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How to improve: 086-087: Seel-Dewgong

1.Stats: Should Dewgong get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Having originally 405 BST in Gen I, Dewgong would have 505 BST, but instead it is stuck with 475 BST. This means that its Special Attack is 25 stat weaker than it was before. In addition to this, Dewgong has no stats that reach to 100.

One possible buff would be +30 to its Special Attack and +10 to its Special Defense, which would give it 100/105 Special stats.

Outside of this, a Rhyperior/Electivire style evolution could work, but Dewgong would have to lose a lot of Speed.

Same goes for a potential Mega, especially since Dewgong has mediocre abilities and terrible movepool.

2.Should Dewgong get more abilities?

Dewgong already has three abilities, but if it were to get more, Gluttony, Snow Cloak, Slush Rush, Swift Swim and Water Veil would make the most sense.

Prankster and Technician would be cool as well.

3. Should Dewgong get more moves?

Absolutely. Dewgong's moveset is terrible for modern standards.

The most obvious would be more horn and head based moves like Iron Head, Megahorn, Head Smash, and Zen Headbutt.

Fairy moves like Play Rough and Charm would be nice as well.

But since Dewgong is Specially oriented, it would need a complete moveset turnover that would allow it to get paranormal moves like Dazzling Gleam, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Psychic and Stored Power.

Slack Off would be nice as a recovery move as well.

4.What additional typing Dewgong can have?

Normal is the most obvious one. Steel is another possibility. There is not much else though, besides maybe Ground.

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