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How to improve: 557-558: Dwebble-Crustle

1.Stats: Should Crustle get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Crustle has already gained a +10 boost, but it can theoretically get at maximum 55 BST. However, +10 more BST would be the most fitting for its 325 BST pre-evolution.

An evolution is also possible, and Crustle is min-maxed well enough to support such an idea, even one that drastically shifts its defensive capabilities to an offensive speedy one.

A Mega Evolution is the same as an evolution, but a Mega on Crustle would be heavily missed if it is not min-maxed like Mega Beedrill, as Crustle's BST is still critically below average.

2.Should Crustle get more abilities?

Crustle's abilities are fairly gimmicky, even with the Weak Armor buff. Some other options would be:
  1. Arena Trap
  2. Battle Armor
  3. Hyper Cutter
  4. Sand Force
  5. Sand Rush
  6. Sand Stream 
  7. Sand Veil
  8. Sniper
  9. Super Luck
  10. Swarm
  11. Tough Claws
                    3. Should Crustle get more moves?

                    Crustle has a decent movepool so this isn't too necessary. However, a selection of potential moves would include:
                    1. Brick Break
                    2. False Swipe
                    3. Dual Chop
                    4. Acid Spray
                    5. Acupressure
                    6. Ancient Power
                    7. Assurance
                    8. Beat Up
                    9. Crabhammer
                    10. Cross Chop
                    11. Cross Poison
                    12. Crush Claw
                    13. Fell Stinger
                    14. Final Gambit
                    15. Fissure
                    16. Focus Energy
                    17. Follow Me
                    18. Foresight
                    19. Hammer Arm
                    20. Head Smash
                    21. Magnitude
                    22. Mud Bomb
                    23. Pin Missile
                    24. Power Gem
                    25. Punishment
                    26. Rage
                    27. Revenge
                    28. Rock Climb
                    29. Rock Throw
                    30. Rollout
                    31. Sticky Web
                    32. String Shot
                    33. Steamroller
                    34. Twineedle
                                                                                    4.What additional typing Crustle can have?

                                                                                    Ground, Normal and Dark are the most obvious ones. Poison, Fighting, Water and Grass would be less likely.

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