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How to improve: 406-315-407: Budew-Roselia-Roserade

1.Stats: Should Roserade get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Roserade is a species that actually got a buff in Gen 6, and like most species that got a buff it no longer appears in Battle Facilities, despite being one of the strongest Grass and Poison types. Because it's middle stage is so powerful, it can get a full 20-25 BST buff, though it likely won't get as it has been buffed once, and it is an early route species.

It literally cannot get an Evolution, but a side evolution to Roselia would be pretty nifty.

A Mega can work, but would need a good Ability. It would be a bit wasted if it didn't have a good ability.

2.Should Roserade get more abilities?

Roserade already has three abilities, but they are not too useful. Some other alternatives would be:
  1. Chlorophyll
  2. Effect Spore
  3. Gluttony
  4. Illuminate
  5. Sap Sipper
  6. Skill Link
  7. Solar Power
  8. Water Absorb
              3. Should Roserade get more moves?

              Definitely. Roserade has no moves to make use of Technician, so that needs to be fixed. Outside of this, other options would be:
              1. Earth Power
              2. Flower Shield
              3. Zen Headbutt
              4. Focus Blast
              5. Aerial Ace
              6. Calm Mind
              7. Infestation
              8. Safeguard
              9. Acupressure
              10. Aromatic Mist
              11. Charm
              12. Draining Kiss
              13. Flower Shield
              14. Hex
              15. Leaf Tornado
              16. Minimize
              17. Misty Terrain
              18. Moonblast
              19. Morning Sun
              20. Night Slash
              21. Present
              22. Psycho Cut
              23. Slash
              24. Sludge
              25. Telekinesis
              26. Trump Card
              27. Twineedle
                4.What additional typing Roserade can have?

                Fairy, Ghost and Psychic are the obvious ones. Normal and Bug are less obvious ones.

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