15 Haziran 2015 Pazartesi

Missing Mega Evolutions in Shuffle

Released thus far:
  1. Mega Charizard Y
  2. Mega Heracross
  3. Mega Sharpedo
  4. Mega Blaziken
  5. Mega Absol
  6. Mega Manectric
  7. Mega Garchomp
  8. Mega Latias
  9. Mega Latios
  10. Mega Gardevoir
  11. Mega Steelix
  12. Mega Medicham
  13. Mega Swampert
  14. Mega Charizard X
  15. Mega Mewtwo X
  16. Mega Abomasnow
  17. Mega Metagross
Mega Evolutions of known Pokémon:
  1. Mega Charizard X
  2. Mega Pidgeot
  3. Mega Scizor
  4. Mega Mewtwo X
  5. Mega Pinsir
  6. Primal Groudon
  7. Primal Kyogre
  8. Mega Rayquaza
  9. Mega Tyranitar
  10. Mega Sceptile
  11. Mega Swampert
  12. Mega Camerupt
  13. Mega Salamence
  14. Mega Gyarados
  15. Mega Diancie
  16. Mega Gallade
  17. Mega Beedrill
  18. Mega Alakazam
  19. Mega Aggron
  20. Mega Houndoom
  21. Mega Abomasnow
  22. Mega Steelix
  23. Mega Medicham
Unknown Pokémon with Mega Evolutions:
  1. Mega Houndoom
  2. Mega Gardevoir
  3. Mega Latios
Edit(07.09.2015): Current pre-paid cards showcase Mega Sceptile and Mega Swampert, but they have not been released.
Edit(28.09.2015): Removed Mega Latias and Mega Charizard Y. Updated the Unknown Pokémon with newly released stuff.
Edit(05.10.2015): Removed Mega Absol.
Edit(02.11.2015): Removed Mega Gardevoir.
Edit(01.12.2015): Removed Mega Steelix, Mega Medicham and Mega Latios. Moved Gallade to known Pokémon.
Edit(28.12.2015): Moved Camerupt to known Pokémon.
Edit(05.12.2015): Removed Mega Swampert.
Edit(20.01.2015): Moved Aggron and Abomasnow to known Pokémon.
Edit(09.02.2016): Removed Mega Abomasnow.
Edit(16.02.2016): Removed Mega Mewtwo X. Added Beedrill and Alakazam to known Pokémon.
Edit(23.02.2016): Removed Mega Charizard X. Added Gyarados to known Pokémon.
Edit(15.03.2016): Added Houndoom to known Pokémon.
Edit(05.04.2016): Removed Mega Sceptile.
Edit(26.04.2016): Removed Mega Scizor, Mega Diancie and Mega Rayquaza.
Edit(28.06.2016): Removed Mega Gyarados.
Edit(02.08.2016): Removed Mega Steelix.
Edit(13.09.2016): Removed Mega Alakazam.
Edit (28.09.2016): Removed Mega Beedrill.
Edit (11.10.2016): Removed Mega Pidgeot.
Edit (01.11.2016): Removed Mega Metagross.
Edit(22.11.2016): Removed Mega Camerupt and Tyranitar.
Edit (21.12.2016): Removed Mega Salamence.
Edit(17.01.2016): Removed Mega Houndoom.
Edit(14.02.2016): Removed Mega Aggron.
Edit(13.06.2016): Removed Mega Gallade.
Edit(13.02.2018): Removed Primals. And condensed the list.
Edit(08.05.2018): Removed Mega Pinsir. All Megas are now available.

8 Haziran 2015 Pazartesi

Challanges facing the next generations

I had already made a few discrete posts about these topics, but it might be the best to put them on one post.

1. Base EXP debacle:

Not only the current Base EXP list is based on the stats of Gen V, which have been recently changed, it also contain a few major errors, for Clawitzer, Aurorus, Cascoon and Dustox. The next generation should update the Base EXPs to fix these errors, and presumably to fix other EXP distributions.

2.Contest debacle:

Even ignoring the fact that contest stats remain part of the Pokemon file system, we have the issue of the contest-only berries, which are still relevant for Natural Gift. As the next generation will likely have Contests as part of D/P remakes, we need to watch out how contest berries and contest stats will be handled.

3.Hidden Power debacle:

Currently, Hidden Power Fairy, nor Hidden Power Normal exists. As Fairy-type is a new type, this is kind of an issue.

4. Moveset errors:

As OR/AS had a pretty rushed release, several movesets were basically defaced. These movesets must be brought back in to shape, as their current situation is too chaotic.