10 Aralık 2017 Pazar

An essay on the release schedule for Pokémon 2018

1. What games we do know will be released so far?
Currently the following games are known to be released for 2018:
  1. PokéLand, sometime in the future.
  2. Next Mystery Dungeon, possibly in 2018
2. What games have not been released?
  1. Great Detective Pikachu, which was expected to be released to be released in 2015. Edit (12.01.2018): Confirmed for Global Release for March 23rd, 2018.
3. What else is expected?
  1. Pokémon Crystal for VC: Probably for next year. Edit (16.12.2017):Confirmed for January 26th, 2018
4. What else is expected for 2018?
  1. GO might release Gen 4 at the near end of the year, possibly starting in Thanksgiving.

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