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How to improve: 568-569: Trubbish-Garbodor

1.Stats: Should Garbodor get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

To get a proper 170 BST gap, Garbodor needs a 25 BST boost, which would match it to Muk. This can be achieved also by 20-30 BST, which would be an approximation.

An evolution is possible, as Garbodor can get 65 BST, which is sufficient for another stage. It might be trash can.

A Mega can only work with a stat boost first.

2.Should Garbodor get more abilities?

Garbodor's abilities are terrible, obviously. Here are some other options:
  1. Gluttony
  2. Moody
  3. Overcoat
  4. Sand Force
  5. Sand Veil
  6. Sand Rush
  7. Skill Link

3. Should Garbodor get more moves?

Garbodor has a decent movepool, but it lacks status moves to buff itself. Outside of this, offensively it can get these moves:
  1. Poison Jab
  2. Fire Punch
  3. Ice Punch
  4. Thunder Punch
  5. Acid
  6. Assurance
  7. Beat Up
  8. Clear Smog
  9. Dizzy Punch
  10. Dynamic Punch
  11. Focus Energy
  12. Foresight
  13. Force Palm
  14. Mud Bomb
  15. Poison Sting
  16. Punishment
  17. Rock Blast
  18. Rock Wrecker
  19. Recover
  20. Revenge
  21. Spit Up
  22. Smog
  23. Venom Drench
  24. Wake-Up Slap

4.What additional typing Garbodor can have?

Dark and Psychic are the most obvious ones. Rock and Grass are the lesser obvious ones. Electric can also work.

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