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How to improve: 345-346: Lileep-Cradily

1.Stats: Should Cradily get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

The maximum boost Cradily can get is 45 BST. Lileep as a fossil species has comparable stats to a second stage, so this high BST is not out of question, but 20 to 30 BST increase will match Aurorus and Tyrantrum better.

An evolution, as mentioned above, would not make much sense, though statistically possible. A pre-evolution to Lileep would make more sense, however.

A Mega would be weaker than Mega Aerodactyl, and be fairly generic, despite Cradily's currently unique type combination.

2.Should Cradily get more abilities?

YES. Cradily only has two abilities, and only one of them is used. Some possibilities would include:
  1. Chlorophyll
  2. Gluttony
  3. Hydration
  4. Illuminate
  5. Natural Cure
  6. Poison Heal
  7. Regenerator
  8. Solar Power
3. Should Cradily get more moves?

Cradily has a decent enough movepool for its type, but some additions can be made, such as;
  1. Acid Spray
  2. Camouflage
  3. Hydro Pump
  4. Power Gem
  5. Power Whip
  6. Sand Tomb
  7. Simple Beam
  8. Stored Power
  9. Venom Drench
  10. Water Pulse
  11. Weather Ball
  12. Gunk Shot
  13. Iron Defense
  14. Knock Off
  15. Calm Mind
  16. Dazzling Gleam
  17. Dig
  18. Flash Cannon
  19. Light Screen
  20. Nature Power
  21. Payback
  22. Poison Jab 
  23. Psychic
  24. Psych Up
  25. Reflect
  26. Safeguard
  27. Scald
  28. Shadow Ball
  29. Surf
  30. Venoshock
  31. Waterfall
4.What additional typing Cradily can have?

Poison, Water and Normal are the obvious ones. Ground, Ghost and Psychic are the less obvious ones.

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