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How to improve: 193-469: Yanma-Yanmega

1.Stats: Should Yanmega get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Yanmega can theoretically get +25 BST at maximum, but because Yanmega actually grants Attack EVs, it is impossible for Yanmega to get fitting stats without an evolution or Mega.

Yanmega can get a physically oriented evolution, though it would be better if it got a pre-evolution for Yanma.

Yanmega should get a Mega, but because of its EV grant it will likely be focused on physical offense.

2.Should Yanmega get more abilities?

Yanmega's two abilities are the best abilities in the game, so the only lackluster one is its HA, Frisk. Outside of the abilities it has, Yanmega can get the following abilities:

  1. Gale Wings
  2. Keen Eye
  3. Illuminate
  4. Infiltrator
  5. Sniper
  6. Super Luck
  7. Swarm
  8. Vital Spirit

3. Should Yanmega get more moves?

Yanmega has an okay movepool. A few possible additions would be:

  1. Nasty Plot
  2. Power Gem
  3. Hone Claws
  4. Shadow Claw
  5. Swords Dance
  6. X-Scissor
  7. Calm Mind
  8. Dark Pulse
  9. Dazzling Gleam
  10. Energy Ball
  11. Flash Cannon
  12. Acrobatics
  13. Earth Power
  14. Hyper Voice
  15. Uproar
  16. Air Cutter
  17. Assurance
  18. Beat Up
  19. Captivate
  20. Defog
  21. Endure
  22. Final Gambit
  23. Focus Energy
  24. Foresight
  25. Fury Cutter
  26. Headbutt
  27. Hex
  28. Hurricane
  29. Mimic
  30. Natural Gift
  31. Nightmare
  32. Night Shade
  33. Ominous Wind
  34. Punishment
  35. Sing
  36. String Shot
  37. Swift
  38. Synchronoise
  39. Tri Attack
  40. Twineedle

4.What additional typing Yanmega can have?

Normal and Dark are the most obvious ones. Ghost, Grass and Psychic are the less obvious ones.

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