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How to improve:453-454: Croagunk-Toxicroak

1.Stats: Should Toxicroak get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Toxicroak's stats are acceptable for its late level, as the gap between it and Croagunk, 190, is very large. At best, Toxicroak can hope for +10-20 more BST.

An evolution would have to be similar to Electivire to see success. Even then Eviolite Toxicroak would surpass it.

A Mega Evolution would be expected if Megas were to return, as Toxicroak is versatile enough to fit many roles.

2.Should Toxicroak get more abilities?

Yes, as of now, Toxicroak has only two useful abilities, Poison Touch and Dry Skin. With Toxicroak's design and stats it could theoretically gain Abilities such as Technician, Iron Fist, Prankster, Defiant etc. But as it already has three Abilities, that's going to wait for a long while.

3. Should Toxicroak get more moves?

Yes. Toxicroak has a very large movepool, but its most powerful move is Gunk Shot, which is depressing. Another depressing thing is that it doesn't get any Fighting moves besides Revenge through Level-Up.

Biggest move Toxicroak would adore is Close Combat. Other moves like Stomping Tantrum, Night Slash and Recover would be nice as well. Psychic and Earth Power for special sets would be nice as well.

4.What additional typing Toxicroak can have?

Dark is the most obvious choice, after that comes Ground. Though a marshland Pokémon, Toxicroak has no direct connection to Water.

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