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Just for the hell of it, here's the list of remaining IPs that are not used for 3DS/Wii U

Wii U:
  1. Pokémon
  2. Pokémon Rumble(Ambrella, Rumble series' developer has a Pokémon patent for now, presumably for Wii U. For Gen VI).
  3. Animal Crossing  Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival was revealed on June 16, 2015.
  4. Metroid
  5. F-Zero(Lol)
  6. Chibi-Robo!(has a 3DS eShop game, but no console game since GC save for Wii rerelease)
  7. Kirby
  8. Wario Land
  9. Fire Emblem(not counting SMTxFE).
  10. Mario Tennis(GC game was rereleased for Wii) Mario Tennis Ultra Smash was revealed on June 16, 2015.
  11. Mario Strikers
  12. Mario Baseball
  13. Paper Mario(Paper Mario: Color Splash was announced March 3rd).

Nintendo 3DS:
  1. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon(For Gen VI)  Pokémon Super Myster Dungeon was announced on May 21st, 2015, to be released in August 2015.
  2. Metroid Metroid Prime Fedaration Force was revealed on June 16, 2015.
  3. F-Zero(Lol)
  4. WarioWare WarioWare Gold confirmed for August 3rd, 2018.
  5. Wario Land
  6. Pokémon Rumble(see above) Pokémon Rumble World for 3DS was announced on April 1st, 2015 to be released on April 8th, 2015.

  1. Console release of Pokkén Fighters. Wii U release was announced for Spring 2016 in August 21st, 2015.
  2. Mario and Sonic at 2016 Rio Olympics.  Announced May 31st, with unknown release date.
  3. Advance Wars
  4. Golden Sun
  5. Game &Watch(Lol)
Edit(01/04/2014): Removed Pokémon Rumble from 3DS list.

Edit(21/05/2015): Removed Pokémon Mystery Dungeon from 3DS list.

Edit(08/06/2015): Removed Mario and Sonic at Rio Olympics as it has been anounced.

Edit(16/06/2015): Removed Metroid for 3DS and Mario Tennis for Wii U. Removed Animal Crossing for Wii U.

Edit(24/10/2015): Removed Console Release of Pokkén Fighters because it was announced a few months ago.

Edit(04/03/2016): Removed Paper Mario from Wii U.

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Middle Evolution and Pre-Evolution Wishlist

I am going to make a wild prediction and say that they could introduce middle evolutions. What I meant is that they introduce something that the pre-evolution will evolve into, while this Pokemon evolves into a final evolution. Basically it's like something that fills in the blank within the evolution.
There are three candidates that would fit best here: LarvestaRufflet and Vullaby. Their evolutions felt like there is a gap between the basic stage and the fully evolved stage, so a possible middle evolution could allow for something in between that is stronger than a basic stage, but weaker than the final stage. As a bonus, they will learn moves that could only be learned by them. If possible, the middle stage could also be different in battle style, like in the example of Vigoroth, who is very different from Slakoth and Slaking's laziness.
Thanks for reading.

With this in mind, my wishlist for such a thing would be:
  1. Larvesta
  2. Vullaby
  3. Rufflet
  4. Noibat
While the following Pokémon would work with middle evolutions, they are better with stat buffs
  1. Riolu
  2. Munchlax
Though personally the entire franchise needs a stat rebalancing.

The following would be my primary Baby wishlist:
  1. Druddigon
  2. Lunatone/Solrock
  3. Sawk/Throh
  4. Tauros/Miltank
  5. Kangaskhan
  6. Lapras
  7. Aerodactyl
  8. Girafarig
  9. Stantler
  10. Skarmory
  11. Volbeat/Illumise
  12. Torkoal
  13. Zangoose
  14. Seviper
  15. Kecleon
  16. Tropius
  17. Absol
  18. Relicanth
  19. Carnivine
  20. Audino
  21. Maractus
  22. Basculin
  23. Alomomola
  24. Bouffalant
  25. Heatmor
  26. Durant
  27. Furfrou
  28. Hawlucha
  29. Tangela
And this would be the lesser wishlist:
  1. Onix
  2. Nosepass
  3. Sneasel
  4. Gligar
  5. Scyther
  6. Cryogonal
  7. Sigilyph
  8. Sableye
  9. Mawile
  10. Chatot
  11. Spiritomb
  12. Rotom
  13. Stunfisk
  14. Yanma

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Moves that are not given to new Pokémon in X/Y.

