23 Ekim 2017 Pazartesi

How to improve: 228-229: Houndour-Houndoom

1.Stats: Should Houndoom get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Houndoom can get +40 BST.

Houndoom would be better with a middle stage and a side evo.

Houndoom already has a Mega, but a side Mega would be better.

2.Should Houndoom get more abilities?

Houndoom can get Strong Jaw or Intimidate. Defiant and Moxie would also be good, so would Competitive. Anger Point and Adaptability would be interesting as well.

3.Should Houndoom get more moves?

Psychic would be nice. Psychic Fangs, Agility, Psybeam, Sludge, Poison Tail, Poison Fang, Play Rough, Disarming Voice, Psywave, Stored Power, Slack Off, Hypnosis, Energy Ball would be good.

4.What additional typing Houndoom can have?

Electric, Poison and Normal are options. Grass and Steel are a bit weirder, but they can be used as well.

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