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Analysis of Types: Chapter 7: Normal-type: Part 3: In-Universe Symbolism and Mythology

So, what is Normal-type's role, really?

The Legendaries and Their Role:



The non-elemental creator of Regis, he is based off Oumitsunu, one of the Japanese demigod kings who pulled the land to expand his kingdom, eventually shaping modern Japan.

Creator Deity:


Despite being more closely associated with creator deities of Shintoism, it seems he is more closer to Izanagi. Nonetheless, he has elements of Yahweh, though largely of earlier pre-monotheistic descriptions of Yhw than anything else.



Based on music, Meloetta seems to based off Terpsichore, Greek muse of dance.


Type: Null-Silvally:

Wow. So fake. Much god. Type: Null and Silvally are based on chimeras and Frankenstein's Monster. It's status as a Chinese(actually German in this case but whatever) knock-off copy of Arceus alludes to the Golden Calf.

The Trainers and Their Roles:


Called "The Incredibly Pretty Girl", she is a representative of the pre-Fairy era. Though she is a dumb pinkie, she is actually quite into sports.


The only canonical father player character has, his title is "A man in pursuit of power!" He is from Johto, so his Gym is like a Buddhist dojo. He is focused on balance.


"An Archeologist with Backbone", she runs the Nacrene Museum and its library. She is married.


"The one who seeks the right path.", he trains the young trainers in the Trainer School. He also helps you later as a mentor of sorts to Hugh and kicks New Team Plasma around.


He is basically just the honor student. Apparently he went to Lumiose City to train around.

The Overview:

With the exception of Meloetta, all Normal-type Legendaries have a non-elemental theme, generally due to their mastery over more than two types. Regigigas' Normal-type is also meant to fit rest of Regis' Fighting weakness, and Type: Null's Normal-type is supposed to reference to fact that its RKS System is closed off. Arceus' Normal-type also runs a pun on Extreme Speed, whose Japanese name is God Speed, and other Normal-type moves like Refresh and Perish Song it gets for pseudo Abrahamic symbolism.

The trainers of Normal-type are varied in personality, but like Flying-type trainers they all wish to train to improve themselves. The difference from Flying-types is that most of them focus on balance, and have some sort of mentor or school aesthetic. In this view, Normal-type could be said to represent self-betterment and curiosity.

Because there aren't a lot of Normal-type legendaries and trainers are lesser compared to other types, Normal-type's symbolic role remains a bit undefined.

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