Last Learned in Gen V:
  1. Acupressure
  2. Aqua Ring
  3. Assurance
  4. Beat Up
  5. Blue Flare
  6. Bolt Strike
  7. Bone Rush
  8. Cross Poison
  9. Crush Claw
  10. Defog
  11. Dizzy Punch
  12. Dragon Rage
  13. Dynamic Punch
  14. Electro Ball
  15. Fiery Dance
  16. Final Gambit
  17. Fissure
  18. Focus Energy
  19. Follow Me
  20. Force Palm
  21. Foresight
  22. Freeze Shock
  23. Fury Attack
  24. Fusion Bolt
  25. Fusion Flare
  26. Gear Grind
  27. Glaciate
  28. Guillotine
  29. Head Charge
  30. Heat Crash
  31. Heavy Slam
  32. Hex
  33. Horn Attack
  34. Hyper Fang
  35. Ice Burn
  36. Inferno
  37. Jump Kick
  38. Leaf Storm
  39. Leaf Tornado
  40. Mach Punch
  41. Magnet Bomb
  42. Magnitude
  43. Meditate
  44. Mega Punch
  45. Memento
  46. Minimize
  47. Morning Sun
  48. Mud Bomb
  49. Night Daze
  50. Night Shade
  51. Nightmare
  52. Ominous Wind
  53. Pay Day
  54. Perish Song
  55. Poison Gas
  56. Poison Sting
  57. Present
  58. Psystrike
  59. Punishment
  60. Relic Song
  61. Revenge
  62. Rock Blast
  63. Rock Climb
  64. Rock Wrecker
  65. Sand Tomb
  66. Searing Shot
  67. Secret Sword
  68. Self-Destruct
  69. Shadow Punch
  70. Sheer Cold
  71. Shift Gear
  72. Silver Wind
  73. Sing
  74. Slam
  75. Sludge
  76. Smelling Salts
  77. Smog
  78. Sonic Boom
  79. Spider Web
  80. Spit Up
  81. Spore
  82. Steamroller
  83. Stockpile
  84. Submission
  85. Swallow
  86. Synchronoise
  87. Tail Slap
  88. Techno Blast
  89. Telekinesis
  90. Teleport
  91. Tri Attack
  92. Trump Card
  93. Twineedle
  94. V-create
  95. Wake-Up Slap
  96. Water Spout
  97. Weather Ball
  98. Whirlpool
  99. Wrap
Last Learned in Gen IV:
  1. Chatter
  2. Conversion
  3. Conversion 2
  4. Crush Grip
  5. Dark Void
  6. Defend Order
  7. Drill Peck
  8. Eruption
  9. Heal Order
  10. Heart Swap
  11. Judgment
  12. Lava Plume
  13. Lunar Dance
  14. Magma Storm
  15. Metronome
  16. Roar of Time
  17. Seed Flare
  18. Spacial Rend
  19. Vacuum Wave*
Last Learned in Gen III:
  1. Doom Desire
  2. Luster Purge
  3. Mist Ball
  4. Psycho Boost

Last Learned in Gen II:
  1. Aeroblast
  2. Egg Bomb
  3. Kinesis
  4. Octazooka
  5. Rolling Kick
  6. Sketch
  7. Soft-Boiled
  8. Spike Cannon
  9. Triple Kick
Last Learned in Gen I:
  1. Barrage
  2. Bone Club
  3. Bonemerang
  4. Lovely Kiss**
  5. Transform

*Vacuum Wave was a non-permanent Move Tutor.
**Lovely Kiss was an unavailable Egg Move for Smoochum in G/S.

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Secondary Hidden Abilities Proposal

This was also something I have discussed near the release of the X/Y, so I figured that I might make a blog post about it.

28 Kasım 2014 Cuma

Alternate Types Proposal

This was something I heard discussed around 4chan, but I haven't seen anybody do an actual proposal. So, here it is.

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Eviolite Boosts List

Here's the full list of unevolved Pokémon's potential base stats with Eviolite-like boosts for every two combination of stats:


The final result is, outside of previous fully evolved Pokémon, Eviolite and any future items like it are terrible. And even then it is not very good. It needs much more utility to be useful, and all species' stats need minor to major boosts. Especially second stage Pokémon, since many of them are not too different from single stage Pokémon at this point.

