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How to improve: 223-224-Remoraid-Octillery

1.Stats: Should Octillery get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?
Octillery's original purpose was to be the version counterpart to Qwilfish in Gold/Silver and FireRed/LeafGreen. This was changed DPPt onwards, however, as it became one of the few lucky Pokémon to make it into Sinnoh's Regional Dex, appearing even as a part of Volkner's team.

Nonetheless, because of this original purpose, it evolves very early, at Level 25. At this level, it has the third highest BST of all Pokémon, coming behind Lycanroc's 487 and Donphan's 500 BST. Compared to this, its counterpart Qwilfish only has 440 BST.

As Octillery is not a rare Pokémon anymore, increasing its BST wouldn't help much. The maximum it can be increased is 500, to reach to level of Donphan and other high end Fishing Rod Pokémon such as Clawitzer. Sadly, however, even then, the only logical boost it can get is its Speed, to match to its pre-evolution.

A regular evolution, while cool, wouldn't logically make sense, due to Octillery's status as a Fishing Rod Pokémon, which conventionally do not have more than two stages. Nonetheless, it is the only way of providing Octillery a lasting boost.

A Mega Evolution would make sense, however, it would have to be like Mega Sharpedo, an overspecialized Mega Evolution that plays differently than regular Octillery.

 2.Should Octillery get more abilities?
Almost certainly, however, the most logical ability for Octillery is Skill Link, due to its access to variety of multi-hit moves. Outside of that Water Veil would work well with Octillery.

The most obvious Ability for its movepool however is Sheer Force, which would Octillery a wall breaking monster in TR.

 3. Should Octillery get more moves?
Octillery has a varied movepool, so only boosts would be on Octillery's physical side. Head Smash would be good move due to its Dex entries. Avalanche, Icicle Spear and other physical Ice moves would work well Octillery. Dark-type moves such as Power Trip, Foul Play, Psychic moves like Zen Headbutt, and Grass moves like Seed Bomb would be also very cool. So would Poison Jab.

 4.What additional typing Octillery can have?

Several, due to its wide movepool. Ground, Ice and Poison are the most obvious ones. But others like Fire and Electric would also work.

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How to improve: 519-520-521-Pidove-Tranquill-Unfezant

1.Stats: Should Unfezant get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?
Unfezant cannot evolve further. So there is that.

A Mega Evolution for early birds is generally rare, as so far only Pidgeot got one, as it desperately needed a major stat boost. If it gone, however, it would still be crippled by its lack of moves.

A stat boost seems also unlikely, as of now Unfezant has the second highest BST of all early bird Pokémon, coming right behind Talonflame's 499 BST. So it can only get another 10 BST boost, which would be nice, but not too helpful. However, since it already got a stat boost, another one in the near future seems unlikely.

 2.Should Unfezant get more abilities?
Almost certainly, however, Unfezant doesn't have much moves that would work well with a new ability. Most thematically fitting abilities are stuff like Own Tempo, Keen Eye, Quick Feet and Tangled Feet, neither of which are better than what it already has.

Because it has no recoil moves either, Reckless wouldn't work at all. And since it is nerfed terribly, Gale Wings is largely useless, and it has a usable Speed for lower tiers anyways. Due to wide range of Status moves it gets Prankster would be useful, and Intimidate and Defiant would just be generically useful.

 3. Should Unfezant get more moves?
Absolutely. Some moves include:

  1. More Flying and Normal moves: Unfezant is the most lacking bird since Noctowl in STAB department. It doesn't even get Drill Peck. That's bad.
  2. More critical-hit moves: Unfezant's ability Super Luck only works for three moves, Sky Attack, Night Slash and Air Cutter, everything else is useless without Scope Lens.
  3. Anything, really. Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, Reversal, heck evel Flail would be good on it.

 4.What additional typing Unfezant can have?

Most obvious types for Unfezant are Psychic, due to moves like Lucky Chant, Hypnosis, and Psych Up and Dark, due to Taunt and Night Slash. Everything else just doesn't work, really.

TCG SuMo Debut list(English Decks only)

Remaining Pokémon to debut in TCG:
  1. Oricorio
  2. Rockruff
  3. Lycanroc
  4. Wishiwashi School Forme
  5. Mudbray
  6. Mudsdale
  7. Salandit
  8. Salazzle
  9. Comfey
  10. Wimpod
  11. Golisopod
  12. Type: Null
  13. Silvally
  14. Minior
  15. Komala
  16. Turtonator
  17. Mimikyu
  18. Drampa
  19. Dhelmise
  20. Jangmo-o
  21. Hakamo-o
  22. Kommo-o
  23. Tapu Koko
  24. Tapu Lele
  25. Tapu Bulu
  26. Tapu Fini
  27. Nihilego
  28. Buzzwole
  29. Pheromosa
  30. Xurkitree
  31. Celesteela
  32. Kartana
  33. Guzzlord
  34. Necrozma
  35. Magearna
  36. Marshadow
Alolan Forms:
                                                                      1. Rattata
                                                                      2. Raticate
                                                                      3. Raichu
                                                                      4. Sandshrew
                                                                      5. Sandslash
                                                                      6. Vulpix
                                                                      7. Ninetales
                                                                      8. Geodude
                                                                      9. Graveler
                                                                      10. Golem
                                                                      11. Exeggutor
                                                                      12. Marowak

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                                                                                          Notes on future Pokémon pairs after Sun and Moon

                                                                                          While it is likely that the next pair will have an unrelated title duo to previous stuff but assuming we don't: