28 Nisan 2017 Cuma

Some notes on New Nintendo 2DS XL

With the release of a new 3DS, we can expect a new Pokémon game to appear, like one that will focus on Necrozma.

The question is, what will happen after that? Well, there are two possible scenarios.

1.Scenario 1: Pokémon on Switch.

Since Pokémon games take about two years after a console's release, next gen can appear on Switch in 2019.

2.Scenario 2: Pokémon on dedicated handheld

In this scenario, next generation would be exclusive to N3DS, but released on a new console.

25 Nisan 2017 Salı

Shitty Pokéball Ideas

  1. Max Ball: Upgrade to Ultra Ball, capture rate *3.
  2. Soar Ball: Dive Ball, for Flying Pokémon.
  3. Rival Ball: Love Ball, but reverse.
  4. Start Ball: Repeat Ball, but reverse.
  5. Cheap Ball: Luxury Ball, but reverse. Cheapest ball in the market, costing only 50.
  6. Enemy Ball: Friend Ball, but reverse.
  7. Light Ball: Heavy Ball, but reverse.
  8. Crack Ball: Lure Ball, but for Rock Smash.
  9. Cage Ball: Nest Ball, but reverse.
  10. Garden Ball: Net Ball, but for Fairy and Grass-types.
  11. Challenge Ball: Level Ball, but reverse.
  12. Damage Ball: Heal Ball, but reverse.
  13. Slow Ball: Fast Ball, but reverse.
  14. Unown Ball: Beast Ball, but for Unown.
  15. Battery Ball: Net Ball, but for Electric and Steel.
  16. Earth Ball: Net Ball, but for Rock and Ground.
  17. Night Ball: Net Ball, but for Dark and Ghost.
  18. Heat Ball: Net Ball, but for Fire and Dragon.
  19. Wind Ball: Net Ball, but for Ice and Flying.
  20. Urban Ball: Net Ball, but for Normal and Psychic.
  21. Marsh Ball: Net Ball, but for Poison and Fighting.
  22. Pr. Great Ball: Premium Ball, for Great Ball.
  23. Pr. Ultra Ball: Premium Ball, for Ultra Ball.
  24. Dwarf Ball: Heavy Ball, but for small Pokémon.
  25. Giant Ball: Heavy Ball, but for large Pokémon.
  26. Evolution Ball: Higher catch rate for the given stage. Single stagers have unique levels for the given species.
  27. Basic Ball: Higher catch rat for the given stage, but in inverse. Single stagers are treated the same as above.
  28. Inverse Ball: Catch chance is inverted. Catch rate is 1.
  29. Reverse Ball: Catch rate is inverted for low-catch rate Pokémon(Catch rate of Pokémon=255-real catch rate of species). Species with catch rate of 255 are reduced to 3.
  30. Novice Ball: Higher catch rate of Pokémon gives higher ball catch rate. 200-255 corresponds to 5, 150-200 corresponds to 4, 100-150 corresponds to 3,etc.
  31. Expert Ball: Novice Ball, but reverse.

21 Nisan 2017 Cuma

How to improve: 631-Heatmor

1.Stats: Should Heatmor get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Heatmor and Durant share the same unique BST. A +10 boost would make it equal to Abomasnow. So a stat boost is unlikely.

An evolution would be in the line of Magmortar. This could potentially be good, but it wouldn't be much of an help.

A Mega Evolution would only work with massive boost to its Speed. Heatmor's Fire-type and low defenses makes it a poor choice for a bulky mixed attacker.

2.Should Heatmor get more abilities?

Yes. Heatmor only has terrible abilities, so anything would be wonderful. Flame Body, Magma Armor would be both thematically fitting, but others like Technician would be also great.

3. Should Heatmor get more moves?

Yes. Heatmor has a wide arrange of moves, but it lacks powerful moves. Its most powerful coverage moves are Giga Drain and Thunder Punch, and if we count unreliable ones, Focus Blast and Solar Beam.

This is not good, so of course Heatmor needs more moves.

In addition, Heatmor needs some form of Special Attack booster to use its Sp. Attack, as currently it is heavily Physical oriented.

4.What additional typing Heatmor can have?

Dark is an obvious one, so is Fighting. Despite being a Magma Pokémon, Heatmor doesn't have much Rock, Ground or Poison moves.

18 Nisan 2017 Salı

Some notes on archetypes for starters

Defensive: Blastoise, Meganium, Swampert, Torterra, Serperior, Chesnaught, Primarina

Bulky: Venusaur, Feraligatr, Blaziken, Empoleon, Emboar, Delphox, Incineroar

Sweeper: Charizard, Typhlosion, Sceptile, Infernape, Samurott, Greninja, Decidueye

Next Grass starter will likely be Bulky.

Next Fire starter will likely be Sweeper.

Next Water will likely be Defensive again.

17 Nisan 2017 Pazartesi

Missing stats

Some ideas on future triangles

So far, all the mascot legendaries have been partially related to a previous group:

Gen II: Ho-Oh and Lugia, their secondary types were gained from Winged Mirages, whereas Lugia's primary type is unrelated to their theme.

Gen III: Unrelated. Suicune shares Kyogre's type, however.

Gen IV: Dialga, Palkia and Giratina have Latias/Latios' primary typing as their secondary one.

Gen V: Tao Trio does the same as above, but also has Legendary Birds' typing.

Gen VI: Unrelated.

Gen VII: Nebula trio largely shares Creaton Trio's types and Pixies' Psychic.

My personal guess is:

Gen 8: Fire/Psychic, Water/Psychic and Electric/Psychic

Gen 9: Fairy, Steel/Flying, Dragon/Fighting

Gen 10: Fighting/Ground, Fighting/Water & Fighting//Flying

Gen 11: Ice/Fighting, Rock/Fighting & Steel/Fighting

Gen 14: Fighting/Flying, Psychic, Dragon/Dark

Gen 15: Ghost/Dark, Ghost/Fairy, Ghost/Dragon

Gen 16: Grass/Ghost, Rock/Ghost, Steel/Ghost

Gen 17: Ground, Fire, Rock/Dragon