1 Ekim 2017 Pazar

How to improve: 010-011-012: Caterpie-Metapod-Butterfree

1.Stats: Should Butterfree get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Butterfree has 190 BST gap from Metapod, and gained a small boost, so while any boost is appreciated, it is not too likely.

A side evolution would be weird.

A Mega literally can only work as a counterpart to Mega Beedrill.

2.Should Butterfree get more abilities?

Yes. Butterfree has only two Abilities, and needs one more. Some options would be:
  1. Aerilate
  2. Gale Wings
  3. Shield Dust
  4. Swarm
  5. Unburden
        3. Should Butterfree get more moves?

        Yes. Air Slash and Hurricane.

        4.What additional typing Butterfree can have?

        Psychic, Ghost and Grass are options, so is Normal.

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