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How to improve: 588-589-Karrablast-Escavalier

1.Stats: Should Escavalier get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

End result of a 10-40 sat boost would be similar to Accelgor, it would make it better, though it is already quite good.

The primary problem for Escavalier is however its lack of speed, recovery and priority moves. Only way to balance this would be a hypothetical evolution that forces it out of its shell and makes it fly.  However, only male Drilus beetle are capable of flight in the real world, which is an issue.

A Mega Evolution has potential to be powerful, but again, without speed, it won't mean much.

2.Should Escavalier get more abilities?

Battle Armor, Sturdy, No Guard, Sniper, Super Luck, Unnerve and Intimidate are all potentially good abilities.

Clear Body and Long Reach can also potentially be interesting.

Others like Technician, Heatproof and Guts would also be good. Either way, Escavalier doesn't really have good abilities besides Overcoat.

3. Should Escavalier get more moves?
Yes. Escavalier is not lacking in priamary coverage options, but it is lacking in moves in general.

Priority moves like Quick Attack, Sucker Punch, First Impression and regenerating attacks like Slack Off and Leech Life are absolutely essential for Escavalier.

Other moves like Rock, Ground and Steel moves would be well appreciated as well.

4.What additional typing Escavalier can have?

 Dark is the primary one, but Fighting also works. The problem is, of course, Escavalier already has a great dual type, which makes this rather pointless beyond a Mega.

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Some notes on ability introduction and move introduction list

Gen III: 76
Gen IV: 123 (+47)
Gen V: 163 (+40)
Gen VI: 191(+18)
Gen VII: 232(+41)

Average per gen: 31(7 gens) or 46(5 gens)

Gen I: 165
Gen II: 251(+86)
Gen III: 354(+103)
Gen IV: 467(+113)
Gen V: 559(+92)
Gen VI: 621(+62)
Gen VII: 719(+98)

Average per gen: 102

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Notes on types:


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Some notes on BSTs of starters, and others

Shared BSTs:
  1. 528: Gen V
  2. 530: Gen VII
  1. 535: Swampert
  2. 534: Charizard, Typhlosion, Infernape, Delphox
  3. 530: Remaining
  4. 525: Venusaur, Meganium, Torterra
 The last generation to have lower than 530 BSTs was Gen V. While 528 hasn't be reused extensively like 530 was, it is unlikely to see a return to that.

Looking at this, it seems we won't see anything around or below 530 after this generation. Reaching to 535 will likely take about 4 generations, and 540 will likely take 10 generations. So until 30 years we will remain in the 540 barrier.


For higher than 540 BSTs:

Gen I: 555
Gen II: N/A, 540 with Kingdra and Blissey
Gen III: 670
Gen IV: 545
Gen V: 567, 550
Gen VI: 552, 551, Megas
Gen VII: 570, 620

Next generation might see another 555 BST species, and something like this can be seen:
  1. Gen 8: 555
  2. Gen 9: 575
  3. Gen 10: 560
  4. Gen 11: 580
  5. Gen 12: 565
  6. Gen 13: 585
  7. Gen 14: 570
  8. Gen 15: 590
  9. Gen 16: 575
  10. Gen 17: 595
  11. Gen 18: 580
  12. Gen 20: 600
  13. Gen 21: 585
  14. Gen 22: 605
  15. Gen 23: 590
  16. Gen 24: 610
  17. Gen 25: 595
  18. Gen 26: 615
  19. Gen 27: 600
  20. Gen 28: 620
Edit (03.06.2017): It seems that starters, like most of the third stage Pokémon, cannot go beyond 129. Currently the highest single stat is 126, Primarina's Special Attack. After that comes Emboar's Attack(123), Greninja's Speed (122), Chesnaught's Defense (122). Lowest possible stat belongs to Torterra's Speed, 56. The second lowest stat is 60, which is the Speed of Primarina, Incineroar, Swampert and Empoleon.

Some notes on future second stage Pokémon

Some notes on future single stage Pokémon.

