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Scrapped/Removed Mechanics

I am putting this to document what old feature will inevitably resurrected for a future main series Pokémon game. Feel free to add anything I missed.

Note: Gambling features and Voltorb Flip are not put here because “gambling is teh evil!!1!”, but they deserve a honourable mention. Item related mechanics(such as the creation of the Gen III Flutes) and Move related ones are also not mentioned.

Pokémon interaction features:
Gen IV:
1. Pokémon following you

Item grinding features:
Gen IV:
1. Underground

Gen V:
1. Join Avenue

Sidequest features:
Gen III:
1. Contests

Gen IV:
1. Super Contests
2. Pokéathlon

Gen V:
1. Pokémon Musical
2. Pokéstar Studios

Battling features:
Gen III:
1. Battle Frontier

Gen IV:
1. Battle Frontier

Gen V:
1. Wonder Launcher
2. Pokémon World Tournament

Area mechanics:
Gen III:
1. Dive

Gen V:
1. Version exclusive area changes

Pokémon Encounter Methods:
Gen II:
1. Headbutt trees
2. Bug-Catching Contest(Resurrected for Gen IV)
3. Day-Night roster changes(Resurrected for Gen IV)
4. Pokémon outbreak(Present until Gen VI)

Gen IV:
1. Honey Trees
2. Pokéradar Exclusives
3. Dongle method

Gen V:
1. Doubles Grass
2. Phenomenons
3. Hidden Grottos
4. Seasonal changes

Connection features:
Gen III:
1. Secret Bases
2. Joyful Game Corner

Gen IV:
1. Wi-Fi Plaza
2. Battle clauses

Gen V:
1. Entralink
2. Entralink Missions
3. Funfest Missions
4. Memory Link
5. Key System

Location features:
Gen III:
1. Wild Pokémon cries in routes

Gen IV:
1. Fog
2. Time related music changes

Miscallenous features:
Gen II:
1. Mother's savings

Gen IV:
1. Ball Capsule
2. Villa
3. Pokémon Center Fights
4. Shiny Leaf

Gen V:
1. Memory Link
2. Key System
3. Easy Mode/Challange Mode
4. Free slot in Bag
5. N's Pokémon

Gear related features:
Gen II:
1. Various PokéGear features

Gen III:
1. Fame Checker
2. Various PokéNav features
3. VS. Seeker(Returned for Gen IV)

Gen IV:
1. Various Pokétch features

Gen V:
1. C-Gear Skins
2. Pokédex Skins
3. Various C-Gear features

Pokémon related features:
Gen II:
1. Shuckle creating Berry Juice and Rare Candy

Gen IV:
1. Odd Keystone quest.

Scrapped Mechanics:
Gen II
1. Naming your mom(http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Gold_and_Silver_beta )

Gen III:
1. Three different cries for each Pokémon depending on their mood(http://web.archive.org/web/20081015021438/http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=91965 ).
2. Changing the amount of moves and party Pokémon(http://www.gamefreak.co.jp/blog/dir_english/?p=28).

Gen VI:
1. Pokémon voice translator machine(http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/09/interview_junichi_masuda_and_hironobu_yoshida_discuss_pokemon_x_and_y_mega_evolutions_and_the_2ds ) Note, this was mentioned by one of the engineers in Devon Corporation.

Edit (21/12/2014): Added Masuda's quote.


Generation VI features that were removed:

X/Y items:
  1. PSS (Including O-Powers)
  2. Amie (Upgraded to Refresh)
  3. Super Training
  4. Elemental Gems(Gen VI brought back only Normal Gem, but that seems gone as well).
  5. Sky Battles 
  6. Friend Safari
  7. Berry fields, including wild Bug encounters and mutations.
OR/AS items:
  1. Contest Spectaculars
  2. PokéNav Plus(AreaNav, DexNav, PlayNav, BuzzNav)
  3. Secret Bases(again)
  4. Mirage spots
  5. StreetPass
  6. Bikes (Replaced by Tauros Ride)
  7. Dowsing Machine (Replaced by Stoutland Ride)
  8. HMs (Replaced by PokéRide)
  9. Horde Trainer Battles 
  10. Soaring in the sky
Gen VI general:
  1.  Horde Battles
  2. Gyms (temporarily changed for Island Trials)
  3. Inverse Battle
  4. Battle Institute
  5. Holo Caster
  6. Rock Smash encounters
  7. Global Link Attractions 
  8. Trainer stars/ranks 
  9. Triple and Rotation Battles 
Edit(February 2, 2017):

XY also removed Footprints in Pokédex.

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