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How to improve: 451-452, Skorupi-Drapion

1.Stats: Should Drapion get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Though Drapion evolves very late and has a very strong pre-evo, its 500 BST is acceptable and expected for its level. Highest BST update it can theoretically have is +40, which is not too significant.

An evolution can also only go to 540, so any evolution would have to scramble its stats.

While a Mega Evolution would be expected, Drapion's stats are not significant enough to make it useful without a good ability.

2.Should Drapion get more abilities?

Drapion already has three abilities... and none of them are good. Given its movepool, abilities like Tough Claws, Strong Jaw, Poison Touch, Sand Veil/Rush/Force would be good.

3. Should Drapion get more moves?

Yes. Poison/Dark is a good typing, but Drapion lacks any powerful move. It doesn't have access to Gunk Shot either.

Given it is a desert dweller(according to its dex) and marshland Pokémon(according to its debut) it would make sense for it to learn moves like Mud Shot, Sand Tomb etc. Shadow Claw would also be good, as it already gets Shadow Ball.

However, biggest missing move for Drapion is Sucker Punch.

Drapion can also get Superpower and Psycho Cut.

4.What additional typing Drapion can have?

Bug, the type of its pre-evo, can work. Ground, Rock and Ghost are also potential types.

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