ice and Fighting moves: Marill-line has a wide range of Ice and Fighting moves, which can be expanded significiantly. Some possible options would be Icicle Crash.

                                                                                            3. More Psychic moves: Now that Azurill-line is Fairy, its low connection with Psychic moves can be expanded.

                                                                                            4. Some self-recovery moves: Azumarill is a fairly bulky mon and a very slow offensive Pokémon. More healing options would allow it to continue on for a while.

                                                                                            5. More Dark and Rock-type moves: As they would increase its movepool.

                                                                                            4.What additional typing Azumarill can have?

                                                                                            Fighting and Ice are interesting options, but I don't see much alternate typing Azumarill can have, considering its current typing is unique for now.