30 Eylül 2017 Cumartesi

How to improve: 607-608-609: Litwick-Lampent-Chandelure

1.Stats: Should Chandelure get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Chandelure can get at most +20 BST.

A side evolution that is based off a street light can work. Or some other lantern.

A Mega Evolution would be potentially broken, but useful.

2.Should Chandelure get more abilities?

Probably. Chandelure had an awesome ability, Shadow Tag, but lost it in Gen 6. Some options would be:
  1. Contrary
  2. Illuminate
  3. Levitate
  4. Magician
  5. No Guard
  6. Poison Heal
  7. Shadow Tag
3. Should Chandelure get more moves?

Maybe. Chandelure's most obvious move would be Nasty Plot.

4.What additional typing Chandelure can have?

Psychic, Grass and Dark are the obvious ones.

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