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How to improve: 574-575-576: Gothita-Gothorita-Gothitelle

1.Stats: Should Gothitelle get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Gothitelle shares its BST with its counterpart Reuniclus, which is 490. A +10 boost would make it equal to Alakazam and a +20-30 boost would make it close to Gallade/Gardevoir's 518.

Most obvious area of boost would be Sp. Attack, but since Gothitelle is primarily defensive, defenses can also be boosted.

Boosting other areas do not make much sense, but Speed can be boosted a bit for sake of Scarf.

An evolution is impossible, and a Mega Evolution would make a lot of sense. It can also be meta defining, given the right abilities.

2.Should Gothitelle get more abilities?

Ideally yes, as its only great ability is Shadow Tag, but it has already gained Competitive, so a new ability would have to be bit more creative.

Synchronize, Magic Guard and Magic Bounce make for good abilities.

3. Should Gothitelle get more moves?

Yes. Gothitelle's movepool is pretty bad in terms of Level-Up, and its TM list is covered with mid-range moves like Thunderbolt and Dark Pulse.

Biggest missing move for Gothitelle is Focus Blast, after that comes Thunder. Ignoring these, Gothitelle needs more status moves like Psycho Shift and Cosmic Power, and a proper Recovery move. Fairy moves like Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast would also be great for Gothitelle. So would Barrier and Nasty Plot.

Imprison, a former event-exclusive move for Gothorita would also be great.

Power Gem or another special Rock move would also work since it gets Rock Slide.

4.What additional typing Gothitelle can have?

Dark, Fairy and Ghost-types would all make sense for Gothitelle.

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