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Analysis of Types: Chapter 13: Poison-type: Part 3: In-Universe Symbolism and Mythology

So, what is Poison-type's role, really?

The Legendaries and Their Role:


Drugs are bad, mmkay.

Anyways, Nihilego causing aggression references aggression caused by consumption of and withdrawal from drugs.

The Trainers and Their Roles:


"The Poisonous Ninja Master", Koga is the ultimate combat pragmatist. His strategy is abusing status moves, and he is damn proud of it. So proud he is, in fact, he actually becomes part of the Elite Four.


Functionally a copy of her father, with the same title, she actually has a bit more sense of her power(or lack thereof), and is more accustomed to training to improve herself. She has a "My dad is better than your dad" relationship with Falkner.

"Poison days, poison on the stage!" Roxie is not a super serious person. Her father, a captain, wanted to become a movie star with the help of Brycen, but failed miserably. Herself is a popular but low level rock star, and her strategy revolves around abusing Toxic Spikes+Venoshock combo.

Functionally the real boss of Team Skull, she acts a parental figure to Grunts... and Guzma(probably to Gladion as well). She is a lot younger than she looks. Unlike other Poison-type trainers, her style doesn't rely much on underhanded tactics, but rather beating the opponent with massive power. She is basically a brute, that is.

The Overview:

There is only one Poison-type legendary which is more associated with Rock-type. So, yeah.

As for the trainers, there actually aren't much trainers here. Most Poison-type trainers are in family groups biological or non-biological, and those family bonds shape their personality a lot. Outside of this, most of them are combat pragmatists, but they also have a lot more raw power than what one would presume otherwise.Many Poison-type trainers are very overconfident and enjoy others' suffering, but they also have enough self-awareness to notice this. They also often try hard, despite being beaten up.

Overall, outside of combat pragmatism and self-confidence, there is not much to define Poison-type for.

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