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Let's talk about fan types. Part 12. Aquatic-type.

1. So, what is this type all about?
Aquatic-type is an idea promoted by Saiph-Charon, initially on reddit, later on Deviantart and 4chan:

This idea supposes that Water-type, due to its sheer abundance, should be split into two categories, one refering the element of Water, and other referring the existence of being in water.

Fundamentally, this follows in line of Water being split into three Egg Groups depending on their body types.

2.Where does this name come from?

The name is supposed to match Flying-type in terms of theme and idea, referring to being a swimmer, rather than a Water elemental. It also follows with Telefang and Digimon's classification of Water elemental species.

3. Does this type have an in-game source?

As stated before, Water-type is abundant and large. This would help to cut it in half

4. What would be the ideas behind such a type?

Aquatic type would use moves that utilize water, rather than summoning water. Species in it would be aquatic and swimming animals, rather than Water elementals.

5. What would be the type interactions of such a type?

Mainly, it would act as a balancing type for other types, like Ice. Water covers for a large variety of situations, so this would cut them.

6. What would be the distribution of such a type?

Large as Water, actually. Perhaps even more.

7. Future comments:

This idea can only really work in conjunction with a Wind-type. Otherwise, there are other ways to split Water.

Let's talk about fan types. Part 11. Plastic/Rubber-type.

1. So, what is this type all about?

The idea behind this type is to introduce an unconventional synthetic type for an RPG. Most RPGs, being of medieval origin, do not have rubber or plastic enemies. However, Pokémon is an urban fantasy franchise with sci-fi elements, so a Rubber-type is perfectly feasible... in theory.

2.Where does this name come from?

The name is a perennial joke type. First known instance comes from Serebiiforums' Joke types thread:

This type has expanded since the popularity of Deviantart and /vp/ into a serious suggestion. One suggestion by LeafyHart can be found here:

3. Does this type have an in-game source?

No. There are tons of elastic moves like Constrict, Wring Out etc., but this type is largely argued as a sub-group of a larger Synthetic-type that would include both cybernetic and plastic synthetics. Only species that are arguably composed of plastic are Trubbish and Drifloon, though this type is argued for all elastic species, including Buizel's collar.

4. What would be the ideas behind such a type?

Mainly synthetics composed of organic materials, such as tires, action figures, as well as general elasticity, plasticity and malleable species can be used.

5. What would be the type interactions of such a type?

Generally argued things are weakness to Fire and Ice, lots of defense and immunity to Electric. Anything else can be argued for anything.

6. What would be the distribution of such a type?

Probably similar to Rock. Most of Plastic-type species would probably be Mineral or Amorphous, so they would be easily accessible but few.

 7. Future comments:

This type would be largely used as an earlier variant of Steel-type. It would presumably have access to Limber or a type based immunity to paralysis. However, it would probably used for mid-game species to make Joke Pokémon a bit more powerful. It would also be useful for making merchandise.

18 Mart 2018 Pazar

Shitty evolution ideas

  1. Trade with a specific move.
  2. Trade with a specific move+max happiness, specific item, against specific Pokémon.
  3. Use evolution stone after learning a specific move.
  1. Level up with max happiness while knowing a specific move holding a specific item, having a specific Pokémon.
  2. Level-up with max happiness on a different specific Pokémon in the party.
  3. Use Evolution stone after max happiness.
  1. Level up with specific party member with specific move.
  2. Level up with specific party member with specific held item.
  3. Level up with specific party member that has max happiness.
  4. Level up with specific party member at specific time period.
  5. Use Evolution stone after having specific party Pokémon.
Hold-item related:
  1. Level up with specific item with special party member.
  2. Level up with specific item with max happiness.
  3. Level up with specific item at specific time period.
  4. Use Evolution stone while holding specific item.
Time related:
  1. Evolution in a specific season.
Region related:
  1. Evolution during specific field effect.
  1. Level-up after beating specific opponent.

1 Mart 2018 Perşembe

Notes on remaining type combinations

Dual types that are not part of Bug, Normal, Fairy or Poison:
  1. Grass/Fire
  2. Ground/Fighting
  3. Ghost/Rock
  4. Fire/Ice
  5. Electric/Fighting
  6. Dark/Electric
Dual types that are part of Bug, Normal, Fairy or Poison:
  1. Normal/Steel
  2. Normal/Poison
  3. Normal/Ghost
  4. Ice/Normal
  5. Ice/Poison
  6. Bug/Ice
  7. Bug/Psychic
  8. Bug/Dark
  9. Bug/Dragon
  10. Dark/Fairy
  11. Electric/Poison
  12. Fairy/Poison
  13. Fairy/Fire
  14. Fairy/Ground
  15. Fairy/Fighting
  16. Poison/Steel
  17. Bug/Normal
  18. Poison/Psychic
  19. Normal/Rock
Grass only needs Grass/Fire to complete.
Dragon only needs Dragon/Bug to complete.
Fighting and Fire will only have one after completing the first six.
Ground and Ghost will only have one after completing the first six.
Electric will only have one after completing the first six.
Dark and Steel will only have two after completing the first six.
Ice will still have three remaining.

