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How to improve: 422-423: Shellos-Gastrodon

1.Stats: Should Gastrodon get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Gastrodon can only get +30 BST boost, due to its level, BST gap and whatnot. This can be on any of its stats, but Special Defense makes the most sense.

An evolution would likely be similar to Rhyperior, as Gastrodon used to have a shell in the past.

A Mega Evolution based on the same idea can also work, and due to Gastrodon's access to Recovery, it can be very efficient.

2.Should Gastrodon get more abilities?

Storm Drain and Sand Force are good enough abilities, so that is not too necessary. Poison Heal, Gooey, Hydration, Water Absorb can work.

Limber would also be thematically fitting.

3. Should Gastrodon get more moves?

Gastrodon lacks access to Hydro Pump, which is important. Gastrodon also lacks moves for Level-Up, which can be filled by Poison moves.

Bug and Rock moves can also be given, though we can't say which.

4.What additional typing Gastrodon can have?

Poison and Ice are the only obvious ones sadly. Anything else doesn't make much sense.

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