29 Eylül 2017 Cuma

How to improve: 293-294-295: Whismur-Loudred-Exploud

1.Stats: Should Exploud get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Exploud already has +10 boost, but can get +50 boost.

An Evolution is impossible, but a side evolution can work.

A Mega would be a mistake without stat boost.

2.Should Exploud get more abilities?

Yes. Exploud has only two abilities, and two of them are decent, but only one of them is fitting. Some options would be:
  1. Contrary
  2. Iron Fist
  3. Sheer Force
  4. Strong Jaw
  5. Vital Spirit
3. Should Exploud get more moves?

Probably. Nasty Plot would be nice, so would Slack Off. But sound based moves are generally limited, so there isn't much of an option of Exploud.

4.What additional typing Exploud can have?

Psychic, Ground and Fighting are the obvious ones.

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