First and foremost, due to increasing emphasis on single stage Pokémon, these species have seen a massive power creep. Traditionally, single stage Pokémon existed primarily as fodder for future evolutions, but since Mega Evolutions that idea has been put into bus. Recent single stagers have higher BSTs and powerful forms. In addition, many of the weaker ones have now retconned BSTs that make them more powerful. This makes them indistinguishable from second stage Pokémon(Wishiwashi is the most egregious example of this. Its school form is essentially a Level-Up evolution.)

Secondly, is how the power creep progresses. The power creep is around 20-30 BST for every even generation. This means that within three generations, single stage Pokémon will have an alternate form that will reach to Uber level, while common high end ones will reach to the level of starters and Haxorus. That's terrifying.

This gives us some weird ideas:

-Pikaclones: Looking at BSTs of Pikaclones:

-Gen III: 405, Gen IV: 405
-Gen V: 428, Gen VI: 431
-Gen VII: 435

If we continue with this;

Gen VIII: 435
Gen IX: 458, Gen X: 461
Gen XI: 465, Gen XII: 465
Gen XIII: 488, Gen XIV: 491
Gen XV: 495, Gen XVI: 495

So, within six generations(18 years) we will have a Pikaclone that is just as powerful as Raichu. Neat.

-Joke Pokémon: Looking at the current stats, the most powerful of them is Chatot with 411(technically Stunfisk with 471 but it has high stats due to its unique typing). However, both Pyukumuku and Corsola now reside at 410. While much improvement cannot be expected, we can see that this section is rather, dying. So we will not care for it, until it is revitalized.

-Low end species: With Qwilfish buffed to 440, this group's new borderline seems to be 440-460, as opposed to 430-460. It is likely that this group will take over the conventional weak 455 BST two stagers in the coming generations.

-Medium end species: With Lunatone and Solrock buffed to 460, it seems that borders of this group now start at 460 rather than 440. In the coming generations, this group should take over conventional second stagers.

-High end species: With Cryogonal buffed to 515, this group no longer ends at 490. While the gap still needs to be filled in, within next generations, this group will take over high end dual stage Pokémon.

-Alternate forms:
The maximum limits for generations are:

Gen IV: 520, Rotom forms.
Gen VI: 615, Mega Aerodactyl
Gen VII: 620, Wishiwashi School Form

Looking at this, within three generations it might be reasonable to expect an Uber-like form.

-Fishes: Looking at them:

Gen II: 430, Qwilfish
Gen V: 460, Basculin
Gen VII: 475, Basculin

Looking at this, we can guess that;

Gen IX: 490
Gen XI: 505
Gen XIII: 520
Gen XV: 535

Within eight generations(24 years) we can expect a fish around Lapras' level.

-What else:
  • It is unlikely that there will be single stager around the level of a legendary in the foreseeable future. There can be a Silvally situation, however.
  • While single stagers have started to drive out two stagers to higher levels, they have not started to drive out three stagers yet. That will take time.
  • Due to their currently limited amount, it is unlikely that single stagers will see significant boosts in the upcoming generations, though stat retcons will continue.
  • Single stagers can take more archetypes. They have currently took over traditional fish archetypes, it shouldn't be unreasonable to expect them to take over other early route Pokémon, such as rodents, birds etc.

Some ideas on future third stage Pokémon

-Additional starter Pokémon: Similar to Simis, these secondary starters can work as replacements for species that are not obtained as starters. This idea would be good, because currently the only major third stagers are sadly starters.

These species can be at the lower end of starters, around 525 BST. They can be obtained in wild, or given after a specific period.

-Additional trade Pokémon: Not an idea I personally like, but trade Pokémon have been the primary drivers of three stage Pokémon for a long while. As trade evolutions have been declining in the last generations, this can bring them back to life.

-Additional three stage Electric-types: Another major third stage presenter, these can be expanded to make Electric-type more viable.

More specifically, Electric-type can have a honorary starter archetype, as an expansion to what we currently have.

-Additional three stage Psychic-types: More successors to Abra can be given. Psychic-types are missing powerful common species recently, so this can be a good way to bring back life.

-Additional three stage Steel-types: More successors to Magnemite can be given. Steel-types need more representatives, so this will be helpful.

