20 Aralık 2014 Cumartesi

Middle Evolution and Pre-Evolution Wishlist

I am going to make a wild prediction and say that they could introduce middle evolutions. What I meant is that they introduce something that the pre-evolution will evolve into, while this Pokemon evolves into a final evolution. Basically it's like something that fills in the blank within the evolution.
There are three candidates that would fit best here: LarvestaRufflet and Vullaby. Their evolutions felt like there is a gap between the basic stage and the fully evolved stage, so a possible middle evolution could allow for something in between that is stronger than a basic stage, but weaker than the final stage. As a bonus, they will learn moves that could only be learned by them. If possible, the middle stage could also be different in battle style, like in the example of Vigoroth, who is very different from Slakoth and Slaking's laziness.
Thanks for reading.

With this in mind, my wishlist for such a thing would be:
  1. Larvesta
  2. Vullaby
  3. Rufflet
  4. Noibat
While the following Pokémon would work with middle evolutions, they are better with stat buffs
  1. Riolu
  2. Munchlax
Though personally the entire franchise needs a stat rebalancing.

The following would be my primary Baby wishlist:
  1. Druddigon
  2. Lunatone/Solrock
  3. Sawk/Throh
  4. Tauros/Miltank
  5. Kangaskhan
  6. Lapras
  7. Aerodactyl
  8. Girafarig
  9. Stantler
  10. Skarmory
  11. Volbeat/Illumise
  12. Torkoal
  13. Zangoose
  14. Seviper
  15. Kecleon
  16. Tropius
  17. Absol
  18. Relicanth
  19. Carnivine
  20. Audino
  21. Maractus
  22. Basculin
  23. Alomomola
  24. Bouffalant
  25. Heatmor
  26. Durant
  27. Furfrou
  28. Hawlucha
  29. Tangela
And this would be the lesser wishlist:
  1. Onix
  2. Nosepass
  3. Sneasel
  4. Gligar
  5. Scyther
  6. Cryogonal
  7. Sigilyph
  8. Sableye
  9. Mawile
  10. Chatot
  11. Spiritomb
  12. Rotom
  13. Stunfisk
  14. Yanma

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