20 Şubat 2018 Salı

Species that change type upon evolution:type

Species that change type upon evolution:

Bug Egg Group:
  1. Caterpie(Bug)->Kakuna->Butterfree(Bug/Flying)
  2. Scyther(Bug)->Scizor(Bug/Steel)->Mega Scizor(Bug/Steel)
  3. Pineco(Bug)->Forretress(Bug/Steel)
  4. Wurmple(Bug)->Silcoon(Bug)->Beautifly(Bug/Flying)
  5. Wurmple(Bug)->Cascoon(Bug)->Dustox(Bug/Poison)
  6. Surskit(Bug/Water)->Masquerain(Bug/Flying)
  7. Nincada(Bug/Ground)->Ninjask(Bug/Flying)/Shedinja(Bug/Ghost)
  8. Trapinch (Ground)->Vibrava(Ground/Dragon)->Flygon(Ground/Dragon)
  9. Burmy(Bug)->Wormadam(Bug/Grass)/Wormadam(Bug/Ground)/Wormadam(Bug/Steel)/Mothim(Bug/Flying)
  10. Skorupi(Poison/Bug)->Drapion(Poison/Dark)
  11. Karrablast(Bug)->Escavalier(Bug/Steel)
  12. Scatterbug(Bug)->Spewpa(Bug)->Vivillon(Bug/Flying)
  13. Grubbin(Bug)->Charjabug(Bug/Electric)->Vikavolt(Bug/Electric)
Dragon Egg Group:
  1. Charmander(Fire)->Charmeleon(Fire)->Charizard(Fire/Flying)
  2. Horsea(Water)->Seadra(Water)->Kingdra(Water/Dragon)
  3. Magikarp(Water)->Gyarados(Water/Flying)
  4. Dratini(Dragon)->Dragonair(Dragon)->Dragonite(Dragon/Flying)
  5. Swablu(Normal/Flying)->Altaria(Dragon/Flying)
  6. Bagon(Dragon)->Shelgon(Dragon)->Salamence(Dragon/Flying)
  7. Skrelp(Poison/Water)->Dragalge(Poison/Dragon)
  8. Jangmo-o(Dragon)->Hakamo-o(Dragon/Fighting)->Kommo-o(Dragon/Fighting)
Fairy Egg Group:
  1. Togepi(Fairy)->Togetic(Fairy/Flying)->Togekiss(Fairy/Flying)
  2. Azurill(Normal/Fairy)->Marill(Water/Fairy)->Azumarill(Water/Fairy)
  3. Shroomish(Grass)->Breloom(Grass/Fighting)
  4. Snorunt(Ice)->Glalie(Ice)/Froslass(Ice/Ghost)
Field Egg Group:
  1. Nidoran Female(Poison)->Nidorina(Poison)->Nidoqueen(Poison/Ground)
  2. Nidoran Male(Poison)->Nidorino(Poison)->Nidoking(Poison/Ground)
  3. Seel(Water)->Dewgong(Water/Ice)
  4. Eeveelutions
  5. Torchic(Fire)->Combusken(Fire/Fighting)->Blaziken(Fire/Fighting)
  6. Seedot(Grass)->Nuzleaf(Grass/Dark)->Shiftry(Grass/Dark)
  7. Chimchar(Fire)->Monferno(Fire/Fighting)->Infernape(Fire/Fighting)
  8. Piplup(Water)->Prinplup(Water)->Empoleon(Water/Steel)
  9. Bidoof(Normal)->Bibarel(Normal/Water)
  10. Riolu(Fighting)->Lucario(Fighting/Steel)
  11. Tepig(Fire)->Pignite(Fire/Fighting)->Emboar(Fire/Fighting)
  12. Drilbur(Ground)->Excadrill(Ground/Steel)
  13. Chespin(Grass)->Quilladin(Grass)->Chesnaught(Grass/Fighting)
  14. Fennekin(Fire)->Braixen(Fire)->Delphox(Fire/Psychic)
  15. Bunnelby(Normal)->Diggersby(Normal/Ground)
  16. Pancham(Fighting)->Pangoro(Fighting/Dark)
  17. Litten(Fire)->Torracat(Fire)->Incineroar(Fire/Dark)
  18. Popplio(Water)->Brionne(Water)->Primarina(Water/Fairy)
Flying Egg Group:
  1. Fletchling(Normal/Flying)->Fletchinder(Fire/Flying)->Talonflame(Fire/Flying)
  2. Rowlet(Grass/Flying)->Dartrix(Fire/Flying)->Decidueye(Grass/Ghost)
Grass Egg Group:
  1. Oddish(Grass/Poison)->Gloom(Grass/Poison)->Vileplume(Grass/Poison)/Bellossom(Grass)
  2. Cacnea(Grass)->Cacturne(Grass/Dark)
  3. Turtwig(Grass)->Grotle(Grass)->Torterra(Grass/Ground)
Human-Like Egg Group:

