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How to improve: 088-089: Grimer-Muk

1.Stats: Should Muk get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Muk can at most +40 BST.

An evo that is line of Rhyperior can work.

A Mega would be fine.

2.Should Muk get more abilities?

Limber is an option.

3.Should Muk get more moves?

Recover, almost certainly. Drain Punch is another option.

4.What additional typing Muk can have?

Ground, Fire, Electric, Ghost and Water options. Water is largely thematic.

How to improve: 027-028: Sandshrew-Sandslash

1.Stats: Should Sandslash get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

+55 to match Ninetales is a possibility.

However, an evolution makes the most sense.

A Mega would need Huge Power to be relevant.

2.Should Sandslash get more abilities?

Tough Claws is a option.

3.Should Sandslash get more moves?

Psycho Cut and Night Slash are options.

4.What additional typing Sandslash can have?

Poison, Dark and Rock are options.

How to improve: 102-103: Exeggcute-Exeggutor

1.Stats: Should Exeggutor get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

+10 BST is most Exeggutor can get.

A middle evolution would be more fitting if it wasn't a stone Evolution.

A Mega would be very fitting, but most focus on Speed.

2.Should Exeggutor get more abilities?

Yes. Leaf Guard, Grassy Surge, Synchronize, Psychic Terrain and other stuff are options.

3.Should Exeggutor get more moves?

Stored Power is an option. Dragon Dance is another for Alolan Variant.

4.What additional typing Exeggutor can have?

Normal, Poison and Fire are options. Ground is another.

How to improve: 052-053: Meowth-Persian

1.Stats: Should Persian get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Persian can get +15 BST to match Primeape, and at maximum can get +100 BST.

Both forms would enjoy an evolution.

A Mega without Fur Coat for both would be a waste.

2.Should Persian get more abilities?

Speed Boost and Prankster are options. Pickpocket is another option.

3.Should Persian get more moves?

Swords Dance would be nice.

4.What additional typing Persian can have?

Dark and Normal variants already exist, so Electric and Fairy are options.

Notes on common Water/Poison-Poison/Waters

Notes on common Water/Grounds

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Long term tentative projection for Yo-kai Watch

Japanese releases only.

Main Series:

  1. Yo-kai Watch 4: 2018-2019, Switch
  2. Yo-kai Watch 5: 2020, Switch
  3. Yo-kai Watch 6: 2022, Switch
  4. Yo-kai Watch 7: 2024, Switch
  5. Yo-kai Watch 8: 2026, Switch suc.
  6. Yo-kai Watch 9: 2028, Switch suc.
  7. Yo-kai Watch 10: 2030, Switch suc.
  8. Yo-kai Watch 11: 2032-33, Switch suc. suc.
Watch Busters:
  1. WB 3: 2019, Switch
  2. WB 4: 2021, Switch
  3. WB 6: 2023, Switch
  4. WB 7: 2025-2026, Switch Suc.
  5. WB 8: 2027, Switch Suc.
  6. WB 9: 2029, Switch Suc.
  7. WB 10: 2031, Switch Suc.
  8. WB 11: 2033, Switch suc. suc.