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How to improve: 551-552-553: Sandile-Krokorok-Krookodile

1.Stats: Should Krookodile get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Krookodile already has gained a small boost, and the maximum it can get is +20, which would make it stronger than the Unova starters. Oddly enough, because of this boost, Krookodile is no longer considered a competitively valuable Pokémon by Game Freak, as it was removed from Battle Tree alongside others. But this boost was exactly what kept Krookodile in UU despite the Fairy-types... though it will likely drop in the next generation.

An evolution is impossible, obviously. A Mega Evolution would make sense, but it would raise the question about what it will be its Ability, as the species is versatile enough to get anything, but only one thing will make it successful.

2.Should Krookodile get more abilities?

Here's a list. It has already got some nice abilities, but if you want more:
  1. Arena Trap
  2. Frisk
  3. Iron Fist
  4. Keen Eye
  5. Moody
  6. Rivalry
  7. Sand Force
  8. Sand Veil
  9. Sand Rush
  10. Sand Stream
  11. Shadow Tag
  12. Sniper
  13. Strong Jaw
  14. Super Luck
  15. Tough Claws
  16. Unnerve
3. Should Krookodile get more moves?

Yep. Krookodile has a nice movepool, but it is rather wonky. Some additions would include:

  1. Cross Poison
  2. Crush Claw
  3. Dizzy Punch
  4. Dragon Dance
  5. Dragon Rage
  6. Dynamic Punch
  7. Fake Tears
  8. Feint Attack
  9. Fissure
  10. Flatter
  11. Follow Me
  12. Force Palm
  13. Foresight
  14. Hyper Fang
  15. Magnitude
  16. Memento
  17. Mud Bomb
  18. Mud Shot
  19. Mud Sport
  20. Nasty Plot
  21. Night Slash
  22. Punishment
  23. Revenge
  24. Rock Blast
  25. Rock Wrecker
  26. Rototiller
  27. Screech
  28. Slash
  29. Spikes
  30. Sucker Punch
  31. Supersonic
  32. Switcheroo
  33. Tail Slap
  34. Wake-Up Slap

Also Quash, Sky Uppercut, Hyper Voice, Echoed Voice, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Dual Chop, and False Swipe, as well as bunch of evolution exclusive moves for its lower stages so it is not a pain to raise. Oh and probably Poison Jab and Iron Head as well.

4.What additional typing Krookodile can have?

Dragon is the most obvious one, Normal, Fighting and Rock would be the lesser ones, and Poison would be the least.

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