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How to improve: 667-668: Litleo-Pyroar

1.Stats: Should Pyroar get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

At most Pyroar can get +30 BST boost so it can match a proper 170 BST gap, but Pyroar is an early route species, so this wouldn't make much sense.

An evolution cannot work. Pyroar has the stats of a low end third stage, while Litleo has comparable stats to Luxio and Flaaffy. A pre-evo for Litleo would make the most sense.

A Mega without a BST boost would not be worth it, even though Pyroar has a unique type combination for now.

2.Should Pyroar get more abilities?

Pyroar has no proper Ability, because Unnerve is terrible, Rivalry is very hindering, and Moxie is nonsensical for the species. Other possibilities would be:
  1. Flame Body
  2. Flash Fire
  3. Intimidate
  4. Reckless
  5. Strong Jaw
        3. Should Pyroar get more moves?

        Yes. Here's a possible list:
        1. Assist
        2. Assurance
        3. Beat Up
        4. Bite
        5. Chip Away
        6. Eruption
        7. Fake Out
        8. Fake Tears
        9. Feint Attack
        10. Flame Burst
        11. Flame Wheel
        12. Flare Blitz
        13. Flatter
        14. Focus Energy
        15. Foresight
        16. Inferno
        17. Lava Plume
        18. Memento
        19. Nasty Plot
        20. Night Daze
        21. Night Slash
        22. Night Shade
        23. Pay Day
        24. Punishment
        25. Pursuit
        26. Revenge
        27. Screech
        28. Slash
        29. Sucker Punch
        30. Supersonic
        31. Tri Attack
        32. Trump Card
        33. Weather Ball
        34. Iron Head
        35. Zen Headbutt
        36. Charge Beam
        37. Shadow Ball
        38. Thunderbolt
        39. Swords Dance
        40. Thunder
        41. Thunder Wave
                                                                                      4.What additional typing Pyroar can have?

                                                                                      Dark is the most obvious one. Ground and Electric are lesser options.

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