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Next Kalos Game Level-Up and Egg Move Moveset Changes Speculation(Update: Contains moves that are not given since Black 2/White 2)

So I decided to take a look at the movesets of Kalos Dex Pokémon and see what Pokémon's level-up movesets and Egg Moves could be changed. This is based off following criteria:

-Is the Pokémon available in-game? While this isn't always a criteria(see Meditite/Medicham in FR/LG), it is the biggest variable.
-Is the Pokémon available early-game? While not a mandatory criteria, this is increases the likelihood.
-Does the Pokémon learn horribly underpowered moves at high levels? Again, not a mandatory case, but it increases the chances.
-Does the Pokémon get a new Tutor move? Several new Tutor moves have been incorporated into the movesets of Pokémon in the past.
-Has the Pokémon undergone a major moveset change already? Again, this decreases the probability, but it is not a deciding factor.
-Has this Pokémon recently gained a new Mega Evolution? In OR/AS, several Pokémon has gained new Mega Evolutions, but they have not gained Moveset changes according to the said Megas.

In addition, the following criteria has to be used as this is a generation ending game:

-Has this Pokémon access to most of its Move Tutors? If so, the said moves are unlikely to become a part of the Egg Move moveset.

-Is there any patterns in the moveset distribution that have recently emerged? For example, Brine has been given away for its previous learners since B2/W2.

For this piece, the Veekun dex and the Kalos dexes were used, as well as Serebii's B2/W2 change listHG/SS change list and Platinum change lists were used. In addition, HeartGold/SoulSilver's Egg Move changes , X/Y egg move additions and OR/AS changes(which are currently incomplete) have been used.

Each evolutionary line will be discussed individually, going with the dex order of Veekun's Kalos dex. We will also discuss Friend Safari Pokémon, as they are most likely going to be part of the regional dex, and most likely going to be their own Dex. Tentatively we are going to call this speculative new dex as "Southern Kalos Dex".

The remaining breedable Pokémon will have their Egg Moves discussed separately, as ALL POKEMON are likely to get new Egg Moves.

It should be noted that these discuss only the level-up movesets and Egg Moves. ALL POKEMON are likely to get new Move Tutor moves.

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Counterpart Exclusive Moves

Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p0w70fu5o2sicbb/AADOEzlLuMRkSW5jucvvsDysa/Counterpart%20Exclusive%20Moves.docx?dl=0

Note: As the parallels between Heracross/Pinsir and Durant/Heatmor are not that significant anymore, they are not mentioned here. I might have another list featuring the version exclusives in the far future, however.

Edit(05/02/2016): https://www.dropbox.com/s/2lmyqnoux99rej9/Counterpart%20Exclusive%20Moves%20-%20ORAS.docx?dl=0

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Lesser special stats compared to Gen I Special Stat

As you are probably aware, not all Special stats from Gen I were improved in the transition to Gen II. Here's the remaining few that remain as lesser compared to their original:

Dropbox link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wsusahs64gszy4v/Lesser%20special%20stats%20compared%20to%20Gen%20I%20Special.docx?dl=0

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Let's discuss Baby Pokémon again.

Because let's face it, we will need more filler for the future. And we need to fix the existing filler.

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Speculations on Learnsets of Pokémon for OR/AS

So I decided to take a look at the movesets of Hoenn Dex Pokémon and see what Pokémon's level-up movesets could be changed. This is based off following criteria:

-Is the Pokémon available in-game? While this isn't always a criteria(see Meditite/Medicham in FR/LG), it is the biggest variable.
-Is the Pokémon available early-game? While not a mandatory criteria, this is increases the likelihood.
-Does the Pokémon learn horribly underpowered moves at high levels? Again, not a mandatory case, but it increases the chances.
-Does the Pokémon get a new Tutor move? Several new Tutor moves have been incorporated into the movesets of Pokémon in the past.
-Has the Pokémon undergone a major moveset change already? Again, this increases the probability, but it is not a deciding factor.

For this piece, the Veekun dex and the Hoenn dex were used, as well as Serebii's B2/W2 change list, HG/SS change list and Platinum change lists were used.

Each evolutionary line will be discussed individually, going with the dex order of Veekun's Hoenn dex. As we don't know what changes will happen to Hoenn dex, other Pokémon won't be playing major parts, but post-E4 Pokémon will be discussed.

It should be noted that these discuss only the level-up moveset. ALL POKEMON are likely to get new Move Tutor moves.

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OR/AS Mega Pokémon Speculations

With the release of Mega Sceptile and Mega Swampert, the good old trademark list seems even more legitimate. However, ignoring the ones that are present there, what Mega Evolutions might happen?

