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Analysis of Types: Chapter 11: Fighting-type: Part 2: The Design Philosophies and Archetypes

So, what are Fighting-types, really?

The Purpose of the Fighting Type:

Fighting-type primarily exists as the primary physical type for Pokémon. It represents the JRPGs' physical classes. Outside of this, Fighting-type traditionally served as the opposite of Psychic-types, which are based on might vs. mind dichotomy. Fighting-type, like Ground-type, also serves as an all purpose offensive type, but unlike Ground-type, it is not predominantly defensive, and more focused on coverage moves. Fighting-type's historical role has been intensified by the changes to the type chart, which solidified it as the antithesis of Psychic.

Fighting-type is not directly connected to other earth-based species as it used to be, however, as it has become an all-purpose descriptive type, where Fighting-type is more of a category of method for the species. Fighting-type has also not yet made its conversion to special side yet.

The Aesthetic Archetypes of Fighting Types:

Most Fighting-types are brownish or reddish, with some being gray. Most of them are particularly muscular, either in terms of raw bulk, body build or agility. Archetypically Fighting-types can be divided into following groups:


These are species that are more agile than bulky or powerful. They use their speed to overwhelm their opponents. They tend to be animal-like.


These are species that are generally physically powerful, but do not have formal training of a martial artist. Alternatively, they belong to lesser martial arts, like boxing and wrestling. They tend to be more like human-like animals.


These are species who lift. They are focused on building muscles than regular fighting. They are often used for industrial purposes in-universe. They are generally humanoid.

Martial artist:
These are species who train a lot. They are often representative of a specific martial arts. Some o them tend to be more mystical in origin. They are generally human-like, and some of them anthropomorphic animals.

The In-game Archetypes of Fighting Types:

Early-game Fighting-type: The archetypal Fighting-type, early Fighting-type comes in two flavors, two-staged and three staged. Three staged ones are 505 BST, while two-staged ones are generally around 475 range.

Early Mid-game Fighting-type: Secondary primary Fighting-type archetype, these groups tend to be around 480 BST, though some are much weaker.

Late Mid-game Fighting-type: Last primary Fighting-type archetype, these groups tend to be around 500 BST, though some are much weaker.

The Stat Archetypes for Fighting Types:

Dual Offense: Traditional dual offense. In Fighting-types' case there is generally one offensive stat that is larger than others.

Bulky Offense: The primary group for Fighting-types, these groups tend to be high in Special Defense even if they don't excel in it.

Acrobatic: Fighting-type's version of a sweeper, these tend to have decent offense and variety of moves to have fast momentum.

Smacker: A variation of bulky offense, these are bulky offensive species that focus on offense over anything else.

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