Amorphous Egg Group:
  1. Slugma(Fire)->Magcargo(Fire/Rock)
  2. Ralts(Psychic/Fairy)->Kirlia(Psychic/Fairy)->Gardevoir(Psychic/Fairy)/Gallade(Psychic/Fighting)
  3. Shellos(Water)->Gastrodon(Water/Ground)
Mineral Egg Group:
  1. Onix(Rock/Ground)->Steelix(Steel/Ground)
  2. Nosepass(Rock)->Probopass(Rock/Steel)
Monster Egg Group:
  1. Larvitar(Rock/Ground)->Pupitar(Rock/Ground)->Tyranitar(Rock/Dark)
  2. Mudkip(Water)->Marshtomp(Water/Ground)->Swampert(Water/Ground)
Water 1 Egg Group:
  1. Poliwag(Water)->Poliwhirl(Water)->Poliwrath(Water/Fighting)/Politoed(Water)
  2. Corphish(Water)->Crawdaunt(Water/Dark)
  3. Tympole(Water)->Palpitoad(Water/Ground)->Seismitoad(Water/Ground)
  4. Froakie(Water)->Frogadier(Water)->Greninja(Water/Dark)
Water 2 Egg Group:

Water 3 Egg Group:
  1. Shellder(Water)->Cloyster(Water/Ice)
  2. Staryu(Water)->Starmie(Water/Psychic)
  3. Crabrawler(Fighting)->Crabominable(Fighting/Water)
Species that change type upon Mega Evolution:
  1. Pinsir(Bug)->Mega Pinsir(Bug/Flying)
  2. Charizard(Fire/Flying)->Mega Charizard X(Fire/Dragon)
  3. Sceptile(Grass)->Mega Sceptile(Grass/Dragon)
  4. Ampharos(Electric)->Mega Ampharos(Electric/Dragon)
  5. Lopunny(Normal)->Mega Lopunny(Normal/Fighting)
  6. Groudon(Ground)->Primal Groudon(Ground/Fire)
Species that change type upon evolution(Alolan Forms):
  1. Pichu(Electric)->Pikachu(Electric)->Alolan Raichu(Electric/Psychic)
  2. Alolan Vulpix(Ice)->Alolan Ninetales(Ice/Fairy)
  3. Exeggcute(Grass/Psychic)->Alolan Exeggutor(Grass/Dragon)
  4. Cubone(Ground)->Alolan Marowak(Fire/Ghost)
Species that change type in other form changes.
  1. Darmanitan(Fire)->Darmanitan Zen(Fire/Psychic)
  2. Hoopa(Psychic/Ghost)->Hoopa Unbound(Psychic/Dark)
  3. Necrozma(Psychic)->Dawn Wings Necrozma(Psychic/Ghost)/Dusk Mane Necrozma(Psychic/Steel)->Ultra Necrozma(Psychic/Dragon)
  4. Castform
  5. Rotom
  6. Meloetta
  7. Oricorio
Multitype species:
  1. Arceus
  2. Silvally

19 Şubat 2018 Pazartesi

Unobtainable stuff for Gen VII, USUM


Items that are one-off:
  1. Apricorn Balls
Unobtainable Berries:
  1. Pokéblock Berries(besides Bluk and Pinap Berries, for Natural Gift)
  2. Rowap Berry
  3. Jaboca Berry
  4. Enigma Berry
  5. Custap Berry
  6. Durin Berry
Items that seem to be dummied out:
  1. Elemental Gems 
  2. Scarves
  3. Relic Items
  4. Flutes
  5. Mulches
  1. Odd Keystone 
  2. Fluffy Tail
  3. Shoal Salt
  4. Shoal Shell

  1. Alternate Color Magearna
  2. Zeraora
 Unobtainable Hidden Abilities:
  1. Heatran
  2. Oranguru
  3. Passimian
  4. Tapu Koko
  5. Tapu Lele
  6. Tapu Bulu
  7. Tapu Fini
Edit(08.03.2018): Rowlet, Popplio and Litten-lines with HAs are now available with Pokémon Bank distribution.