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Shitty ideas general

-A Pokémon that learns Sketch in Dragon Egg Group  can be a poison spitting reptile. It might spit different colored poisons for artistic attempts.

-An alternate Onix evolution can be one that focuses on Speed and Special Defense that keeps its Rock typing, for sake of Brock.

-Slowpoke can get an Ice/Psychic evolution that is more explicitly based off a hippo, for Lorelei. This Slowpoke would probably be adapted to live in its original habitat, Seafoam Islands.

Edit 1(15.07.2017):
-A bunch new items and abilities can be introduced for item farming. Certain abilities can infect opponents with certain hindering items like Sticky Barb, certain moves can create and fling items to opponent such as Toxic Orb, and others can be like Pay Day and just scatter around certain items. The latter would be especially useful of Gems and Evolutionary Stones.

-Some new mechanic for Mega Stones and other forme changers can be introduced. These can be a new move that gets boost from them, it can be new species that have different formes related to them, or an ability that gets boosted by them.

-Similar to above, certain Pokémon can just farm items just being around the team or party, or in a specific location. For example, the player can store Luvdisc in a Luvdisc farm to get an amount of Heart Scales for a certain amount of steps.

-More items and moves that produce the abilities' effect can be introduced. Something like a Zorua Furcoat can cause Illusion on a Pokémon.

-Similarly, more held items can be made into abilities or moves. For example, there can be a Wisdom ability that gives the same boost as Wise Glasses.

Underused and unused concepts in generations

Alternative Split Evolution ideas.

Generally speaking Split evolutionary lines have split off from the base or second stage, with the two stages being identical to each other. There has been some fan variations on this, for example, the completely different lines Wurmple goes through has been used for the basis for completely split off two separate lines. Here's some other ideas:

1."Quick Evolutions": Alternate evolutions for single stages of three stage Pokémon, these would be more easily accessible than standard three stages. Their final stats will be determined considering how the base Pokémon would be if it was the first stage of a two stage Pokémon.

For example, Mareep regularly evolves into Ampharos. But, with a new item, let's say Quick Trigger, it will evolve into species that's around 400-480 BST range, with one stat around 100 range. This new evolution would more closely reflect Mareep's stats, with slightly more speed than Ampharos, higher physical defense, and a completely new additional type. This new evolution would work better in-game, but would not be significant in competitive metagame without proper investments.

2."Slow Evolutions": Same idea as above, but instead of species getting a quick alternative evolution, single stage Pokémon would instead get three stage Pokémon evolutions.

For example, Voltorb can directly evolve into Electrode, or it can wait a while with "Slow Trigger" and become a Great Ball Pokémon with Steel subtyping, like its partner in-crime Magneton, and gain a third evolution who gets Levitate and is based off an Ultra Ball.

3."Convergent Evolutions": A completely different than the above, instead of a species getting an alternate evolution, an already evolved would instead get another pre-evolved species group that would evolve into it. This would be primarily used on split evolutions to give them conventional pre-evolutions, and rare species who differ significantly from their original form to obtain them in different regions.

For example, Bellossom would have another middle stage and a starting stage. These species would be fit for tropical environments as opposed to the nocturnal Oddish. This new middle stage would evolve into Bellossom with regular Leaf Stone, while evolving into Vileplume with Moon Stone.

In the latter case, Scizor would get another pre-evolution that is adapted to desert environment. This new pre-evolution evolve into Scizor through natural means, let's say around Level 35, and make Scizor available in the wild. However, this species would lose on Scyther's pre-evolution moves.

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How to improve: 672-673, Skiddo-Gogoat

1.Stats: Should Gogoat get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Gogoat has 531 BST, higher than of certain three stage Pokémon. So, it can't go higher.

This means that only possible improvement for Gogoat is through Mega Evolution. 

2.Should Gogoat get more abilities?


Gogoat currently has two possible abilities as opposed to the three, so it can use a lot stuff.

1.Chlorophyll: As Speed is Gogoat's Achilles Heel, this is obviously the best option.

2.Leaf Guard: As it would evade Burn, this has the potential of being good.

3.Thick Fat: This would remove two of its most common weaknesses, making it very bulky.

4.Harvest: An odd choice but one can work with its stall options.

5.Reckless: This goat gets a few recoil moves.

6.Rock Head: Same as above.

7.Natural Cure: Evading burn and Poison would be very good on this Goat.

3. Should Gogoat get more moves?

Gogoat gets Growth and 97 Sp. Attack, so it would enjoy a larger Sp. Attack movepool. Such as:

1.Weather Ball.

