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Shitty Gen XVI Speculation, pre-Gen VIII

Gen XVI:
  1. Console: Tentatively Nintendo Switch's successor's successor's successor's successor. As Switch's fate as a handheld remains dubious, I am going to put this as tentative.
  2. Year: 2043-2044. 2043 is if Switch is released in 2017. 2044 is if Nintendo has a real successor to 3DS in 2018.
  3. Location basis: From most likely to least likely:
  • Ireland: Major Nintendo region.
  • Sweden: I sort of mistakenly wrote this above, but sure. Doesn't have Nintendo presence though.
  • Luxembourg: Much like Sweden it doesn't have Nintendo presence, but it has cash.
  • Estonia: See above.
    1. Dex structure. Either around 65 Pokémon and 35 new forms, or a 90-100 new species. There will almost certainly going to be new means of providing de-facto evolutions, whether they are new forms or something else, as this an even generation.
    2. New field move: Another non-elemental field move, though this one might not be as meta-defining as previous ones, just a group of insta-buffs.
    3. More overworld encounters: There is probably no more possible overworld evolution besides open world sandbox soaring and diving, so those should be a thing?
    4. Less forms, more variants: At this point, forms should cease to exist, paving way to variants of existing Pokémon. New forms, if they exist, should be more equivalent to evolutions than mode changes.
    5. Anything else?:Abolishment of in-battle items. They haven't been relevant since forever, so there is not much of a reason to keep them. They are impossible competitively anyways, so this menu item should be replaced by something else, like the PokéDex.
    6. Similarly, all traditional healing items should be abolished and be replaced by a new Pokécenter app in the main menu. This would also mean that NPC trainers would be incapable of using healing items to stall you out as well. To compensate that, recovery will be even more common and universal.
    7. Important: At this point onward, abilities and moves should be 500 and 1000 respectively. So, all possible evolution at this point for these two aspect is basically done for. Alternate forms should now have alternate methods of triggering themselves.
    Primary Dex Speculation:
    1. Grass
    2. Grass
    3. Grass/Flying
    4. Fire
    5. Fire
    6. Fire/Dragon
    7. Water
    8. Water
    9. Water/Fighting
    10. Flying
    11. Flying/Dark
    12. Flying/Dark: Generic bird
    13. Normal
    14. Normal: Generic rodent
    15. Bug
    16. Bug
    17. Bug: Generic Bug
    18. Rock/Ghost
    19. Rock/Ghost: Generic rock
    20. Fighting/Electric
    21. Fighting/Electric: Generic Fighting
    22. Flying/Water
    23. Flying/Water: Generic Water
    24. Psychic/Fire
    25. Psychic/Fire: Generic Psychic
    26. Dark/Grass
    27. Dark/Grass: Generic Dark
    28. Fire/Bug
    29. Fire/Bug: Generic Fire
    30. Fairy/Bug
    31. Fairy/Bug: Generic Fairy
    32. Flying/Electric
    33. Flying/Electric: Generic Electric
    34. Dragon
    35. Dragon: Generic Dragon
    36. Grass/Bug
    37. Grass/Bug: Generic Grass
    38. Poison/Grass
    39. Poison/Grass: Generic Poison
    40. Ground/Dragon
    41. Ground/Dragon: Generic Ground
    42. Steel/Electric
    43. Steel/Electric: Generic Steel
    44. Ice
    45. Ice: Generic Ice
    Alternate dex speculation:
    1. Grass
    2. Grass
    3. Grass/Flying
    4. Fire
    5. Fire
    6. Fire/Poison
    7. Water
    8. Water
    9. Water/Ice
    10. Flying
    11. Flying/Ice
    12. Flying/Ice: Generic Flying
    13. Normal/Ice
    14. Normal/Ice: Generic rodent
    15. Bug
    16. Bug
    17. Bug: Generic Bug
    18. Flying/Rock
    19. Flying/Rock: Generic Rock
    20. Fighting/Rock
    21. Fighting//Rock: Generic Fighting
    22. Water/Rock
    23. Water/Rock: Generic Water
    24. Psychic
    25. Psychic/Fire: Generic Psychic
    26. Dark
    27. Dark/Dragon: Generic Dark
    28. Fire
    29. Fire/Rock: Generic Fire
    30. Fairy
    31. Fairy: Generic Fairy
    32. Electric
    33. Electric/Ground: Generic Electric
    34. Dragon
    35. Dragon: Generic Dragon
    36. Flying/Grass
    37. Flying/Grass: Generic Flying
    38. Flying/Poison
    39. Flying/Poison: Generic Poison
    40. Ground/Rock
    41. Ground/Rock: Generic Ground
    42. Steel/Fighting
    43. Steel/Fighting: Generic Steel
    44. Ice
    45. Ice/Fighting: Generic Ice

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