26 Ekim 2014 Pazar

Next Kalos Game Level-Up and Egg Move Moveset Changes Speculation(Update: Contains moves that are not given since Black 2/White 2)

So I decided to take a look at the movesets of Kalos Dex Pokémon and see what Pokémon's level-up movesets and Egg Moves could be changed. This is based off following criteria:

-Is the Pokémon available in-game? While this isn't always a criteria(see Meditite/Medicham in FR/LG), it is the biggest variable.
-Is the Pokémon available early-game? While not a mandatory criteria, this is increases the likelihood.
-Does the Pokémon learn horribly underpowered moves at high levels? Again, not a mandatory case, but it increases the chances.
-Does the Pokémon get a new Tutor move? Several new Tutor moves have been incorporated into the movesets of Pokémon in the past.
-Has the Pokémon undergone a major moveset change already? Again, this decreases the probability, but it is not a deciding factor.
-Has this Pokémon recently gained a new Mega Evolution? In OR/AS, several Pokémon has gained new Mega Evolutions, but they have not gained Moveset changes according to the said Megas.

In addition, the following criteria has to be used as this is a generation ending game:

-Has this Pokémon access to most of its Move Tutors? If so, the said moves are unlikely to become a part of the Egg Move moveset.

-Is there any patterns in the moveset distribution that have recently emerged? For example, Brine has been given away for its previous learners since B2/W2.

For this piece, the Veekun dex and the Kalos dexes were used, as well as Serebii's B2/W2 change listHG/SS change list and Platinum change lists were used. In addition, HeartGold/SoulSilver's Egg Move changes , X/Y egg move additions and OR/AS changes(which are currently incomplete) have been used.

Each evolutionary line will be discussed individually, going with the dex order of Veekun's Kalos dex. We will also discuss Friend Safari Pokémon, as they are most likely going to be part of the regional dex, and most likely going to be their own Dex. Tentatively we are going to call this speculative new dex as "Southern Kalos Dex".

The remaining breedable Pokémon will have their Egg Moves discussed separately, as ALL POKEMON are likely to get new Egg Moves.

It should be noted that these discuss only the level-up movesets and Egg Moves. ALL POKEMON are likely to get new Move Tutor moves.

9 Ekim 2014 Perşembe

Counterpart Exclusive Moves

Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p0w70fu5o2sicbb/AADOEzlLuMRkSW5jucvvsDysa/Counterpart%20Exclusive%20Moves.docx?dl=0

Note: As the parallels between Heracross/Pinsir and Durant/Heatmor are not that significant anymore, they are not mentioned here. I might have another list featuring the version exclusives in the far future, however.

Edit(05/02/2016): https://www.dropbox.com/s/2lmyqnoux99rej9/Counterpart%20Exclusive%20Moves%20-%20ORAS.docx?dl=0