-Additional three stage Ghost-types: More successors to Gastly can be given.

-Additional three stage Fighting-types: More successors to Machop can be given.

-Additional three stage Water-types: More successors to Poliwag would be... bad, but better than endless fishes.

-Other ideas:
  1. New archetypes: Rather than expanding upon existing archetypes, completely new archetypes would be better. These can be utilized on underutilized types, such as Flying, Bug etc.
  2. New tiers in-between standard Pokémon and legendaries: Currently common Pokémon can go up to 540 BST, while legendaries can go down to 570. More varied archetypes in this 30 BST gap can be created, similar to Archeops or Togekiss.
  3. Pseudo-ubers: Similar to pseudo-legends, these will be Pokémon who have stats around 601-680 range, working similar to Ubers. These Pokémon will appear as post-game challenges, and be banned in initial tournaments, becoming legal after the second year.
  4. Pseudo-sub-legendaries: These Pokémon will cover the 570-599 range, mimicking sub-legendaries. These Pokémon will be semi-final bosses, appearing before the showdown with the pseudo, around 7th badge or so.
  5. Pseudo-Megas: Similar to the conventional trade evolutions, these would be species who have highly powered middle stages that can work competitively and in-game, but will have upgraded third stages that can be more varied. These species would go around pseudo-legendary level at max. The idea behind them would be to abuse Eviolite without creating cross-generational evolutions.
  6. Psuedo-Mythicals: Similar to above, but a bit different, these species would have certain event-exclusive items and methods that would allow them to evolve to their true form, but would remain usable in their current situation.
  7. Terrain bosses: Using the lore of Haxorus and Aggron, these would be powerful third stage Pokémon that would work similar to Totem Pokémon and act as mid-bosses. Their middle stages would be around conventional pseudo-legendary/starter middle stage level, while themselves would be around 525-540 range. They would be found in wild through special means.

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Unused BSTs


  1. 578
  2. 576
  3. 574
  4. 573
  5. 572
  6. 571
  7. 569
  8. 568
  9. 566
  10. 564
  11. 563
  12. 562
  13. 561
  14. 559
  15. 558
  16. 557
  17. 556
  18. 554
  19. 553
  20. 551
  21. 549
  22. 548
  23. 547
  24. 546
  25. 544
  26. 543
  27. 542
  28. 541
  29. 539
  30. 538
  31. 537
  32. 536
  33. 533
  34. 532
  35. 529
  36. 527
  37. 526
  38. 524
  39. 522
  40. 516
  41. 513
  42. 512
  43. 511
  44. 506
  45. 504
  46. 503
  47. 502
  48. 501
  49. 496
  50. 493
  51. 492
  52. 491
  53. 477
  54. 469
  55. 463
  56. 459
  57. 457
  58. 453
  59. 451
  60. 449
  61. 447
  62. 444
  63. 443
  64. 441
  65. 439
  66. 438
  67. 437
  68. 436
  69. 433
  70. 432
  71. 429
  72. 427
  73. 426
  74. 422
  75. 421
  76. 419
  77. 417
  78. 416
  79. 414
  80. 412
  81. 408
  82. 407
  83. 406
  84. 404
  85. 403
  86. 402

How to improve: 616-617-Shelmet-Accelgor:

1.Stats: Should Accelgor get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Accelgor, shockingly enough, has a fantastic stat spread, but sadly it is fairly limited. This makes it useful regardless of a boost, but hinders its reliability.

A stat boost for 10-40 would be good, but would just make it slightly better. Which is good enough.

A Mega Evolution, has the potential to be broken. Maybe not in the next generation, but for now it would be. It would make it permanently meta defining however.

2.Should Accelgor get more abilities?
Gluttony, Gooey, Poison Heal, Speed Boost and Swarm would be good. Though potentially broken, Prankster, Adaptability and Protean can also work.

Storm Drain might also work or Water Absorb.

3. Should Accelgor get more moves?
Yes, as Accelgor's movepool is not varied enough, though good. Several moves like Belch, Clear Smog, Punishment, Psychic and Acrobatics can work. Nasty Plot and Calm Mind would also be very helpful. So would Shadow Ball, Psych Up etc.