A stupid route would be to look at the direct counterparts of existing Megas, and other trademarks. Which would be;

-The Pikaclones, as Plusle and Minun has been recently trademarked.
-Sableye, as Mawile has a Mega.
-Gallade, as Gardevoir has a Mega.
-Maybe Dusknoir, even though Dusknoir already has a similar BST to Banette.
-Jirachi, the counterpart to Diancie. Likewise, Manaphy, Mew, Celebi and Victini, as well as potentially Shaymin and Meloetta(even though the latter two already have Megas)
-Metagross, Salamence, Hydreigon, Dragonite and maybe Goodra, as Tyranitar and Garchomp have Megas.
-Illumise, because Volbeat is trademarked.
-Luxray, Raichu and Zebstrika, due to Ampharos and Manectric's Megas.
-The myriad of Fossil Pokémon, due to Aerodactyl
-The other starters, as they are all trademarked, marketable, and because we now have two sets of starters with Megas.
-Milotic, as Gyarados has a Mega.
-Golem, Gigalith, Conkeldurr and Machamp, as Alakazam and Gengar have Megas.
-Hippowdon(and Politoed and Ninetales), as Abomasnow and Tyranitar have Megas.
-Zoroark, as Lucario and Absol have Megas.
-Mightyena(and Liepard), as Houndoom has a Mega.
-Mr. Mime, as Jynx is trademarked.
-Ludicolo, Shiftry, Seviper, Lunatone, Solrock, Zangoose, Seviper, as they are version exclusives for R/S.
-Rhyperior, as Aggron has a Mega.
-Gothitelle and Reuniclus, as Gardevoir and Alakazam have Megas.

Another speculation that came out of /vp/ is that all important trainers might Mega-Evolve their aces in their rematches(and the team leaders and Steven can have their megas in the climatic matches). Going by this, we would have:

Roxanne: Mega Probopass(?)
Brawly: Mega Hariyama
Wattson: Mega Manectric(Which already exists lol)
Flannery: Mega Torkoal
Norman: Mega Slaking(Oh the horror)
Winona: Mega Altaria
Tate and Liza: Mega Solrock and Mega Lunatone
Wallace: Mega Milotic
Juan: Mega Kingdra
Sidney: Mega Absol(Which already exists lol)
Phoebe: Mega Dusknoir(?)
Glacia: Mega Walrein
Drake: Mega Salamence
Steven: Mega Metagross
Maxie: Mega Camerupt
Archie: Mega Sharpedo
Wally: Mega Gardevoir(Which already exists)/Mega Gallade(Since Wally's Ralts is always Male)
Brendan/May: Mega Swellow/Tropius(The former the permenant team member for their last rematch in R/S, the latter fills the same role for Emerald)

And for the lulz;
Gabby and Ty: Mega Exploud and Mega Magnezone

Anabel: Mega Snorlax(?)
Brandon: Mega Regi trio and/or Mega Bird trio
Spenser: Mega Slaking(Which is already Norman's signature)
Lucy: Mega Seviper
Tucker: Mega Swampert(Which now exists)
Greta: Mega Umbreon(??)

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Further speculation regarding next Gen VI series games, generic version.

1-We will likely see more moveset changes...:

As stated by Serebii himself, all third games of each generaion featured moveset changes(which is inaccurate, by the way, Emerald's only true change was the addition of Volt Tackle, whereas most of the changes in FR/LG were not trasferred over as Emerald reused movesets from Ruby/Sapphire, and since it was the last game of the generation, the lack of changes remained dominant). However, most sequels and remakes featured moveset changes, but only HG/SS and B2/W2 contained major intergenerational changes, the latter because of the expanded and heavily marketed New Unova Dex(with few additions to TMs on Pokémon with low movepools).

As for the former, though it is partially the HG/SS' Johto and Kanto Pokémon to the next generation, it was also to boost the anemic Egg Move movesets of the Gen IV Pokémon.

However, expecting massive moveset changes would be optimistic for three reasons;

1-Masuda is confident in X/Y's balance.
2-As the Pokédex is already gigantic and since most Pokémon already got a update in some form, there is little remaining to add, at least on paper(of course, this is completely false, as most Pokémon are far from being optimized moveset-wise, even Smeargle who can't learn Chatter in spite of the lack of the banworthy voice recording gimmick).
3-The amount of Move Tutors will surely reach near 70-80 moves, making them essentially a secondary set of TMs.

However, many of the Egg Moves' of the Gen VI Pokémon are abysmal both number and quality-wise, and many of the newly established and existing chains are not fully utilized yet. As such, it is almost certain that we will see updates on them, at least if this generation is long enough to host three sets of games.

There are also a few errors that need to be fixed, such as Spinda's inability to get Sleep Talk and Venipede's second Venoshock which likely should have been Venom Drench.

2-There will be more periodic rematches and more opportunities to encounter existing battle methods:
This is also a no brainer and a common occurance for later generation games, as a larger cast would also mean more periodic battles, and a larger region would mean more horde encounters. However, there will likely be more Sky Battles as well(which would also be a direct result of a larger region, but whatever). Inverse Battles are unlikely to get more attention unless they are actually marketed.

3-There will be more alternate mini-games/quests:

This is also well known for HG/SS and B2/W2, but FR/LG and Platinum both had various multiplayer mini-games, either through Joyful Game Corner or Wi-Fi Plaza. A similar thing is seen with Xtransceiver mini-games in B2/W2 and their ability to be used over Internet.

4-There will be new connection features:
But it is impossible to speculate what they might be.

5-There will be additional mini-games on PokéMileage Club for the releases:
Though this happened for B2/W2, the reasons for that were different. In B2/W2 the changes for previously unavailable Hidden Abilities. But for this generation, the changes will likely be for currently unreleased or single items(such as Elemental Gems and PokéBlock berries).

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Could we possibly be having seventh generation as a near launch title for the next Nintendo handheld?

I have been thinking about the recent rumors, both the Fusion rumors and the Plus&Minus rumors. Of course, Fusion is a confirmed fake, but I have noticed a few things. Iwata recent statement regarding the next platforms' brother-like status, the SoC rumors as well as Masuda's statement on the HD render made me think.

As one can see from the release dates, each main Nintendo console took about 5-6 years between themselves and their successors except their handhelds;
-Game Boy, which was released 9 years before Game Boy Color.
-Game Boy Color, which was released 3 years before Game Boy Advance.
-Game Boy Advance, which was released 3 years before Nintendo DS.
-Nintendo DS, which was released 7 years before Nintendo 3DS.

With this in mind, one can expect a late 2017/2018 or early 2018/2019 release for the next console, whereas 3DS would be continued to be developed for until about 2-3 years after the release of the next handheld. This would also make sense considering that it takes about 2-3 years to develop a console.

However, the end of the console directly coincides with the latest possible release of a new generation of Pokémon, and as stated by Iwata, the next handheld will be a brother to the system. This leads to a few possibilities;

-A repeat of Generation V, where the new console release does not change the handheld release, instead companion software are released as a means of justification for the purchase of the next game until the next generation.

-The next handheld will not try to absorb Wii U architecture literally, instead its brother will be the Wii U. This is unlikely, as not only Wii U has been a major flop and its architecture is speculated to be decreasable to be used in a handheld, but also because even if it were succesful its low end horsepower simply makes it incapable of surviving for long.

-The title's case, obviously.

-Possibly the weirdest case would be the handheld coming out before the main console, with its brother coming later. This bizzare idea might actually work, as if it is going to use Wii U architecture(or something similar to it) it can actually have a connection with Wii U before its successor, which would also use some of the same architecture to an extent for backwards compatibility. This in theory would also provide the year GF generally takes for releasing a new generation.

However, if the video concept is GameFreak's own concept, and not Pokkén Fighters' developers' concept, then it would mean that GF is already creating concepts for the next generation. And if the handheld is a modified Wii U, then there would not be a major need for the prototype hardware for the console to create the proof of concept, or even the early development. Or even the entire development might be made in Wii U development kits.

Another reason why this would be likely would of course be the time that takes for a generation. Each generation takes 3 to 4 years, and if this generation is sufficiently long(as it seems to be planned to be so), then the next generation would have to end during the end of the console's lifespan. Again, this would not be unheard of as Gen V showcases, and priorly Crystal showcases. However, this can diminish the sales further(much like what happened to Gen V sales compared to Gen IV sales), as it would essentially be for a dead console without massive improvements from visuals. The gap would not be too huge, though.

On the other hand, this would be an unconventional route for both Nintendo and GameFreak to take, and I wouldn't think it would be worth it from a capitalist perspective, as there would not be an existing install base that can catapult the sales a bit more exponentially from word of mouth and such. However, this would only matter for initial sales.

From a fanboy perspective, I also would not like this, as the update to HD can also mean that we will get another generation that is not fully realized gameplay-wise, much like the current generation is(not that staying in DS allowed for Gen V to make massive moveset changes, but it did provide it time to polish several existing mechanics and add a good region with massive selection of Pokémon to choose from that is mostly diverse). However, as GameFreak current motto is clearly simplyfing the mechanics further, this might not be unavoidable to begin with, for better or for worse. On the other hand, Gen 8 would eventually be forced for the successor of 3DS like the seventh generation, and as it would likely have the backlash of Gen 7, several gameplay improvements will likely happen then. And I can't really deny the fact that I would totally dig the updated sound quality.

