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Analysis of Types: Chapter 9: Psychic-type: Part 3: In-Universe Symbolism and Mythology

So, what is Psychic-type's role, really?

The Legendaries and Their Role:

Because Psychic-types are generally in groups, individual groups will be used for explanation.Lugia will not be listed here, as it is not a true Psychic-type Legendary.


Mew and Mewtwo:

Mew serves as the genetic ancestor of all Pokémon, serving as Pokémon's eqıivalent to Adam. Its Psychic-type might be partially inspired by Adam Kadmon, the original soul-based form of Adam in Gnosticism. Mewtwo is a genetic clone of Mew, and has a secondary spine.



Despite being a personification of DNA, Deoxys is much more inspired by Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion, with its crystal core alluding to Angels' cores, and its impact in Antarctica parallels First Impact, when the second Angel Lilith impacted on the first Angel Adam in Antarctica.


Jirachi is the personification of Tanabata festival, and it is inspired by a shooting star. It has a third eye in its stomach.


Hoopa is based on a djinn, with Hoopa Confined based off a Disney and pre-Islamic depiction of djinns as nature spirits, and Hoopa Unbound representing djinns in their post-Islamic form as servants of Iblis, the Islamic Satan. Their ability to move in space-time represents djinns ability to travel between realms.

Nebula trio:

Cosmog-line and Necrozma:

(too many images to list)

Nebula trio is based on different stages of a star, with Lunala being based off a reflection of the final phase of a star, and Necrozma being a black dwarf, a later stage of a star where it no longer emits light, but still smooth enough to theoretically reflect and refract light.


Small, pixie-like Mythicals, they are generally Psychic-typed because of absence of another Magical type.



Despite being called Eon Pokémon, or Infinity Pokémon in Japanese, Latias and Latios are actually "Dream Pokémon", as their actual Japanese names, Mugen Pokémon, can be translated into both Infinity Pokémon and Dream Pokémon, but everything we know about them seem to imply latter.


Tapu Lele:

Tapu Lele is based off Kane, Hawaiian god of life. Its association with Psychic-type might be a reference to Heal Pulse, a move Tapu Lele doesn't get.

The Trainers and Their Roles:


"The Mistress of Psychic Pokémon!" Sabrina is one of the most popular Gym Leaders due to her enigmatic design. Having defeated former Gym Leader Kiyo, her Psychic Gym is filled with teleport puzzles. She is capable of all psychic abilities from telekinesis to precognition, but most importantly she confirms that in Pokémon universe all humans are capable of limited psychic abilities, which serves as a backbone to another theory. In B2W2 she returns as an actor who plays as a witch.


A character who has trained all over the world, Will seems to be a travelling magician who uses his Psychic abilities to help with his illusions. He is notable for having a Female only team in HGSS.

Tate & Liza:

"The mystic combination!" Tate and Liza are a duo of telepaths who can read their minds and their opponents' minds. In the animé, their parents are space researchers, with their father being an astronaut.


A major bookworm who reads a lot of philosophy and parapsychology, Lucian reads books to calm himself and train his intellect. Unlike most Psychic-type trainers he doesn't have psychic abilities.


The former Lady of Battle Castle, she has immense Psychic power she can barely control due to her emotional imbalance, so she sleeps most of the day. She is a friend of Cynthia and is owner of the villa she resides in in the games.


"The person who makes paths with starlight." Olympia is a precog who uses a zero gravity suit to increase her Psychic abilities. Her gym and herself are based off space aesthetic, though she herself speaks in haiku.

Note. Faba and Sina belong here, but they will not be mentioned.

The Overview:

The vast majority of Psychic-type legendaries are space based in way or other. The non-space based species would have fit for Fairy if it existed in their release time.

Psychic-type trainers generally have psychic abilities and thus must train themselves emotionally and mentally to use them. Lucian, as an exception, instead trains himself about psychic powers. Most psychic trainers have a sense of mystery and often rely on a persona to hide their true personalities, causing the trainer to seek for what is beneath the mask. In addition, since most Psychic-type trainers have already completed their character development they often teach the player character more than vice versa.

Because Psychic is represented with a trainer in most generations and traditionally has Elite Fours, this caused Psychic-type to remain as a favourite of late-game trainers, despite having so few species that appear that late. This was largely due to Psychic-type's baggage as an ultimate type, which caused Psychic-type to not appear for early game.

Overall, Psychic-type seems to represent foresight and growing up, and flamboyance.

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