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Analysis of Types: Chapter 18: Fairy-type: Part 3: In-Universe Symbolism and Mythology

What is Fairy-type's role, really?

The Legendaries & Their Role:


Xerneas is based off the four stags of Yggdrassil, with elements of Cernunnos thrown in. Xerneas's rainbow coloring is a shout out to the rainbow bridge, which connects the realms of Yggdrasil. Xerneas' feminine depiction and its blue coloring seems to be a reference to the Woman of the Apocalypse, particularly those depictions that equate her with Virgin Mary and some of the saints.



Diancie, like its minion Carbink, is based off a carbuncle and a diamond. It is based off the rare pink diamond, which is pink colored due to iron in it. Its princess design is probably based off RPG enemies that are generally depicted as the royalty of their minions and serves as a shout out to the French royalty.

Land Spirits:


All Tapus are called the Land Spirit Pokémon. They are based off the Hawaiian pantheon, and they look like Hawaiian dolls that represent their gods, with their iridescent eyes. Their status as the Guardians of Alola is reminiscent of Latis' status as Guardians of Alto-Mare. Their signature move, Guardian of Alola, is a shout out to Doshin the Giant, a god game published and partially developed by Nintendo.



Magearna's Soul-Heart is composed of Infinite Energy, ie. life force of Pokémon. It is effectively a synthetic Mega Stone, while Magearna's body is a Poké Ball and its Fleur Cannon is a junior sized Ultimate Weapon. Its status as a robot with life is an allusion to Pinocchio and other living toys from fairy tales.

The Trainers & Their Role:


Valerie is a Furisode Girl who came from Johto. She is an otherworldly person who thinks she is a Fairy. She is basically an in-canon furry.


Mina is an old Trial Captain whose mind is off somewhere else. She is far too lazy and clumsy to have a proper Trial, and even in the post-game she forgets to have her Z-move in her team. She is basically an in-canon druggie.

The Overview:

The Legendary species are generally stuff based on creation, life and destruction. You know, common Celtic stuff.

The trainers themselves are generally depicted as unfitting to their region, and their minds are generally in somewhere else. Somewhere nasty, probably. Which is also fitting, considering Fairies are basically 11-dimensional abominations.

However, since most Fairies must be cute and photogenic, there hasn't be a nice, good cosmic horror here, or even an absurdist monstrosity like NGE Angels or PMMM Witches. But, in time, they shall come.

Editor's Note: This is the end of Type Analyses for now. There will likely be another one of these things once we get another type in the next two decades. I'll probably own more stocks than Pokémon games by then, though.

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