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Analysis of Types: Chapter 12: Rock-type: Part 2: The Design Philosophies and Archetypes

So, what are Rock-types, really?

The Purpose of the Rock Type:

Rock-type was meant to serve as the primary physical defensive species, with excessive weakness to specials. As time went on, Rock gained some more power in Special Defense area, but excessive overspecialization on physical side remained. Rock's success as an offensive type seems somewhat accidental, as Rock Slide was the only Rock TM in the original games, though with wide distribution.

After the big events like special split, physical-special split, new types, abilities and etc. Rock-type have largely left in its original role as a predictable, archaic type. Recently many Rock-types have shifted to offensive side, using Rock's higher capabilities in offense than its lower capabilities in defense, but that has only made Rock-type the physical equivalent of Ice.

Rock is not a redeemable type by any means, but it is a type with lot of unused potential, largely on Special side and Speed side, and seeing that potential rise will surely make everyone happy.... except for the type itself which will remain sh**.

The Aesthetic Archetypes of Rock Types:

Most Rock-types are predominantly brown, with some being grey. Aesthetically, Rock-types can be divided into following groups:


Inorganic species based on crystals, granite, pebbles, and boulders, these are the dominant Rock-types. They generally belong to Mineral Egg Group and are genderless.


Organic species with armor, rock parts, and rock horns, these are the secondary common Rock-types. They belong to other Egg Groups, predominantly Field.


Resurrected species, species based off fossilization, and living fossils, these are armored prehistoric species and organic looking species of inorganic origin. They are generally Water 3 and Monster.

The In-game Archetypes of Rock Types:

Early Rock-type: Early Rock-type variations, they tend to be either three staged or two staged and around 505-495 BST and 510-485 range.

Gimmick: Early Rock-types that have unique encounter methods, they tend to be species that funny or defensive than utilitarian. 

Fossil: Two-staged species that revived from fossils, they tend to be in 495-521 range. 

The Stat Archetypes for Rock Types:

Mono Wall: Species with humongous defense in one stat, they are generally used as early game roadblocks for the player.

Dual Wall: Species with humongous defenses in both stats, these species are species without much offensive role. They serve as road-blocks for late-game.

Hammer: Mono group oriented bulky defensive species, these species have large defenses and attack to abuse. They are generally slow and weak in other areas.

Bulky offense: Species with good defenses in both sides and great offenses, they are generally very slow and rely on moves like Rock Polish to sweep.

Sweeper: Conventional fast and powerful sweeper with weak defenses. Rock-types actually have okayish defensive stats, but because of the abundance of their weaknesses their frailty remains the same.

Utility: Species with okayish stats all around, these species are more focused on using their defensive stat to abuse status moves.

There is no conventional Annoyer or Cleric for Rock-type.

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