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Gen VI Previous Generation Legendary Distribution/Event Speculation

For this discussion, we will mention a few facts;

-Currently Celebi with Hold Back, Blazikenite, Discount Coupon and Inkay with Happy Hour are released.

-The next movie's poll is featuring Darkrai, Victini and Celebi.

-Previous popularity polls generally featured Pokémon that were released again after the event, making the polls unimportant.

-Entei gained Sacred Fire, whereas Zapdos' Hidden Ability was changed to Static. Similarly, Cresselia got Moonblast and Genesect got Fell Stinger. Heatran and Genesect's signature moves were also tweaked.

-A major three or four month long event has been given in X/Y for two periods(Blazikenite and Discount Coupon).

-Jirachi is always released for at least one Tanabata event in Japan in each generation, regardless of other events.

-For three generations, the pixie of the two generation after was granted an animated appearance near the end of the generation and an event to go with it. This appearance might be a movie(Celebi in Movie 13, Mew in Movie 8) or a TV appearance(Jirachi in Best Wishes!). Next in the line are Manaphy and Shaymin(though the latter is extremely unlikely as it was never promoted as such).

-Most previous mascot legendaries are released for the later parts of the generation, with many of them being previously available through connectable spin-off titles than in-game locations.

-Miyamato has previously expressed his idea to bring back older titles, which seems to be true for Pokémon spin-offs as well, if Trozei is anything to go by.

-Serial Code events are available through X/Y. This opens up possibilities for repeats of the Pokédex Guide/Pokédex iOS Gothorita.

-If one were to assume that there will be another regional dex for the next game, and other regional dexes were given equal Pokémon, there can potentially be 8 more Pokémon, which would be sufficient for two trio masters and two trios. If the Coastal Dex gets increased to 154, then this number increases to 12, providing one more legendary and a trio.*

In addition;

-For the purposes of this blog post, we will consider three scenearios;

Scenario 1) There are only two sets of games in Gen VI. Second game takes place in Kalos, partially or completely and provides an addition to the Regional Dex.

Scenario 2) There are three sets of games in Gen VI. Second is set in Kalos partially or completely and provides an addition to the Regional Dex. Third set is a remake of or sequel(s) to Ruby/Sapphire(with elements of Emerald) or spiritual successor to the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

Scenario 3) There are three sets of games in Gen VI. Second is set in Kalos partially or completely, whereas the third is in another region.

Now we can start, case by case;

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Generation VI Move Tutor Additions Speculation

As known by everyone, in each generation the Move Tutors return in the second installments of each generation and are increased in the third installment of the generation, which inherits most if not all of the tutors from the previous game. Similarly, the Move Tutor list rarely sees much difference, either due to Grandfather Clause or the lack of widely distributable high-tier moves. Each generation introduces about 10-20 additional new tutor spots for each game, with some others being replaced for other tutors. Other common occurrences are:

1)The counterpart move of an already existing TM or Tutor generally makes an appearance as a Tutor. For example, Pluck TM had Bug Bite Tutor, Quash TM had After You tutor, and so on and so forth.

2)At least one previously discarded TM move from the previous generation makes a return. In addition, another older generation move makes an appearance.

3)If there is a remake planned, some of the moves from that generation make an appearance, with them being most widely available in the said remake.

4)Each type has at least one Tutor.

5)Moves that can have a wide distribution are chosen for Tutors, much like TMs.

6)The additions to the Move Tutors are mostly biased towards new moves, much like other move distributions, in spite of the fact that they don't ignore previous generations as mentioned above.

With these in mind, we can start speculating for the next games' tutor list, starting with;