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How to improve: 412-414, Burmy-Mothim

1.Stats: Should Mothim get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Mothim is a simple, terrible Pokémon, without much of a potential. It is possible that Mothim could get 454 BST like Masquerain and Araquanid, but Burmy is far too weak to let that happen. If Burmy had a cocoon form that would make a proper stat boost easier, because otherwise it would require unrealistic stat boost from its base form.

An evolution would be very much possible, as it has the stats of a middle stage, but it would be fairly absurd lore-wise.

A Mega Evolution would not work without a stat boost first, even with Mega Beedrill style min-maxing.

2.Should Mothim get more abilities?

YES. Mothim only has two abilities, and only one of them is any good. Some options would include:
  1. Aerilate
  2. Gale Wings
  3. Illuminate
  4. Shield Dust
  5. Unburden
          3. Should Mothim get more moves?

          YES. While Mothim gets new moves from time to time, it has the least expansive moveset of all Moth Pokémon. Some options would include:

          1. Swords Dance
          2. Sludge Bomb
          3. Hurricane
          4. Zen Headbutt
          5. Poison Jab
          6. Moonblast
          7. Hex
          8. Sleep Powder
          9. Stun Spore
          10. Dazzling Gleam
          11. Light Screen
          12. Payback
          13. Steel Wing
          14. Reflect
          15. Dark Pulse
          16. Nasty Plot

          4.What additional typing Mothim can have?

          Psychic is the most obvious one, followed by Grass, Poison and Ghost, and least options being Normal and Dark.

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