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How to improve: 190-424: Aipom-Ambipom

1.Stats: Should Ambipom get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Ambipom has 482 BST, which is roughly the equivalent of Rhydon. So, if an evolution were to happen, it would cut speed for power, or just raise a few stats.

A stat boost to Ambipom makes sense, as Aipom is at 360 BST, which can be increased to around 532 for Ambipom at maximum.

A Mega would be helpful, but not meta changing.

2.Should Ambipom get more abilities?

While Ambipom already has three abilities, one of them is bad, and the latter two are gimmicky. So, if it were to gain more abilities, Iron Fist, Vital Spirit, Tough Claws, Unburden and Speed Boost would be good choices, Prankster and Pickpocket can also work.

3. Should Ambipom get more moves?

Yes. Particularly for its dry Level-Up movepool and to utilize Skill Link, which is currently useless on Ambipom. The reason for that is if Ambipom were to get moves to use Skill Link with, it would make Cinccino useless. And this is true, but Cinccino is a cute gimmick monster that is meant to copy Pikachu, and Ambipom is a cross-generational evolution, so Ambipom is already clearly superior.

Other conventional moves it can get are too numerous to list, but Play Rough, Bullet Punch, Sucker Punch and Mach Punch are the more obvious ones.

4.What additional typing Ambipom can have?

Dark and Fighting are the most obvious ones. Electric and Grass are also thematically fitting. Flying and Ground would be hilarious.

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