Water moves, though unlikely, would be very fantastic.

4.What additional typing Accelgor can have?

Poison is the primary one, but Fighting, Ground, Water, Grass, Dark, Psychic can also work.

How to improve: 331-332-Cacnea-Cacturne:

1.Stats: Should Cacturne get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?
Cacturne's primary reason of existence is to be a early mid--game Grass-type. Its secondary abilities include being the original owner of Needle Arm and being the only Pokémon in both Human-Like and Grass Egg Groups.

This, is not big. Needle Arm hasn't been relevent since it was invented, and there aren't much Grass-types in Human-Like and humanoid Grass-types in Grass Egg Group. This leaves Cacturne with only small niches.

In terms of a stat boost, Cacturne can get a few boosts, ranging from 10 to 40. However, due to its stat distribution, this will not help much.

Mega Evolution would be better, especially with a small boost. However, Cacturne's stat distribution makes it incapable of being used in a traditional team, even with a reliable priority move. So, either a massive redistribution is necessary, or we need some support like Trick Room or screens.

Nothing would be terrible, and probably wouldn't make much sense. Cacturne's 475 BST is not that large, even for a two stage Pokémon.

2.Should Cacturne get more abilities?
Yes. It has only two abilities so anything can work.

Sandstorm based abilities such as Sand Rush and Sand Force can work.

Utility abilities like Prankster and Technician can work.

Grass based abilities like Chlorophyll can work.

Poison based abilities like Poison Point, Poison Heal and Poison Touch can work.

3. Should Cacturne get more moves?
Yes, particularly Ground-based moves, like Earth Power, Sand Tomb, Stomping Tantrum, Poison moves like Gunk Shot, and powerful Grass moves like Petal Dance and Petal Blizzard.

Punching moves can also work, but Cacturne already gets a few. Bringing them back to a more easily accessible form would be good.

X-Scissor would also be good. Toxic Spikes and some Ghost moves like Hex, Shadow Sneak, Phantom Force and Shadow Ball would be good as well.

4.What additional typing Cacturne can have?
Ground, Poison and Fighting are the primary alignments for Cacturne. Since Cacturne already has a rare dual type, such an idea can only work for Alternate Forms.

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Shitposting about economic development and Pokeymanz

A lot of developing regions will become significant in the future. Nonetheless:

  1. It's unlikely that any Muslim state/country will be used, due to Islam's history with Pokémon. So countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. are unlikely. Malaysia and Brunei (?) might be the exception, however(Singapore has an Islamic population, but they are not the dominant majority, far from it.)
  2. Few Latin America countries have direct connections with Japan, though Japan is fascinated by Native American culture(North, Central and South) largely due to proposed connection between the two cultures.
  3. Middle Eastern and African countries are unlikely to appear in Pokémon, due to rampant racism in Japan against those populations. Especially Israel, hilariously enough(remember, Japan was a fascist country and retains some of that to this day).
  4. On the other hand, a Chinese region or regions are more than likely because of GameFreak's historical fascination with China, and Nintendo's intended expansion to mainland China.
  5. One of the main hurdles however is the expansion of Nintendo to more territories. As Nintendo is far too focused on China and Russia instead of rest of Europe, it might take time for Nintendo to expand to further.
  6. Former socialist countries will also have to wait for a while, especially Yugoslav countries, even after they all enter the EU and NATO.

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Pokémon forms without Badges

  1. Unown forms
  2. Burmy and Wormadam
  3. Arceus plates
  4. Deerling and Sawsbuck
  5. Keldeo forms
  6. Genesect drives
  7. Aegislash formes
  8. Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist
  9. Xerneas modes
  10. Hoopa forms
  11. Silvally types
Edit(March 16th 2017): Remaining Burmy and Wormadam cloaks have been added.

Edit(March 30th 2017): Remaining Sawsbuck, Aegislash and Deerling forms and Hoopa forms have been added.

Edit(April 14th 2017): Added Keldeo forms.