12 Aralık 2013 Perşembe

Pokémon Games/Console Release Similarity

I have already blogged about this topic on Bulbapedia, but that was mostly about new consoles.

So apparently, all the main series Pokémon games roughly coincide with the releases of new consoles or their redegins, within an acceptable 6 or so months of margin of error of course.

No, seriously, this has apparently been the case since Red and Green were released around the time of Game Boy Pocket. I was just trying to screw around with the release dates of the major games, I wasn't expecting to find some major Nintendo conspiracy.*

Though I really don't want to wait for 3DSi/2DS XL to get the XZ and YZ, or 3DSi XL/2DSi to get RagingRuby and SereneSapphire.

*Well, okay, it might just be because the redesigns and releases have the same two or one year period differences Pokémon games are, but still. I am going to stick by my conspiracy/original game homage idea.

Edit(05/02/2016): New direct link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ci09u380ndfwn2b/Release%20Date%20Analysis.docx?dl=0

11 Aralık 2013 Çarşamba

Big Fat Rebuff, Buff, Debuff Proposal

I haven't posted any justifications for them, but you can ask me in the comments. Basically;

1)I increased the power of the moves to 40 BP as the bare minimum(save for multi-hit moves).

2)I increased the power of moves that hit multiple Pokémon to around 100, as Wide Guard has been buffed to be used continuously. I also increased the accuracy stats to reflect that.

3)I increased the power of critical hit moves to match the lower critical hit boost and I increased the ratios of the critical hit boosting items.

4)I increased the power of items and increased the amount of moves that can eliminate and knock off items.

5)I increased the power of coverage moves and common moves that are not used competitively(ex: Ancient Power variants).

6)I increased the priority of some status and utility moves.

7)I increased the effectiveness of terrain moves and ally boosting moves.

8)I changed the abilities that work on specific conditions.

9)I tried to decrease the disproportionate amount of risk and set up conditions certain moves and abilities had.

Edit(08/09/2014): Full list is under the cut. New direct link is:

Edit(05/02/2016): New direct link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kuclcnwe4tdna7m/big%20fat%20rebuff%20debuff%20thing.doc?dl=0