4 Aralık 2017 Pazartesi

Shitty Gen XXXIV Speculation, pre-Gen VIII

  1. Console: Tentatively Nintendo Switch's tenth successor. As Switch's fate as a handheld remains dubious, I am going to put this as tentative.
  2. Year: 2097-2098. 2097 is if Switch is released in 2017. 2098  is if Nintendo has a real successor to 3DS in 2018.
  3. Location basis: From most likely to least likely:
  • Remaining European countries from previous groups
  1. Dex structure. Either around 65 Pokémon and 35 new forms, or a 90-100 new species. There will almost certainly going to be new means of providing de-facto evolutions, whether they are new forms or something else, as this an even generation.
  2. New field move: Something that is thematical, possibly based on items
  3. Less BST/moveset changes, more cosmetic changes: Rather than having significant changes, just cosmetic changes with superficial other changes can work.
  4. Anything else?: Some story changes can be done, such as making villain team optional for pre-E4.
Primary Dex Speculation:

Alternative Dex Speculation:

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