Either way, upcoming three to four years will certainly be amusing to watch... probably more fun than to be an actual participant in.

3 Şubat 2014 Pazartesi

Scrapped/Removed Mechanics

I am putting this to document what old feature will inevitably resurrected for a future main series Pokémon game. Feel free to add anything I missed.

Note: Gambling features and Voltorb Flip are not put here because “gambling is teh evil!!1!”, but they deserve a honourable mention. Item related mechanics(such as the creation of the Gen III Flutes) and Move related ones are also not mentioned.

31 Ocak 2014 Cuma

Gen VI Previous Generation Legendary Distribution/Event Speculation

For this discussion, we will mention a few facts;

-Currently Celebi with Hold Back, Blazikenite, Discount Coupon and Inkay with Happy Hour are released.

-The next movie's poll is featuring Darkrai, Victini and Celebi.

-Previous popularity polls generally featured Pokémon that were released again after the event, making the polls unimportant.

-Entei gained Sacred Fire, whereas Zapdos' Hidden Ability was changed to Static. Similarly, Cresselia got Moonblast and Genesect got Fell Stinger. Heatran and Genesect's signature moves were also tweaked.

-A major three or four month long event has been given in X/Y for two periods(Blazikenite and Discount Coupon).

-Jirachi is always released for at least one Tanabata event in Japan in each generation, regardless of other events.

-For three generations, the pixie of the two generation after was granted an animated appearance near the end of the generation and an event to go with it. This appearance might be a movie(Celebi in Movie 13, Mew in Movie 8) or a TV appearance(Jirachi in Best Wishes!). Next in the line are Manaphy and Shaymin(though the latter is extremely unlikely as it was never promoted as such).

-Most previous mascot legendaries are released for the later parts of the generation, with many of them being previously available through connectable spin-off titles than in-game locations.

-Miyamato has previously expressed his idea to bring back older titles, which seems to be true for Pokémon spin-offs as well, if Trozei is anything to go by.

-Serial Code events are available through X/Y. This opens up possibilities for repeats of the Pokédex Guide/Pokédex iOS Gothorita.

-If one were to assume that there will be another regional dex for the next game, and other regional dexes were given equal Pokémon, there can potentially be 8 more Pokémon, which would be sufficient for two trio masters and two trios. If the Coastal Dex gets increased to 154, then this number increases to 12, providing one more legendary and a trio.*

In addition;

-For the purposes of this blog post, we will consider three scenearios;

Scenario 1) There are only two sets of games in Gen VI. Second game takes place in Kalos, partially or completely and provides an addition to the Regional Dex.

Scenario 2) There are three sets of games in Gen VI. Second is set in Kalos partially or completely and provides an addition to the Regional Dex. Third set is a remake of or sequel(s) to Ruby/Sapphire(with elements of Emerald) or spiritual successor to the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

Scenario 3) There are three sets of games in Gen VI. Second is set in Kalos partially or completely, whereas the third is in another region.

Now we can start, case by case;

23 Ocak 2014 Perşembe

Generation VI Move Tutor Additions Speculation

As known by everyone, in each generation the Move Tutors return in the second installments of each generation and are increased in the third installment of the generation, which inherits most if not all of the tutors from the previous game. Similarly, the Move Tutor list rarely sees much difference, either due to Grandfather Clause or the lack of widely distributable high-tier moves. Each generation introduces about 10-20 additional new tutor spots for each game, with some others being replaced for other tutors. Other common occurrences are:

1)The counterpart move of an already existing TM or Tutor generally makes an appearance as a Tutor. For example, Pluck TM had Bug Bite Tutor, Quash TM had After You tutor, and so on and so forth.

2)At least one previously discarded TM move from the previous generation makes a return. In addition, another older generation move makes an appearance.

3)If there is a remake planned, some of the moves from that generation make an appearance, with them being most widely available in the said remake.

4)Each type has at least one Tutor.

5)Moves that can have a wide distribution are chosen for Tutors, much like TMs.

6)The additions to the Move Tutors are mostly biased towards new moves, much like other move distributions, in spite of the fact that they don't ignore previous generations as mentioned above.

With these in mind, we can start speculating for the next games' tutor list, starting with;