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How to improve: 621-Druddigon

1.Stats: Should Druddigon get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

In both of its appearances Druddigon appeared in late-game areas, Dragonspiral Tower and B2W2 and XY Victory Roads. This means though Druddigon is a common Dragon, it is a late-game Dragon. But it only has a measly 485 BST. This means that Druddigon is actually one of the weakest Dragon-types, and has the lowest BST for a fully evolved Dragon-type.

This simply cannot do. So, what can we do? Well, an evolution can work, but Druddigon is already slow, so +50 more boost would not fix Speed, but it might make its defenses good or its Special Attack usable. A Porygon-Z style reorganization can also work, but it would mean that Druddigon would have to lose some of its trademark bulk for Speed.

A conventional stat boost suffers the same fate as an evolution. +10 is good but not enough. +50 is necessary for Druddigon to have some relevance, which is simply too high.

A Mega Evolution is rather infeasible without some stat buff first. It would require a type change and/or strong Ability to work.

2.Should Druddigon get more abilities?

Druddigon's abilities are fine, but lacking. Rough Skin is relatively meaningless for Druddigon since most people will not hit it through physical contact moves. Sheer Force is irrelevant because it doesn't buff a STAB move. Mold Breaker is only useful against Levitate and Flash Fire.

With this in mind, some other alternatives would include 
  1. Contrary
  2. Intimidate
  3. Iron Fist
  4. Poison Heal
  5. Poison Touch
  6. Solar Power
  7. Sniper
  8. Super Luck
  9. Strong Jaw
  10. Tough Claws
  11. Unnerve

3.Should Druddigon get more moves?

Yes, here is some:
    TMs and HMs:
    1. Brick Break
    2. Bulk Up
    3. Calm Mind
    4. Dazzling Gleam
    5. Energy Ball
    6. Fire Blast
    7. Flash
    8. Low Sweep
    9. Nature Power
    10. Psych Up
    11. Poison Jab
    12. Rock Polish
    13. Sandstorm
    14. Shadow Ball
    15. Solar Beam
    16. Steel Wing
    17. Stone Edge
    18. Thief
    19. Thunder
    20. Thunderbolt
    21. Thunder Wave
    22. Waterfall
    23. Wild Charge
    24. X-Scissor
                                                Move Tutor:
                                                1. Drill Run
                                                2. Dual Chop
                                                3. Earth Power
                                                4. Ice Punch
                                                5. Iron Defense
                                                6. Knock Off
                                                7. Low Kick
                                                8. Super Fang
                                                9. Zen Headbutt
                                                              1. Agility
                                                              2. Air Slash
                                                              3. Circle Throw
                                                              4. Camouflage
                                                              5. Curse
                                                              6. Dragon Breath
                                                              7. Focus Energy
                                                              8. Focus Punch
                                                              9. Hammer Arm
                                                              10. Head Smash
                                                              11. Hurricane
                                                              12. Ice Fang
                                                              13. Nasty Plot
                                                              14. Night Slash
                                                              15. Play Nice
                                                              16. Play Rough
                                                              17. Power Gem
                                                              18. Psycho Cut
                                                              19. Razor Wind
                                                              20. Slack Off
                                                              21. Storm Throw
                                                              22. Wing Attack

                                                                                                      4.What additional typing Druddigon can have?

                                                                                                      Normal, Dark and Fighting are the most obvious ones. Poison, Ground and Rock would be lesser obvious ones.

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