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Next Kalos game Move Tutor Speculation.

Updated from the original Move Tutor Speculation:

As it has been seen with the current Move Tutors, none of the event exclusive moves have made the cut. As such, let's list what certainly won't be Move Tutors;

  • Hold Back(Shiny Beldum, Celebi)
  • Sludge Wave(Gengar)
  • Phantom Force/Darkrai)
  • Mega Kick(Pikachu)
  • Hold Hands(Vivillon, Pikachu)
  • Moonblast(Jirachi)
  • Surf(Pikachu)
  • Celebrate(Pikachu, Eevee, Eeveelutions)
  • Extreme Speed(Linoone)

And of course, form exclusive moves;
  • Icicle Crash(Cosplay Pikachu)
  • Electric Terrain(Cosplay Pikachu)
  • Draining Kiss(Cosplay Pikachu)
  • Meteor Mash(Cosplay Pikachu)
  • Flying Press(Cosplay Pikachu)

This would also mean that the remaining Terrain moves are unlikely to get distributed conventionally. Which is bad.

So, since we need a Fairy-type Tutor, the only non-signature Moves that would be available are;

  • Baby-Doll Eyes
  • Charm
  • Disarming Voice
  • Flower Shield
  • Moonlight
  • Sweet Kiss
  • Play Rough

Of all of these, the only one that makes any sense is Play Rough... save for Flower Shield and Moonlight. Sweet Kiss would be good if it had any accuracy.

As for the new TM and HM Secret Power and Dive, they are very likely to make the cut.

As for others that were previously discussed;

  • Ally moves and Ion Deluge are still likely, in spite of the treatment of Electric Terrain. However, it is more likely that these will be distributed by non-conventional methods.
  • Sticky Web and Boomburst are highly unlikely.
  • Guard moves are being distributed by non-conventional methods, as such it is unlikely for them to be distributed.
  •  Venom Drench remains largely exclusive to Poison-types.
  • Belch, Fell Stinger and Petal Blizzard can go either way.
  •  Pluck and Telekinesis have not gained any real distribution, as such they are likely to return.
As for old moves that might return, let's take a look at them and which are currently distributed;
  • Mega Punch is unlikely to return if Mega Kick won't.
  • Counter is made available for Meditite and Medicham.
  • Defense Curl is made available, but it was made available to Pokémon that already got it in the past.
  • Body Slam remains unavailable, but that doesn't mean it is likely to pop up.
  • Metronome is the same as above.
  • Mimic is the same as above.
  • Soft-Boiled is the same as above.
  • Dynamic Punch is the same as above.
  • Seismic Toss is a possibility.
  • Fury Cutter is a possibility.
  • Endure is now available for Meditite and Medicham.
  • Mud-Slap... is Mud-Slap. And Twister is... Twister. Neither of them are good.
  • Rollout is a possibility, since it is only available for Spheal.
  • Ancient Power is a possibility.
  • Swift is a possibility.
  • Silver Wind is a possibility.
  • Avalanche is a possibility.
  • Brine and Bullet Seed are unlikely, as they are given to most Pokémon that can learn them. Most. Not all.
  • Sucker Punch is available for Huntail now, so it is not too likely.
  • Ominous Wind is a possibility.
  • String Shot and Vacuum Wave... maybe?
 Other old moves such as Discharge and Switcheroo have been distributed widely, but it is not reasonable to expect them to be common for this generation.

...Not exactly the best outcome, isn't it? At least I'm optimistic for Level-Up and Egg Move changes. The whole "Females can pass down moves" thing will be fun to see results of, and I'm interested to see the next obligatory breeding change.

And if that doesn't turn out well, Gen VI is coming near. HA Deoxys and buffed up Peck should be fun to abuse.

Edit: Since Air Cutter was removed in the retail version, I guess they will bring it for the next games.
Edit (06.09.2015): Apparently Air Cutter Move Tutor wasn't even a thing, it was actually Roost instead. You can view the rest here.

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