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How to improve: 674-675: Pancham-Pangoro

1.Stats: Should Pangoro get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Pangoro has 147 BST gap from its pre-evolution, but since the highest BST a bear Pokémon has is 505, Pangoro probably can only achieve +10.

An evolution would have to be analogous to Magmortar, if it were to happen, but Pangoro already has a unique method of evolving, which makes this unlikely.

A Mega would be only as powerful as Altaria or Pinsir, and while it would be appreciated, it wouldn't work for much.

2.Should Pangoro get more abilities?

Pangoro has three abilities, two of which are okay, and one of which is good. Outside of these, it can get following Abilities:

3. Should Pangoro get more moves?

Not much, to be honest. Pangoro only needs a priority, which can be either Mach Punch or Sucker Punch, and a recovery move like Slack Off. Play Rouch would also be a nice option.

Everything else would be largely for fitting the species, like Dynamic Punch or Supersonic.

4.What additional typing Pangoro can have?

Normal and Ground would be the most obvious, Rock and Poison would be lesser.

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