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Analysis of Types: Chapter 4: Electric-type: Part 2: The Design Philosophies and Archetypes

So, what are Electric-types, really?

The Purpose of the Electric Type:

It is hard to describe what is the true purpose of Electric-types, really, since it changed from generation to generation. As discussed before, Electric's original role was to usurp Grass' role in the elemental triangle, however, since Electric was intended to be one of the primal types, unlike Ice, this meant that it was supposed to have utility weak enough to be used in early game. This caused Electric-type to have few resistances and few strengths, which made it a rather dry type. In addition to this, Electric was not associated with other types, but other types were associated with Electric.

While things are a bit better for Electric nowadays, they are also worse. Its status as coverage is nowadays covered by Grass for Psychic-types, and Normal and Poison types have access to them at a limited range as well. Ghost and Steel retain Electric association, so does Dragon, but that is not enough. Similarly, resurgence of Dragon and Ground-types from rare, powerful types to commonplace types basically ruined Electric's purpose. As Rock becomes more powerful, we can expect Electric to fully be trivialized.

Electric can be described as the only "ungood" type, that is, a type that is neither good, bad or mediocre, but simply exists with a significant type with its own mythos and potential, never to be fully utilized. Nonetheless, it is probably the closest thing to Ice, a type that lives primarily on coverage moves than actual species itself.

The Aesthetic Archetypes of Electric Types:

Electric-types are generally put in two major groups, organic and inorganic. The former primarily resides in Field, and the latter primarily lives in Mineral, and tends to be genderless. Their primary color is Yellow. Aesthetically, they can be put in following categories:



Roughly in 405-435 BST, these are Fairy and Field Pokémon that mimics Pikachu's appearance. They all learn Nuzzle and most learn Grass Knot.


Roughly in 475-485 for dual staged Pokémon, 510-525 for three stagers, these are organic Pokémon that generate electricity through static electricity, either through static fur or torque movement.They can also be called as "Raijin", as they are generally depicted as personifications of lightning. They generally get Static, though some get Lightningrod, Motor Drive or Volt Absorb.


Based on bioluminescent or bioelectricity, these are generally deep sea Pokémon that generate electric. They reside in Water 1 and 2.



These are the same as Steel's magnetic Pokémon, but they are focused on Electromagnetism instead. They reside in Mineral Egg Group.


These are generally machines that generate Electricity, whether they are actual generators or not. Much like Magnetic Pokémon, they generally reside in Mineral Egg Group.

Lesser archetypes cover Thunder Gods and Plasma.

The In-game Archetypes of Electric Types:

Early-game Electric: Roughly the same as Static, since most Early game Electric-types are organic.

Pikaclones: See above.

Late Mid-game Electric: A rare archetype that pops up time to time, this group of Electric-types tend to be strongest statistically. However, since Magnemite appears in all regional dexes, generally no new Pokémon is introduced to replace them.

The Stat Archetypes for Electric-types:

The Cannon: A variation of the traditional Tank, the Cannon tends to have a massive attacking stat to completely destroy the opponent and mediocre defenses with poor Speed.

The Cleaner: A variation of the traditional Sweeper, Electric-type Cleaners are focused more on Speed and status moves than offense. They don't have the bulk of Water-type Speeders do.

The Fast Jack: Generally focused on annoying the opponent, these Pokémon excel at Speed while being aggressively mediocre elsewhere.

The Balanced: Slightly fast Pokémon with mediocre stats elsewhere, these Pokémon use their decent movepool to set up and try to sweep.

Dual Offense: Conventional dual offense we all know and hate, because it kind of shitty. These are wallbreakers with mediocre defenses and below average Speed.

Utility: Defensive Pokémon with neat support movepool, these Pokémon are generally focused on status spam and team support than true defense.

All Electric-types are Specially and Speed oriented, including the ones that aren't.

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