17 Ekim 2017 Salı

How to improve: 564+565: Tirtouga-Carracosta

1.Stats: Should Carracosta get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Carracosta can have +45 BST.

Carracosta can have a similar Evolution.

Carracosta can have a Mega, but it would be weak.

2.Should Carracosta get more abilities?

It can have
  1. Contrary
  2. Shell Armor
  3. Strong Jaw
  4. Weak Armor
3.Should Carracosta get more moves?

It can have:
  1. Gyro Ball
  2. Hail
  3. Nature Power
  4. Payback
  5. Safeguard
  6. Zen Headbutt
  7. Head Smash
  8. Muddy Water
  9. Rapid Spin
  10. Sand Tomb
  11. Skull Bash
  12. Wake-Up Slap
  13. Brick Break
  14. Roar
  15. Ice Punch
4.What additional typing Carracosta can have?

Dark and Ground can be granted.

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