2. Earth Power.

3.Sludge Bomb

4.Leaf Storm

Gogoat would also enjoy more horn moves, such as:

1. Horn Attack

2. Megahorn.

As well as more recoil moves, such as:

1. Jump Kick

2.Head Smash

And some improved versions of its moves, such as:

1.Stone Edge

2.Power Whip

As well as it would love more status moves. A LOT more, primarily Grassy Terrain due its HA, Grass Pelt.

4.What additional typing Gogoat can have?

Ground and Fighting are obvious, as it gets moves from those types as Level-Up. Normal can also work, since it is a domestic goat.

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Emerald exclusive elements that don't exist in ORAS

1.Battle Frontier, including Artisan's Cave.

2.Gym Leader rematches.

3.Juan(Wallace's champion team is present in Delta Episode)

4.Rayquaza centric storyline.

5.Mirage Tower, Battle Tents, Desert Underpass, Terra Cave, Marine Cave, Faraway Island, Navel Rock, and Birth Island, as well as Jagged Pass hideout of Team Magma are not present. Deoxys can be battled in the same way as in Birth Island, though.

6.Pokémon Center Ladies.

7.FRLG Move Tutors.

8. Scott.

9.Altered encounter tables with Poochyena replacing Zigzagoon.

10.e-Reader and GBA Wireless elements.

Missing elements from RS:

1.Female Psychics and Triathletes.

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How to improve: 152-153-154, Chikorita-Bayleef-Meganium

1.Stats: Should Meganium get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Meganium has 525 BST, which is the lowest bound for starter evolutions. Highest bound is 535, which belongs to Swampert. Grass starters currently have the highest at 530, which belongs to Chesnaught and Sceptile.

Megainum's BST fits in with Venusaur and Torterra however, so any stat update shouldn't be expected, as any major update cannot be higher than +10.

Instead, Meganium can obtain a Mega Evolution like all starters. The stat distribution of this would likely be fairly even, it would be an "evolution" of Meganium with even +20 stats on all stats except HP.

2.Should Meganium get more abilities?

Ignoring the fact that starters have only two abilities, Meganium's current stats are insufficient for the stuff it wishes to accomplish. Literally anything else would be better than its current stock, so let's go through possibilities:

1. Effect Spore: Meganium's decent physical defense means it can actually take a lot of hits. This makes Effect Spore a viable ability, especially since Chikorita gets major spore and powder moves.

2.Healer: Meganium-line is based off a herbalist, so this ability makes sense. Sadly, it would only work on doubles.

3.Chlorophyll: A very good but situational ability, Meganium does not get much use from this ability as it doesn't have good stat raising moves, offensive movepool or status moves. If it were to get Sleep Powder, this would be a good ability however.

4.Solar Power: Same as above, Meganium needs a major movepool update to use this.

5.Flower Veil: A very good ability that effectively works as a better Shell Armor, this ability works well with Meganium's defense.

6.Harvest: Same as above.

7.Aromatic Mist: Possibly the best ability for this line, this basically allows Meganium to be a strong annoyer Pokémon and be a good doubles partner. Most specifically, it makes it a devastating SubSeeder and ParaSwagger.

8.Natural Cure: Meganium generally works as a stall Pokémon than a switchin Pokémon, but this ability is still good regardless.

9.Regenerator: Same as above.

10.Mold Breaker: An odd choice, but it works well with Sap Sipper.

11.Gluttony: Another odd choice, and less good compared to Harvest.

3. Should Meganium get more moves?

YES. Here are some options:

1. Earth Power: It is a Grass-type that gets Ancient Power.

2.Dragon moves: It is a sauropod.

3. Weather Ball: It has a weather ability.

4. Slashing moves: It gets basic slashing moves and Psychic-type status moves.

5.Psychic and Fairy moves: Psychic for its Psychic support moves, Fairy for its overall feminine design and flower.

6.Poison moves: It gets only Poison Powder for now.

7.Better physical Grass moves: Specifically Leaf Blade and Power Whip as updates to its existing moves Razor Leaf and Vine Whip.

8.SLEEP POWDER:A recurring move in TCG, this is exactly what Meganium needs to reach its current defensive potential. Rest are for its alternate sets generally.

4.What additional typing Meganium can have?

Fairy, Psychic, Poison and Dragon are the obvious ones. Normal and Ground can work with appropriate designs, but they would need some more work.

Meganium needs an additional typing to be not as laughably bad as it is now, even if it can work with regular Grass-type if it gets a lot of options, which it currently doesn't have.

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Body Style Moveset Contradictions:


Serpentine Pokémon that don't get Tail moves:


Bipedal, tailed Pokémon that don't get Tail moves:

Pokémon with two or more pairs of wings that don't get wing moves: