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Things I Want To See Happen In The Future Generations

Stuff I want to see happen:

1-I want around 150-200 TMs:

I always wanted to have more accessibility to the move sets of Pokémon. Most Pokémon have only 10-20 moves within 70 moves they can actually utilize, and most level-up moves and egg moves are characteristically weak. This is of course is to make Move Tutors more important, so people can buy the updated rereleases. Even then, each generation introduces about 100 new moves, with the most recent one introducing about the half of that number. This doesn't work well, as most of these moves were intentionally made for the new Pokémon AND a new type with few offensive options is introduced. Even if the next generation introduces a small amount of moves, we will still see around 650 moves around, having only 105 of them accessible through machines is just ridiculous.

Not to mention, it is necessary to have certain common archetypical moves, such as Physical Ice, Fairy, Fire and Electric.

2-Coversion of HMs to regular items:

We all talked about this. Moving on.

3-Optional Gyms:

Not just optional gym order, but completely optional gym leaders, whether they can be battled again post game or not. I want at least another set of gym leaders I can choose at least in a different order for the mid-game ones, with early and late-game ones being either static or having minimal option differences. This would give incentive to further develop the remaining towns and cities who would otherwise be forgotten for their lack of Gyms outside of being small scenic places or hideouts for other recurring elements like legendaries or the evil team.

The biggest issue that might arise from this is not the complexity of alternate teams(as that's just "tedious") but rather the TMs that are given. While all TMs are obviously meant to have the same competitive value, some are obviously superior than others in-game. This is not important for a barely randomized gym order, but it is a trouble for a massively randomized gym order, unless the moves get better as the level increases and not the other way around(see: most status moves thanks to the increased bulk/speed, Night Shade, Seismic Toss, Low Kick, Grass Knot, Electro Ball etc.).

4-Dynamic levelling opponents:

With each difficulty setting having its own ranges, of course. But since most player parties are levelled unevenly, best basis would likely be the average level rather than something else.

5-Endless dungeons with varied Pokémon:

This has been something I always wanted. While this can't work outside of post-game, I would like to see varied dungeons with 60-100 level ranges and ability to hold certain members of all non-legendary Pokémon in the regional dex(except maybe starters). This is already a part of the post-game dungeons of course, but they are not endless nor they generally have large level ranges outside of Gyarados and Magikarp. These places can also be extended to have randomized horde encounters(again, featuring specific pool of Pokémon), trainer battles(like battling facilities) and items(like Hidden Grottos).

This can also be integrated with Friend Safari, with Friend Dungeons allowing either more Pokémon that are not found in the post-game dungeons, as well as the Hidden Abilities which are either rare or non-existent in the other endless dungeons. The perfect IVs can be integrated into both of them, with Friend Dungeons having more perfect IVs and regular endless dungeons having less. They can also use the box data of the friends to generate trainers(though probably only choosing a specific amount of random boxes is the best idea).

6-Ability to alter and see IVs and Natures:

Normally I would agree that this is a nonsensical wish, at least from a biological perspective. But since we now have the Ability Capsule, it is probably the time to for us to be capable of altering these. In order to keep the individuality of the Pokémon, these changes might be temporary, with Natures and IVs having their own decay counter. But this temporary change would probably fit best to the Natures than IVs.
I would also like to see EV and IVs without needing another judge. They are completely unnecessary, and since we can easily min-max EVs, there is no reason to keep them secret(though these features might be unlockable instead of being present from the get-go to avoid people from ditching Pokémon in-game).

7-Visual notifiers of individuality:
Whether they be alternate colors, sizes, patterns or whathaveyou, I would like to see visible notifiers of individuality than random values, but of course IVs can influence the individual differences(and it would make more sense for certain cases, smaller defense causing thinner model, higher speed IV causing a more aerodynamic model etc.)

8-Customizable Pokémon:
Also talked to death with the past alternate competition accessories and Furfrou. Next.
Also, if anybody wants a frame of reference for this in 3D, Final Fantasy XIII-2. That was basically best and only good thing about it.

9-Color/design variations:
This was discussed on 4chan a while ago as an improvement on the concept of shinies, with certain color variations being less common and others being more common. I really like this, even if it doesn't increase the individuality of the Pokémon it effectively turns everything into a Vivillon 2.0.

10-Alternate typings:
Another thing that was discussed on 4chan as a possible spiritual successor to the Hidden Abilities, the alternate types can be expanded upon to alternate designs and used to bring back previous typings. However, since this will likely decrease the amount the possible alternate type combination pool for future games to use more quickly than generational new Pokémon, it probably won't happen until we get around 3-4 more new types, or decrease potential combinations as much as possible.

12-Optional tutorials:
Opening dialogues can't probably be avoided, but this can. Just a simple yes and no will be more than enough.

13-Incubation box:
Another idea spun off 4chan, this is meant to be an alternate way of hatching Egg Moves, and a way of hatching them in bulk. Another additional suggestion with this was using 3DS' pedometer as the basis for decreasing step counts.

14-Training box:
Level-increasing alternative to the above. Other increasable stats can also use this.

15-Expansion of Egg Move Slots:
The four moves thing is great, but since we have dual inheritance, it might be better to have eight slots for the Move Relearner. This would also grant eight slots for event moves.

16-Ability for Pokémon to retain all moves they retained:
This has been discussed for a while, and there are several ways to implement it, and it is relatively easy to base it on the existing mechanics of one move overriding other when learned.

17-Ether, Elixir, PP Up and PP Max being purchasable:
Seriously, they are man-made items. Why they aren't purchasable(except PP Up)?

18-Theme based Gym Leaders as opposed to or in addition to type based ones:
Also discussed to death, and technically already exists in the form of some Frontier Brains or other forms of bosses(like Team Leaders, Colosseum Leaders etc.).

Stuff I want to see come back or improved:

1-PokéBank improvements:

a. Item transfer:
I am well aware that this is never going to happen as it gives an incentive for players to use the second games of each generation and get the item events, but item grinding have been a favourite aspect of Pokémon for me ever since Sinnoh's Underground, and the lack of item transfer devalues the need for item grinding through berry farming, purchases or other methods. Even if those features have been streamlined, they still remain unnecessary to do outside of trading. Not to mention, lack of item transfer causes even more issues when the distributions simply doesn't exist. As such, I would much prefer to have heavy restrictions on what I can transfer than be incapable of transferring anything period.

b. Larger box space:
I am very greedy, so I would always prefer a massive dumping area than micromanage what I should or shouldn't release/trade. As such, I would like to see about a few hundreds of millions of space instead of a measly few thousand.

c. Ability to display Pokémon through online:

We all love to display our trophies. Unfortunately, some of us are forced to sell our trophies with non-existent prices to display them. This is the case for the GTS. As we cannot display our boxes to others without doing something incredibly stupid, their values are either reduced, or we have to go out of our way to the stupid things, ie. asking for impossible trades.
Though this won't stop the impossible trades that necessary for cloning, it would decrease the amount dramatically.
One can also add a social network connection to further increase social network spamming and provide free advertisement for the game and the bank system.

2-Following Pokémon:

a. Following party:
This might be hard to pull off, but not impossible. I absolutely dislike the favouritism done for out-of-ball Pokémon in every canon ever, and I would like to feel that party is... well, a party. Not just some group slapped on together individuals, but an actual group. Of course, there will always be favouritism by players, but that can be done with having the option to choose which Pokémon from the party one can choose.

3-Wild held items:

a. Ability to obtain wild held items after fainting the user:

Though this makes Thief and Frisk obsolete in-game to an extent, both are already good enough competitively now. All RPGs features enemies that drop items and we currently have the wild battle items that drop out of areas.

4-Return of difficulty settings:

Also talked to death. Moving on.

5-Return of larger(if not outright full) teams for the opponents:

For later rematches and higher difficulties of course. Having them return in the standard play would cut down the pace of the main game and disallow new players to experience the competitive metagame as quickly as possible.

6-Rematchable NPCs:
Be they are made available through phones, PokéNav or VS. Seeker, I want to be able to battle NPCs, and see all of their Pokémon to fully evolve(or almost fully evolve if they prefer their Pokémon as unevolved) and gain complete parties with some or all of them having proper items and TM moves(with breeders, Aces and Veterans having Egg Moves of course). With high level cap depending on the trainer archetype(Youngsters and Lasses go up to 50, Aces go up to 70-80, Veterans go up to 100 etc.). Having specific battle locations for experience is stupid and not fun outside of having a place for NPCs to hang out(like Battleground in Platinum). Having specific locations in addition to rematchable NPCs is acceptable and probably better for having a more streamlined Exp gain.

7)Return of inheritable TMs:
With genderless Pokémon being capable of inheriting themselves when bred with Ditto. It is not necessary, but it streamlines the breeding.

8) Wider Wi-Fi battling methods:
I want to see old clauses like the Little Cup to make a return, as well as old battling methods such as Launcher Battle and Multi Battle. On top of this, I would like to see Wi-Fi Sky Battles and Inverse Battles, and a special ladder for event legendaries, legendaries and past Pokémon. Wi-Fi battling would appreciate more variety, not less.

9)Return of Contests, Pokéstar Studios, Pokéathlon:
Also talked to death. To the next.

10)Ability to see and visit Pokémon in the Daycare:
Just a simple thing really. This goes hand in hand with the return of walking Pokémon.

Stuff that I want to expanded upon:

1)More free move tutors and combination moves:
Both are fun concepts that aren't incredibly worthwhile competitively or in-game.

2)Increased move variants:
Again, to increase the amount of archetypical moves for each type to accomplish basic competitive roles.

3)More Hidden Abilities/Secondary Hidden Abilities:
Particularly, I want to see abilities that make early route fodder and gimmick Pokémon competitively viable. Not Butterfree/Vivillon level viability, but rather Azumarill/Cinccino/Diggersby level of viability.

4)Gender differences on Mega Evolutions:
The lack of them on Pokémon that obvious gender differences is turning on my obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

5)More small gender differences overall:
With more drastic ones being kept for later generations' Pokémon, again due to the reason above.

6)More than one pseudo-legendary each generation:
Let the power creep begin!.. actually no, it actually wouldn't cause a massive power creep at all as long as the number is moderate(ie. 2 to 4 lines).

7)Return of archaic events as normal moves:
Though with the possible exception of movie events, I want to see older events(that is, about three generations old at least) to return as normal moves, be they level-up moves, Move Tutors or TMs.

8) Secret Bases:
Preferably not the underground ones. I much prefer to see my bases on the overworld, and I would love to have a reason to use Secret Power again.

Preferably not with secret bases.

10)Alternate catching methods:
Except Honey(unless the time wait is cut down to 10 minutes) and PokéRadar(unless it allows for HA variations of existing Pokémon), but especially including expansive phenomena from Gen V(along with Gen VI ones, not exclusively to it).

11)NPCs and old protagonists as alt skins:
Just cause.

12)Hatless options:
Which would work with the below.

Stuff I want to see removed:


No, really. Rivals have always been some of my most favourite characters in most canons, but as the player character is treated more and more like the millionth coming of Jesus Christ the rivals' role mean less and less in each iteration. You often don't want to beat them either because they are not competitive enough, you are miles better than them or a combination of both. They are completely unnecessary, and any role dealt with them can be done with other NPCs. And the competitive spirit they are supposed to give to you can be accomplished by real life people, be it through the tournaments they participate in, or them being given the ability to act as the NPC rivals, with Exp. and money gains and everything.

2)Recreations of non-elemental early route fodder:

Okay, let's face this. These guys are largely worthless except being HM fodder, and even then early game bugs fail to do even that. Not to mention we already have too many of them. While our regional Grass-types range from somewhat awful to absolutely amazing, and our Fire and Electric-types never managed to pass the whole "It would have been amazing if it good stats/moves/abilities etc." period, our Patrat and Pidgey didn't manage to succeed a lot. Yes, Vivillon/Talonflame/Diggersby are all great, but they are the best of five to four generations of two and three stagers. This is getting ridiculous, and unless we are going to get a reason for them to appear instead of their countless counterparts like another Hoenn/Unova knockoff, please, let us stop this nonsense. Or at least let's make them all potentially great, instead of a select few.
Oh and "non-elemental" does include the early Dark-type, Psychic-type, Fighting-type and Rock-types, not just your birds, rodents and bugs. We most certainly do not need "Prankster Cat 3, The End of Fighting-type!?".
I would complain about Pikaclones too, but at least they are actually being marketed and not get anything despite being popular like Scolipede.

3)Escalation of evil team plots/the protagonists' messiah creep:
This one has been discussed before, but I really started to hate this. As I mentioned before, protagonists' messiah creep disables much of the development and involvement any side character could potentially have. Similarly, the escalation of the evil team plots is both ridiculous and sad.
This escalation is created for two reasons, first being the desire to incorporate the mascot legendaries to the plot and the other being simply serial escalation. But both of these are ruined by the treatment of the evil teams. You see, you have to encounter evil teams around first or second gym, at which point their plot relevance would be limited and their threat level would be minimal. But as you continue on your journey, the grunts keep their low levelled common Pokémon, and the admins often don't fare much better. This completely causes disbelief in any nonsensical deicide they are trying to accomplish. In addition, as the mascot legendaries represent opposing ideals, this causes a confusion about what the role of the legendary in the team plot actually is, outside of being a random Kaiju to fire beams at the local folk. Even with Gen V's separation of two different storylines into two separate alternate universes any symbolism the legendaries are supposed to create is ruined because the plot is ultimately the same.
Ironically enough, best way to keep the myths of the legendaries within both alternative storylines would be keeping their myths separate from the evil team's plan, by ensuring that the team doesn't want the legendaries specifically for their special abilities, but rather because of their raw power or rarity regardless of their power. In fact, ensuring them to be oblivious about the true nature of the legendaries immediately provides an in-story reason for legendary to escape and team up with you to clean the mess, without ever resorting to the brain dead "the chosen one" narrative(which itself provides further empowerment for a larger audience. You are not great because you have special gold transforming blood, you are special because you actually worked for your prize while others kept their stupidity). And because the nature of legendary would be ultimately an unnecessary detail in the evil team's plan, you can even extend the plot to include the side legendaries. It's a win/win scenario, really.
Or better, instead of an organized crime organization, we can pull off a Cipher/Team Snagem scenario and create a bunch of separate but connected small groups as the antagonists. Which itself would justify the rule of escalating antagonist threat without relying on willing suspension of disbelief.

More amorphous suggestions:

1)Pokémon/Pokémon Interaction:
This goes hand in hand with my previous comment. I want the party to feel like a party. I am not sure how this can be done outside of a "Pokémon Amie: Doubles Version", but it is something I want.

Less serious suggestions:
1)Larger Old Rod and Rock Smash Pokémon:
The distributions for these are better now, but still. I'm greedy.

Sure-to-happen desires:
1)New types:
I already discussed this elsewhere, but here's the rundown:
a. GameFreak needs new type combinations to market the games, as they use them in pre-release material.
b. Remaining unused type combinations is not much different than the amount before the introduction of Fairy-type.
c. There are still unused concepts and certain concepts are large enough to be separated into different types.
d. The type balance is still not perfect. Much better than in Gen V, but still not perfect.
e. Many Pokémon still have poor coverage options.
f. There is no Hidden Power Fairy, implying that we might see a revamp of Hidden Power

2)Full NPC 3D models:
Again, something that will happen along the line.

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